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Aaliyah Love and Sassy Meli Take on Montreal

Ok so I’m going to tell stories and post pics of my Montreal trip in no particular order.  For example, this blog is about my very last day in Canada..:)

One of the girls I hung out with all week but didn’t get to do any scenes with was this sexy brunette who picked me up at the airport named Sassy Meli.  My last day there I showed up at the studio with all sorts of cool ideas for solo scenes that didn’t get shot during the week.  Meli was there and said she was finally ready to do a girl/girl scene with me!  I said that’s awesome and let her choose what we would do.  She said she knew some really cool outdoor places where we could take some really cool pics and I was all for it.. you guys all know how much I love outdoor nudity.. even when it is November in Canada haha!:)

So we both did our own makeup and hair very fast and grabbed some matching cute clothes and had someone drive us..

BUT.. half way there we realized the sun was already going’d that happen?!  “Ok, so what’s Plan B?”  I said..

There is this place called “Mont-Royal” that is the top of a mountain overlooking all of Montreal.  It’s a sort of scenic view and I guess the only one like it in that area..  I asked several people what’s the one place I need to see while I’m there and this was the first place they all suggested.   I didn’t think I’d make it sight seeing like that while I was there but it’s funny this is where we ended up my last night in Canada!

So there were lots of tourists there, people everywhere so we couldn’t really shoot that much, but we did manage to snap a couple flashing pics when everyone was looking away (or so we felt like they were at least hehe)

See those lights behind us?  That’s Montreal.. oh, you weren’t looking at the lights you say?:)

Ok then, see how hard my nipples are here?  Yeah, it was COLD out!

Meli was a little more scared than me (at first!) but I got her to flash her nice big titties too! puuuurrrr…

We also had an adventure in the train station after this!  I have more pics of that too, which I’ll post in the next blog:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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New YouTube Vid Posted-Lost Girl Scout

I just posted a new YouTbe video called Lost Girl Scout.  If you are a member of then I’m sure you have already seen this.  But I like to post teaser vids on YouTube that makes people want to see more:)  This was one of the only videos posted on my site in the last 2 years that had a small portion where I’m not naked that was safe to use for YouTube LOL!:)


If you have a YouTube account, please subscribe to my channel and if you have a Twitter account, plz RT this blog!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Montreal Pics

I just got back from Montreal last nite!  I have so much to tell you guys, so many pics and videos to go thru, etc.. I don’t know when I will get that all done!

I spent all day yesterday converting my “spare bedroom” I had set up for my little brother the week before back to a pink webcam palace.. it’s 90% done, all I have left to do is dig out all of my toys from my suitcases and hang the pink curtains on the wall I lean against while fucking myself.. right now it’s just a white wall which doesn’t look so good on cam:)

I will be spending all day today on my webcam, it’s been too long since I’ve had a full week (well, almost a whole week) to do what I do best..I’m excited about it!:)

But I thought in the meantime I would share with you all some random candid pics from the trip that I took with my “point and shoot” cam.  I didn’t use it often but I got a couple really good pics from it!:)

Here’s a couple I randomly pulled..

This was taken in “Old Town” where the streets are all cobblestone and some of the buildings are older than America!  I had a really yummy lunch at a charming little cafe here.  This was my only day “off” the entire trip!



This is one of the 18 year old sisters I bonded with and had a lot of sex with while in Montreal!  I was in her 2nd, 3rd and 4th scenes and their first webcam show!  She was shy and quiet day 1, then she came out of her shell.  Right after this pic was taken, she said to me “When you leave, I’m going to, you know, miss you!” it was the sweetest cutest thing ever I just wanted to squeeze her right!:)  I have LOTS more pics of the sisters and I, and some really hot video too!:)  Coming sooon I promise:)

Hope you guys enjoyed my pics! I’ll be posting way more in future blogs and my personal pics section in my member’s area!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Venice Beach Pics

So my little brother visited me here in California and stayed with me for a total of 6 days, Monday-Saturday.  I tried to make everyday jam packed full of awesome vacation stuff but still keep it mellow and relaxing, the way a vacation should be, I think:)

One day I took him to Venice Beach and we both had lots of fun.  The minute we hit the boardwalk my bro said “So this is where the freak show begins!”  and I think that just about sums up Venice hehe:)

It was SO HOT that day, prob almost 90 degrees!  So after awhile I said screw it, I’ll get my super tight pants all wet at the bottoms, let’s try to cool off in the water!

We were taking pics of each other posing by those rocks in the last pic, and this guy appeared out of nowhere!  I had just climbed towards the back of the rocks, and 10seconds after my foot had been there, my little brother looked over my shoulder and saw this huge crab!

This is to show how big he was!  Everyone said I was being brave for putting my foot so close to those large pinchers, but the crab wasn’t noticing us at all so I wasn’t worried:)

About 20mins before this we noticed everyone on the beach standing up and looking in one direction.  Turned out to be a group of dolphins playing in the water!  We watched the jump out of the water and flip their tails up fro a good 10 mins..soo cool!:)

I’m glad I got to share this handful of pics with you all before I leave for Canada!  Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I will be posting lots of pics form this entire week in my “personal pics” folder in the member’s area when I get back from cold ass Canada:)

I hope you’re all having a great week!!!

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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10 points and a gold star to anybody who can name where this pic was taken:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

ps-I have lots of pics from my brother’s visit this last week including Disney, beach, pool and random crazy pics!  I’m going to post as many as I can on my blog before leaving for Canada tomorrow then I will post a BUNCH in my “personal pics” in the member’s section when I get home in a week!:)

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Teaser Pics From Next Week’s Update

This is one of my fav scenes so far from 2010 so I can’t wait for next Wednesday to share some of these pics w you all!:)

This scene was shot on a hot summer day by Jay Allan.  If you read my blog regularly, you remember the photoshoot in Malibu we were on our way to when my van’s tire blew out.. well this was shot the very next day:)

I love the 21min video from this scene, it’s a new style I’ve only tried with one other video ever posted at!  I can’t wait to hear my members’ feedback on this one!:)  There’s also over 110+ matching pics!

This is one of my fav dresses and I’m so stoked I got to wear it again!  Does anybody recognize it from somewhere?:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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