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PicHunter Girl of the Month!

I should have posted this sooner, but obv I’ve been slacking on the blog lately.  I have no excuse except I’m a fucking slacker.  There, I said it!:)

But I was PSYCHED at the beginning of this month when named me their GIRL OF THE MONTH!  This is HUGE considering PicHunter has MILLIONS GAZILLIONS of hot porn babes on their site.. I feel the love!:)

Here’s where they first announced it on their site:

This was my fav thing they had to say about me:

“I’ve said it before but Aaliyah Love is feel good porn.  I’m pretty sure it’s the type of porn that if your significant other walked in on you checking it out….she might just go, “Oh she’s cute” and you wouldn’t have that argument you had when you were caught watching three oiled up German Midgets re-enacting an odd Oompa Loompa scene with Big Willy Wonka”

and LOL at some of the comments at the bottom!:)

Then I did an interview for them, they asked me some funny ass questions!  I’ll post a couple of the questions for you here:

Mr. Blue:  First question is always the hardest but you made it somewhat easy for me.  You sent along some of your favorite pictures and it features you with Pink Hair.
Sugar, Spice, Everything Nice, and Chemical X.  That’s right, if a Power Puff girl ever went into porn, she’d be you.  The question is, do you realize just how cute, adorable, and sexy you are?  I mean do you wake in the morning and go, “Damn I’m cute” and work at it or is it just your natural state?

Aaliyah Love:  LOL!  Is this really a question?  Well THANK YOU!  I consider it a huge compliment to be compared to a XXX Power Puff girl!  But um yeah, I don’t wake up looking like this:)  I’m pretty crabby when I was up usually..I’m not a morning person!

Mr. Blue:  I was talking to Tarpy and as I was pretending to listen to what he was saying and he got on the topic of you possibly coming down his way after visiting family.

Aaliyah Love:  Yeah my family lives in Baltimore and I’d love to visit you guys and do some shoots w Tarpy!  I’ve shot w Tarpy before and not only did he do a good job, but he’s super chill to work with!  I remember one day he was filming a 3some with me, Trisha Uptown and Ava Knight and for awhile he handed the cam off to Trisha and let her get up in the mix with it.. Shit like that stands out in my mind and is FUN!  But last year I said the same thing about visiting and shooting, then I only came out there for Thanksgiving and Xmas and I was too busy doing family stuff to shoot, so it just all depends on when I come out.. damn, why don’t you guys just come out to LA already?!  It’s almost beach weather!!:)

Mr. Blue:  Once I heard, Aaliyah Love, family, I again stopped listening to him.  I kept thinking, “I bet her mom is hot as well”.  So, does hot run in the family?

Aaliyah Love:  ummm..let’s not talk about my family like that haha.

Mr. Blue: Having a solo site, most models think if you put up some naked pics and make a fortune, but it’s not that easy.  How hard do you work on site and advertising it?

Aaliyah Love:  LOL! It’s a 7 day a week job.  Everyday I’m hustlin!  Getting naked on camera is such a small part of it.  (but my fav part!!)

you can read the rest of the interview and see lots of sexy pics of me here:

I will also be doing a FREE webcam show to thank PicHunter that can be seen at, and  I’m not sure what date yet, but once I know, I will post it here of course!

Thank you Pichunter I <3 you!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Freak of the Week!

So some of you have noticed I haven’t blogged in awhile.  I know, I know..that’s very unlike me.. but believe it or not, I really haven’t had much to blog about!  I must be boring or something, but a couple of times I’ve sat down to write you guys a blog and all I could think of is “For the last 2 weeks I’ve done nothing but webcam, get Jamba Juice smoothies and walk my dog”  ..and it’s true!

And while crazy things that people wouldn’t even believe happen to me everyday during my webcam shows, I don’t think most of my customers would appreciate if every time they share one of their deepest darkest secrets with me I go running to my blog to broadcast it to all of you, ya know?

But something cool did happen to me this week, my friends The Freak Squad named me their FREAK OF THE WEEK!  wooohooo!  LOL every time I say that I think of George Clinton’s Freak of the Week song and it gets stuck in my head for hours!  Gotta be..gotta be freak of the week..she’s a disco lovin the disco you will find her!!!

