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Crraazzzyyy Part 2

So continuing on with my super crazy string of photoshoots, my next shoot was the day after the last one I told you all about.  (see 2 blog posts ago!)  I woke up pretty sore and tired, I usually don’t shoot 2 days in a  row for this very reason..but I promised to get everyone’s personalized porn videos done this week!   Yep, this day was strictly to shoot “custom videos” for a handful of lucky people!:)  I do this about once a month and it is how I fund my photoshoots (hair, makeup, outfits, location and photographers don’t come cheap!)

This time I was going to shoot all of the videos in my apartment, which was interesting since I have never shot any porn in my living space (besides the LIVE PORN shows I do in my webcam studio on the nightly, but that’s different hehe..) It felt really weird trying to turn my bedroom, kitchen and living room into porn sets, but I think I did an ok job!:)

I had lots of fun this day, the custom vid requests were all very creative and different from one another, just how I like it!:)  I got to do some foodfucking and make an absolute mess in my kitchen..

I’m still finding little pieces of strawberry stuck in little crevices in my bathroom and carpet OMG!  I have about 6 more pics from this shoot, before and afters and some silly ones like this one that I will be posting in my “behind the scenes” folder in my personal pics section for all members to check out!:)

This is the bathtub scene (duh!)  I am cleaning my new waterproof dildo here and getting ready to get naughty!  I really tried my hardest to make my suction cup dildo work in this tub, and we filmed about 5minutes of me trying and totally’s pretty funny actually and will probably find it’s way onto a bloopers reel someday!  But this toy plus the faucet made for a great substitute:)

This is one of the sweeter, cuter scenes I did this day!  I can’t give away too much because it IS a “custom” video for the 1 person that ordered it, but I had to post this pic because I dig how my hair is lookin hehe:)  That is my actual bed!  I turned it into a big pink and white cloud for this scene.  It’s usually dark purple and red and white, which I dig but doesn’t look that cute on camera!

I also got to dress up as Sailor Moon and a Slutty Ass Fuck Schoolgirl this day..aahh I love my job!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Girl Scout Video Fixed!

I got a couple emails about the 1500 wmv version of the Naughty GirlScout video not playing in it’s entirety..eeek!  Sorry about that everyone!  My team jumped on it and fixed it right away!  If you were having problems with it, please check back now so you can watch the rest of the action!  And please do me a favor and email me again and let me know that it’s 100% fixed and all good now? Sorry bout that and thanx!!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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This Is Why I Love Sushi


This commercial is in Japanese, but it’s quite obvious what they’re trying to say.  If you order any other food BESIDES sushi, the following could happen: You could go to a restaurant where the server call buttons are actually car bombs, you could get beat up by headbutting robots, attacked by killer crabs in your bathtub or baseball players might come out of your pizza!

Better play it safe and just get sushi instead.

I agree, some yellowtail sounds really good right about now..mmmm:)

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My life has been so busy crazy lately and am well aware I have been saying “OMG I have soo much to tell you guys! Gna post a blog about it once I get a chance!” for like, 2 weeks now!  And now that I am sitting here and going over it all in my head, I either feel like some of it is old news by now, and the rest is overwhelming me where I don’t know where to start!

I have done soo many photoshoots lately!  I honestly think I have shot more in the last 4 weeks than I usually do in like.. a year?  But it’s all good, I love doing photoshoots, I love every part of it!  And almost everything that was shot will be put up on so you all get to see the fruits of my labor:)  I have tried to share with you all a little bit of what’s been going on, a picture here and there of some of my fav sets..but there is so much to tell you I don’t think 1 blog post will cover it all!  But I will talk about the first shoot of many here and hopefully find time later this week to tell you about the other ones:)

All of this craziness started with an all day shoot I did with Jay Allan where we shot from 10am-11:30pm and we got 6 pic/vid sets done!  I got to completely design and style 4 of these scenes and of course I came up with some super creative, silly colorful scenes that took forever to set up, light and shoot!  Actually, one in particular took Jay and his assistant about 2 hours to set up to get just right.  I shot some behind the scenes video during this time of me sitting on the couch doing my best to be patient while watching the clock and watching my opportunity to go out for sushi after slowly diminish.  (I will be posting it to my “pods” personal vids section soon!) It was the last scene of the day so everyone was pretty tired and I’m sure everyone wished I hadn’t dreamed up something so complicated but I think it might be my fav scene from the day.  I haven’t seen any of the pics yet (except during the shoot when Jay showed me on his camera) but I have lots of behind the scenes pics I took w my’s 2:

If you are thinking “Hmm she kind of looks like a slutty anime girl” that’s kind of the look I was going for:)

I took this one in the mirror.  I have owned that skirt for probably 3 years and never found 1 thing to match it to.. until now!:)

We also did a crazy food fucking scene which took forever to clean up, a black and white “fine art” scene where I was practically blinded (go back 2 blog posts to see a pic from that one) and a glamor type of scene that will be going up next week!  (Right now it’s titled “Gold Wall” but I’ll probably come up with a better name for it by the time it’s released hehe)

Here’s one of the kitchen/food fucking pics..

I’ll give you one guess what happened to that carrot..and everything else in that salad bowl next to me!:)

So we didn’t get out of this house until after midnight but guess what?  I still got my sushi in the end.. Google is my friend!  I found an authentic Japanese sushi place in Little Japan downtown LA and it was some of the most amazing sushi I ever had!  Jay and I sat there going over the day’s shoot and our future projects and unwinding.  I kept on ordering different things to try off of the menu, I even tried some fish I had never heard of before!!  A perfect ending to a perfect day:)  Everything ALWAYS works out in the end!!

