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Green Car Pics

Here’s a couple sneak peek pics from a really fun pic set I’ll be posting soon!  Jay Allan apparently loves getting me naked on and around old cars.. and I like it too hehe:)

There’s a super funny BTS video I shot that goes with these pics that I’ll be posting soon!

I stole one of these pics from Jay’s blog!  Shhh don’t tell him!!

Here’s the link to his blog if you want to see more of his work.. I think there’s even a couple more pics of me posted there:)

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Tonight! FINALLY! Free Webcam Show @ +

Soooo my webcam is FINALLY up and running..woohoo!:)  It’s actually better than before too, with this new plug in unit I’m able to broadcast at a much crisper, clearer and bigger frame, so tonight you can see me in HD awww yeah!!:)

So tonight at 9pm PST, 12midnight on the East Coast I hope to see you all in my chatroom tonight!  I figured my first night back online I had to go big and we are expecting a FULL BUSY chatroom tonight!:) I <3 cyber gangbangs hehe:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Where In the World is Aaliyah Love?

So I’m sure many of you are wondering where I have been..esp those of you that don’t follow my Twitter closely.:)  I know I haven’t been on my webcam FOREVER and online at all for awhile now.. so here is my long boring story about what happened! (Don’t worry, it has a happy ending!)

So I originally planned on taking 2 weeks off to just de-stress and deal with some drama going on in my life.  I figured I had enough money saved up and I had worked hard enough the last month to be able to take that time off, no worries.  So I did.  And it was great and I was feeling all recharged and ready to get my ass back on cam..

THEN I accidentally downloaded a virus onto my computer that caused me soooo much trouble!:(  I assume I was surfing some shady porn site and I clicked on something that acted like my virus protection program.. I allowed it to run on my computer and basically fuck my whole world up!!  I know I know, I can’t believe I fell for that shit either so save your snarky comments hehe:)

I didn’t think it was that big of a deal, prob some sort of spyware, and decided to work on my website anyways and to log onto my webcam the next morning and get it taken care of later in the week, I even called Geek Squad and made an appointment.

Until it wouldn’t let me open Firefox or IE for more than like a minute.. then it wouldn’t even allow me to run my virus protection program.. UH OH.. Then I realized maybe my small problem was actually a BIG PROBLEM..

So I did what I always do when I need help and called my webmaster and my team at Blazing Bucks and said  “Save meeeeeeeee!!” I brought the computer to them that day. (You guys should of seen me carrying this big heavy thing across a parking garage and up two flights of stairs, I almost didn’t make it!!) I figured they would do whatever it is they do with it and call me the next morning and tell me it’s fixed.

I even gave myself the next day off and went to a spa to chill.  While I was at the spa I saw that they had called but figured they were just telling me to come pick it up, so didn’t call back.  The next morning I called and they said “You’re fucked, buy a new computer.”  aaaahhh!!!!!

I refused because I l<3ve my computer and I’ve only had it for 2 years and it was a present and I can’t afford a new computer anyways!  So they had me buy an external hardrive, which was $100, and transfer everything onto it that I wanted to keep then they wiped the rest of my computer clean.

THIS DID NOT WORK.  So 24 hours later they had me buy a new operating system, Windows7 and transferred all of my stuff onto my computer but under Windows instead of Vista, which I had before and was totally lame.  This cost me about $200.  But I did get great pleasure telling the young guy at Best Buy that “I got a virus form surfing too much porn on the net!” and he told me “Well maybe you shouldn’t do that” and I said “Well then why the fuck would I have a computer? Isn’t that what the internet is for?!” and his eyebrows hit the ceiling..hehe..

BUT ANYWAYS.. So I get this computer home, carrying it across the parking garage and my parking lot again.. I have the webcam show to do at 1pm and it was 12:15.  (Read last blog post..bleeeh!) I figured it would take me 10 mins to plug everything in and start it up, and I could spend the rest of the time getting ready..shaving my pussy, curling my hair, etc..

At 12:59 I still wasn’t getting my webcam to work!  I called the owner of who is a good friend of mine and knows a LOT about webcams and he was my tech support and we figured out that my webcam cords and software were for Vista, not windows… FUUUUUCCCCKKK!!

So I cal PicHunter and cancel the show.. no biggy, there was only going to be like, 10,000 chatters there, plus all members.. ugh!

Then we find the correct cord and software, you can’t get it at any Best Buy or Frys, has to be ordered online.. jeeez!  It’s $40, whatever. I pay another $30 to get it next day delivered to my place Saturday afternoon.  It is Tuesday and I still do not have it LOL!

Bringing the total up to $380 and 2 extra weeks offline due to one stupid virus that I clicked on and allowed to run on my computer.. spare the dumb blonde jokes..please.