Ok ok I’m getting distracted.. so I did an interview for The Freak Squad, they sure asked some interesting questions!  But I like that, I usually get asked the same 5 questions during interviews and it’s gotten to the point where I wonder if I should look up past interviews and cut and paste my answer, or give some smart ass off the wall answer nobody would expect (I like to do this one but not everyone on the internet has a sense of humor and takes me way too seriously.. once I told a chatroom that my birthmark is actly a scar from when I got “shanked in prison” the next day I had people taking me pvt asking me what I got arrested and put in jail for..doh!) or just act like a diva bitch and say “NEXT QUESTION!”  Actually, some of the questions were so off the wall I didn’t even know how to answer them.would you believe that?  Me..speechless..  Yeah I know that’s hard to imagine hehe.. But I answered as many questions as I could to the best of my ability and even shot a couple fansigns for them!  I really hope they’re happy with it.

So here’s part of the interview and you can find the rest here–>

Who are some of the companies/Studios you work for?
I work for Streamate aka for webcaming and BlazingBucks is my partner for I’m a free agent but I have shot for many websites 🙂 I mostly shoot for my own these days.

Whats the typical day for you?.
Wake up, masturbate twice, walk my doggy, go get a smoothie and a wheatgrass shot at Jamba Juice. Rush home, spend 2 hours getting ready (hair, makeup, shave my pussy, wash all of my dildos+butt plugs, etc..) then play on my webcam for 3-4 hours. Walk my dog again, maybe go out with friends or watch a movie, go to bed. I explain it a little more in detail in this blog post, “A Day in the Life of a Webcam Model”

List 10 things you cant live without
My ipod, my webcam, my dog, sunshine, the beach, my dildos, my family, my friends, sushi, shoes!

What are naughty thing you like to do on camera
Well I’m a big fan of food fucking 😉 But usually it’s the customer’s request what I do on camera, their money, their time. Most guys like it when I masturbate with them and fuck my pussy, ass, mouth, or all 3 with my toys 🙂

OFF camera
Wouldn’t you like to know?;)

Coke or Pepsi?

neither..I don’t drink soda, that shit is nasty! Soymilk please!:)
Boy Shorts, Thongs, Lace, Panties or Grannies?

I wear all of the above, depending on my mood and what I’m doing! I prob own over 100 pairs of panties!

How often do you have sex?

not as often as I’d like

How Oftern would You like to have sex


Do you lick/suck?

yes, yes
Shaven or waxed
I shave my kitty every day 🙂 it’s smooooth!

Who do you admire

yo mama.

Thank you Freak Squad!!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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There’s Too Much Pussy in This Picture!

DAMN CAT!  Get outta my shot!  Hehehe:)

Outtake from my photoshoot with Jay Allan yesterday.  We shot some of my best stuff yet!  I can’t wait to post it all for you guys to see:)  My personal fav scene was the nosy french maid who found a sybian in a closet while snooping around..what happens next?  Find out soon!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Aaliyah Love Interview for ATK

Speaking of ATK, here’s an interview I did recently for them! Check it out!:)

Here’s part of the interview:

Aaliyah Love: Every single day I am so fucking grateful to have the best job in the world and I never take it for granted!  I know there are millions of coeds getting naked on the internet, and I think it’s so awesome that out of all of those girls, my fans pick ME to watch, chat with and jerk off to!

ATK Ray:
So you appreciate your fans…

Aaliyah Love:
I think I have the best fans in the world and without them, I wouldn’t be able to get paid to get naked, masturbate, play dress up and chat with some some of the craziest, horniest, most interesting people I have EVER MET!  They show me so much love so I love them in return.

ATK Ray:
Sounds like it’s not just about the money for you.

Aaliyah Love:
I’m not rich yet, I don’t make a bunch of money running my website and webcaming,  but I make enough to pay my bills and live a happy life, doing what I love to do.  I am sooo lucky!! (smiles)

ATK Ray: I don’t think anyone in the industry is making tons of money right now. What do you think is the future of the industry…considering the popularity of free tube sites and low quality free porn?

Aaliyah Love: These days you can find lots of porn for free, we all know that.  If you want to see a free video of people fucking, it’s really easy to find.  But I think a lot of people are looking for more than that.

ATK Ray:
Like what?

Aaliyah Love:
What you can’t find on the tube sites is personal interaction.  One on one attention.  Someone that appreciates and replies to your emails.  Someone that knows you by name.  I have plenty of webcam customers that want to see me get naked and fuck myself, but I also have plenty of webcam customers that like to get to know me and chat with me.