This was one of my most productive shoots yet and one of my favs because I look at the pics form these scenes compared to the scenes I attempted to put together myself before I had no clue what I was doing (I STILL have no clue, but I’ve gotten a lot better at acting like I do! hehe) and I feel like I have come a long way.  One thing I can guarantee you guys is you will never see your typical boring “girl on couch with dildo” scenes at!  You have all seen me masturbate like that on webcam for YEARS now, and you still can..but my scenes will always be above and beyond that:)  So I hope you all enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them!!:)  So you will be seeing these 6 scenes posted here in the next 6-8 weeks.  Plz leave me scene comments and emails and let me know what you think:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

ps-my next story is the shoot I did the next day that was all custom videos.  It involves some panty stuffing, some cosplay outfits and some more food fucking!  Including some of the MESSIEST pics I have EVER taken!! Stay tuned.. 🙂

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Pretty in Pink Pics Posted!

I just wanted to let everyone know that the matching pics for the “Pretty in Pink” vid were just posted!  We wanted to keep the set together so you can find them both in the same place.  I hope you all go back and check out this scene again now that there’s matching pics!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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I just love this YouTube vid, it makes me LOL, kinda turns me on, and makes me crave sushi at the same time!:)


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One More Slutty Girl Scout Pic

My last blog post with pics form the Girl Scout scene that will be posted next week got such great comments and attention that I had to post one more!  This is one of my favs from the bunch..It’s the last picture we took in the set and it makes me 🙂


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

ps-OMG I have soo much to tell you guys! And I plan on posting a blog about it tonight or tmrw but right now I have to hurry and get ready for some webcam!  I haven’t been able to webcam since last Friday since I shot custom vids all weekend long and my pussy was super sore and needed a break:(  Which is also why I had to cancel the member’s free webcam show yesterday..sooo embarrassing!:(  I promise I will make up for it next weekend:)

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Slutty Girl Scout

I am so stoked about this week’s sexy pic/vid update, I can’t wait for all members to see it!

As you all know, I LOVE LOVE doing roleplays, I mean look at last week’s update..that naughty nosy maid that couldn’t stop snooping thru people’s stuff!  I always have so much fun playing a role and it lets me be completely silly while I’m playing a character, but still let my real self shine thru if that makes any sense.

I finally got my hands on this entire set and I really love these pics so I had so share some here as a sneak peek!  I’m also excited I finally found a reason to wear these boots on cam..during the summer no less hehe:)


This week’s update is about a Girl Scout who’s trying to earn her navigation badge in the woods.  Only one problem..she’s “directionally challenged”!  She starts to panic as the sun goes down and begs her Scout leader who is with her to help her out.. that it’s not funny because she’s afraid of the dark and to please, please, tell her which was out of the woods.. she will do ANYTHING! ..well I’m sure you can guess what happens next;)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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More About My Last Photoshoot

The last photoshoot I scheduled to shoot content for was amazing, lots of work, and prob one of my best shoots yet!  I’m thrilled at the amount of pics/vids we shot, and the range from silly to super sexy, so we shot a little somethin somethin for everybody!:)

I’m not going to give away too much about the scenes we shot yet, because I know that some of them even I won’t be seeing for another couple of weeks while Jay Allan edits them and stuff like that.. but you know once I get my hands on them I always post (probably too many) pics here on my free blog to tease you all about what’s to cum!:)

Here’s a couple more behind the scenes pics that were shot that day:


I took this in the mirror in the bathroom while getting ready for scene #1. This was the masturbation instruction video/pic set that everyone requested during my last member’s freewebcam show that I promised I would do!:)


I got to snap more while the photographers were setting up lights and taking test shots, chillin outside in the sunshine🙂  This set was beautiful and I think it’s my hottest masturbation instruction vid yet!!:) You will have to tell me what YOU think when you see it!


This was my view from scene #3.  Sometimes it’s hard looking sexy and natural looking into those bright-ass lights!  But I’m really happy with the pics from this set and I  id something very nasty and naughty during the video that you guys haven’t seen me do in awhile! (I’m not gna tell you what it was yet tho!) it was worth it!


..And this is the photographer’s view!  I’ve only seen 1 pic from this scene so far and I love love it!  They actually managed to make me look sexy somehow!:)  I will post it here when the release date gets closer as a teaser:)

I have way more behind the scenes pics and stories to share with you guys here I just need to sort thru them tomorrow and pick out my favs!  I did post about 10 of them in the member’s section in my “behind the scenes photoshoots” folder also!  Right now I am sleepy and I’m going to bed so enjoy and please leave me some comment love and ReTweet my blog post if you like it:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Cool Behind the Scenes Pic

I really like this behind the scenes pic that was snapped at my last photoshoot!  We were in a dark room with a super bright spotlight on me for some artistic black and whites.  I love the creative ideas that Jay Allan comes up with and I really can’t wait to see this set!


The light was so bright it was almost painful to have it on me!  I actually asked them to turn it off and come up with a Plan B a couple of times, but then Jay showed me some of the pics on his camera and they were so amazing I decided to suffer for my art!  “If you were an actress in Hollywood they would have tons of these lights on you!” “These are the oldschool Hollywood lights they used to use on Marilyn Monroe and Marlene Deitrich!”  They were saying to me to motivate me to push thru the pain and pose as if everything was normal and natural:)  I have no idea how many pics out of the million that Jay took turned out, if any..  Or if I have a strained squinty eyed “I’m staring into a light that is 10x brighter than the fn sun” look in every pic, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

I will post some pics from this set once I get my hands on a couple I promise:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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