BUT I know for a fact that that damn cord will be here tomorrow and I will be back online Thursday..yay!!!:)  I have been gone for sooo fn long I sooo can’t wait to cyberfuck all of you!  I’m sure my pussy is sooo tight from now using any toys all of this time..oooohh it’s gna cum so easily!  I’m getting wet just thinking about it!!!:)  So check back here and click on my calendar I will be announcing my webcam schedule for members webcam shows and my schedule sometime Thursday morning!:)

CLIFF NOTES: I took two weeks off due to drama, took another 2 weeks off due to a virus on my computer, I will be back online Thursday for sure, I’m fucking horny:)

I promise my next blog post will be sexier:)

Here is a pic of my pussy to make up for the long boring story about my computer woes:

I love you all,

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Back on Webcam.. Fri 5/21 @ 1:00pm pst

hey guys just wan to let you know my computer hasd been down with a nasty virus for 2 weeks…   thats why no blogs, messages or otherwise..  I have been promised that my computer will be back up and running in the morning, and I have a live show scheduled for you all on Fr. 5/21 @ 1:00pm pst.  Hope to see you all there..  I will get all nasty for you all….  🙂

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Best. Month. EVER!!

So back in February and March I tweeted  and mentioned during a couple of webcam shows that April was going to be the MONTH OF AALIYAH LOVE!!

But I never knew it was going to be THIS awesome..the month of April totally lived up to my expectations and then some!:)

It month started out with naming me Girl of the Month, which is huge!:)  Thanx again PicHunter for featuring me on your front page for an entire month, posting my interviews and all sorts of extra pics+vid teasers from!

Next I was named Freak of the Week the second week of April by The Freak Squad.  They obv know all about me and what a little freak I am:)

I also did tons of photoshoots in April..more than I usually do in a 3 month span!  The first was with Veronica Avluv and her hubby Hans Avluv.  We did a pin-up style, high fashion shoot and it was an amazing experience!  (that is the next blog I’m going to post..wait till you guys see these pics..OMG!:) In the end we ended up with about an hour worth of video that’s ONE LONG SCENE and about 900 pics that are fucking incredible!  Veronica is not only a totally sexy woman on cam, but she’s the best hair/makeup artist I’ve probably ever had, and I love how she did my hair up in a pin-up style do.  We plan on shooting more pin-up style stuff together soon which I’m psyched about! (plus I made her squirt..OMG! hehe)

Another shoot worth mentioning is a long day I spent with Jay Allan.  I constantly like to remind Jay that he’s in my top 3 fav photographers and it’s the truth, his work fucking rocks!  (if you want to see some of the magic we’ve create din the past just type in “Jay Alan” to my blog search and see what pops up!) Because I probably have to give the sybian back to the person that let me borrow it for all of this time very soon:(  I shot a bunch of scenes with it.  I think my fav is going to be a video I did as the “snoopy maid” that is going thru people’s stuff  “because they don’t pay me enough to not look thru their things!  And trust me, everyone has a dirty little secret..people are such pervs!”  We had so much fun shooting this scene we actually went back to it a couple hours later and shot MORE.. I don’t know how many pics total we took, but there was A LOT!:)  We did a small pic set on a classic car that should turn out awesome, I also shot some funny behind the scenes video that I’ll be posting soon!:)

I also added a new feature to my website that I haven’t got to use yet but will be..SHORTLY!  I’m not going to talk about it just yet, (although I did mention it during one of my members webcam shows..those of you that were there know what I’m talking about!) but it’s going to add a whole new level of awesomeness to my site and I know you will all love it:)

We also had lots of webcam fun at CamModels and here at the members shows.. those of you that were there know what I mean, those of you that missed it..well, you MISSED IT!:)  But don’t worry, the members shows were recorded+archived on my website and the CamModels shows..well, there’s always more fun to be had:)

On a personal level I started yoga at a new studio in April and they had this deal for 2 weeks unlimited.  One of their studios is right on the ocean with one of my fav places..Jamba Juice right next door!  So that place is like pure bliss for me:)  This is also the first month in a long time that my doggy didn’t have any health problems so that is great!  I also discovered this awesome hiking trail super close to where I live that starts out with a trail thru all of these beautiful flowers!  The flowers are like 15 feet tall and I feel like Alica in Wonderland running thru them..I’m still a kid at heart!  I will take some pics with my phone next time we go so you guys can wee what I mean:)  I also finally got 2 little fountains for my apartment and at night when I sleep I listen to them instead of the noisy neighbors above me.. which is so relaxing!  It’s the little things in life that end up making a huge difference, don’t you think?

I want to say THANK YOU to all of the members who contributed to my best month ever, I love you all!:)  Everyone who came to see me on webcam also, thank you for making every day of my life different and exciting and fun!  I hope you keep on coming back for more;)

And here’s to the hope that May will be even better than April!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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