ATK Ray:
Right…so more personal interaction?

Aaliyah Love:
I have webcam customers who have been coming back for 5 years straight and I know them better than I know some members of my family.  You build a relationship with some people, and that shit is special.  Try finding THAT on a tube site!
ATK Ray: It helps to be attractive too…. (smiles)

Aaliyah Love: Of course the model has got to be sexually appealing too, but a lot of surfers are drawn to a girl’s personality also.  A babe that can get them off AND have a stimulating conversation also. I’m hoping they will continue to sign up for solo girl websites like mine and frequent webcam websites for that special attention, that personal interaction, and that, you can not find on a tube site.;)

and you can find the rest here—>

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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My Crazy Shoot With Angela/ATK

OMG I have to tell you guys about my crazy ass photoshoot that I did yesterday!  This as my 2nd time shooting for and it was def a memorable one hehe:)

So the photographer was a sexy and really fun girl named Angela Zodiak.  (I just realized I’ve been calling her Angel Zodiak for 2 days straight and she never corrected me once..doh!)  She was my first female photographer ever, would you believe it?  So I was kinda nervous on the drive over to her penthouse apartment, but once I met her all of my worries melted away, she was way cool!:)

So we shot a bunch of sexy picture sets which I was thrilled about, because shooting pics is one of my fav things to do!  I got to rock 10 sexy outfits so I was pretty thrilled about that, you guys know how much I love playing dress up!:)  I wore everything from sexy lingerie with heels to cutesy Hello Kitty rompers with pigtails and knee high socks..I like to mix it up:)

But I haven’t even told you guys about the most exciting parts yet!  Two crazy things happened during this shoot that make it totally memorable!  The first one was the EEEAAARRTHHHQQUUAAAKKEEEE!!  OMG!

So we were in the middle of shooting a scene, I’m wearing my red and blue rollergirl outfit, minus the rollerskates, and I’m bending over this red beanbag chair while Angela is getting some close-up shots of me spreading my pussy when the apartment starts rattling, then shaking back and forth!  We stop what we are doing and I’m like “um, is this an earthquake?!”  We didn’t know what to do so she moved close to me because we were both kinda scared and we just sat there, like “when is it going to end?!”  Did I mention we were on the penthouse floor of a tall, old building?   Everything in her place was shaking, the lights were moving back and forth, we were praying that they wouldn’t come crashing down!  Her boyfriend, Matt Zodiak was upstairs and he was yelling “should I come downstairs or stay up here?! I don’t know what to do!” and we were like “We don’t know what to do either!”  I have felt 5 earthquakes since I moved to Cali and this one was the strongest by far!  And it lasted for a super long time, we even heard the neighbors yell “IT KEEPS GOING AND GOING!!”  It was sooo surreal there wasn’t much we could do but just sit there and say “OMG OMG!”

All I could think of was “if this is the BIG ONE and we end up dying, this is the way to go! At least I went out rocking a super cute rollergirl outfit doing what I love to do, shooting porn!” LOL!!!  When everything finally stopped shaking, I was kind of dizzy because the apartment building rocked back and forth for a couple minutes after.  After Twittering about it and trying to find some news about it, we went back to shooting.  (how funny is it my first reaction is “is everyone ok?  ok good, I gotta Twitter about this!” haha) I would love to see the look on my face in the last 20 pics we shot for that set, if I look shaken up or if you can’t tell hehe..

The SECOND crazy thing that happened was the last scene Angela had planned for me.  When I first got there, like all good photographers, she had a list of all of the scenes she wanted to shoot.  So she asks me “I want to know if you would be ok with this, I wasn’t sure, it’s ok if you say no do you feel about mashing a cake up with your feet?” and I say “well just yesterday I was wearing bunny ears while fucking my pussy with carrots, so I’d say I feel pretty good about it!”  Little did she know I was totally looking forward to it all day hehe!

So the time comes and I had this great idea to wear her apron.  At first I wanted to wear only the apron during the entire scene but it covered up too much of my body!   I don’t want to give away the entire scene, but can I just say it feels FUCKING AWESOME to smash two entire cakes with your feet then rub them all over yourself!  And the best part was after it was all mashed in between my toes, and I’m spread eagle on the kitchen floor, sitting in a pile of cake mush, fucking my pussy with a dildo, and my feet are above my head..and I’m wiggling my toes while I fuck myself and cake is raining down on me as I’m masturbating.. I can not believe this is my job.  I love my life!

Now cleaning up two entirely smashed cakes off of myself and the kitchen floor is another story..not so easy or hot haha..but I’m not going to go into detail about that LOL!:)



All in all, it was a pretty awesome day.  Angela was lots of fun to shoot with and I would def shoot with her again!  There’s lots of ideas Angela and I came up with during the shoot that we didn’t get to do, so I hope that ATK invites me back for a 3rd time!  I will let you all know when they post this stuff on their site and if you like it maybe you guys can help me and email them and request they shoot me more!:)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


ps-I think I took a couple behind the scenes pics with my phone too, I will have to look for them and post them if I can find them!:)

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JD Reviews

It always makes me feel good to get a good review.  Esp when it’s obvious the person/website reviewing my site actually took their time and looked around my member’s area to see what I really have to offer!

I met JD through Twitter.  I was checking out his blog, one day and I saw that he had a lot of my fav models on his site.  I half jokingly hit him up and asked him “Well, when are you going to feature ME and review MY SITE?” like a brat.  We joked back and forth a bit more and that was that.  Or so I thought.  A week later I start seeing him posting all sorts of messages on Twitter about “watching Aaliyah Love ride her sybian!” I was AMAZED he followed thru and didn’t forget about me!  Let’s face it, a lot of people in this industry never do what they say they’re going to do, so I try to never get my hopes up about stuff like this.  I encouraged him to check out my other scenes but he said he was “stuck” on the sybian pics/vids.. LOL!  (Now I know spending an entire day next week shooting nothing but sybian stuff was a GOOD CHOICE!)

So obv he finally got off of those sybian vids (in more ways than one.. hardy har har) and had a look around at the rest of the goods, because he posted a review today and it’s really complimentary.  I’m really psyched about when he had to say!  “5 out of 5 stars, if I gave stars” he says hehe..

Here’s a snippet of the review.  You can find the rest at:

The Good
Aaliyah’s site has a very large amount of content, with over 150 picture & video updates since 2008. Lets say you sign up for one month; you could masturbate to 4 different scenes or sets a day and STILL not have gotten to it all. And of course, thats assuming you don’t do what I did, and just get stuck on a particular scene or two and spend all of your days focusing on that one moment, trying to get there, like Richard Collier’s quest to be with a woman who lived 50 years earlier in the amazing novel Somewhere in Time. Before we get to my favourite though, some of what else is on there; (lots of) dildos and vibrators, a french maid outfit, 4 some with Trisha Uptown, bicycles, stripper poles, girl scouts, wigs, bikinis, dresses, baby oil, baths, another 4 some with Trisha, stockings, sorority sisters, butt plugs, whipped cream, and – what stopped me dead – sybians. WHEW a lot of stuff going on here. And more I’ve probably missed mentioning, but thats bound to happen with so much stuff. I’ll just take a sec to talk about a few things that stood out.
Obviously, the two sybian videos. I’ve loved those things for years, and with a pretty woman on one I’m putty. I really like Aaliyah’s look – she’s a bit thinner then I prefer but it looks great on her, and I absolutely adore those little breasts. So how could I not love a little thing like that sitting herself down on top of a motorcycle engine and getting off?? In her second video she’s facing away from the camera, but looking into a mirror, so its ass-tit-face all at once, a surefire path to success.
A couple of other sets that are neat (neat means hot as fuck, but I didn’t want to say that since it might sound vulgar) are ‘BJ Demo’ and ‘Aaliyah Love DP’s for Twisty’s’. These are QUITE what some of you may be hoping – they’re both solo shoots – but that doesn’t make them any less great. The first is a naked Aaliyah kissing and swallowing a purple dildo. The quality is a little grainier then some of the other sets, and gives it a rougher look that really works. If you’re a fan of that sort of thing, she’s also got a nicely kept little bush in this set. The DP is, as the title says, for Twisty’s, and a clean shaved Love fills both her holes with toys. The best pictures are from the end, where she’s laying on her stomach looking over her back with the toys still inside. Awesome.

Thanx JD!:)
Aaliyah Love XOXO <3
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