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Time of Saturday’s Webcam Show Has Changed!

After looking at my calendar this morning and making a couple of phone calls, I realized not only was I double booked for this Saturday, but I was triple booked..  doh!:)  I told my girlfriends weeks ago I would go to this convention with them Friday and Saturday, I made an appointment to shoot some Sybian videos with Jay Allan, and I scheduled my member’s CamZ webcam show from 3-4pm EST.. eeek!

So I canceled the shoot with Jay (pushed back until Wednesday next if anybody has any special requests for me and my sybian this is your chance!) and told my girlfriends I need a couple hours to get away and do a show for you guys, only a little later in the day!

I think this works out better anyways since my last member’s webcam show was 3-4EST last Saturday and I always try to alternate my times so everyone gets to cum to at least a couple of shows if not all of the shows no matter what time zone they are in!  Everything always works out the way it’s supposed to so I’m feelin pretty good about it 🙂

So I hope to see you all at Saturday’s webcam show!  It’s free for all members of course..I have some really hot sexy things planned for a special Easter celebration long as I get a certain package in the mail before then!  Keep your fingers crossed for me!!:)

Is everyone having a good week?  I’ve been so busy and dealing with stuff I haven’t got to get on my webcam Monday or Tues.. which sucks!  But I’ll be online Thurs and Friday at doing pvt shows fo sho so I will see you all soon, one way or another, I hope!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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More Delorean Pics:)

Oh boy I’m just gna give away this whole pic set for free before it even goes live! But I just love this set sooo much and when I love something I want to share it with everyone!!:)  Here’s a couple more of my fav pics from this set:

OMG I looove this car!! I want one! The door that flips up is soo fn cool!

Ok that is all I can share for now, I gotta save something for the actual release date hehe!  Obv I saved the naughtiest shots..these are just teasers!  You KNOW how much I LOVE teasing you guys hehe!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Back to the Future!

I’m so excited about next week’s picture update!  This is a super cool set that was shot by Jay Allan late at night, in the freezing cold (one look at my nipples will tell you how cold it was haha!)  The car is a Delorean, like from Back to the Future!  I was sooo psyched when the owner of the car offered it up for me to shoot in.. I was like, really?!  Fuck yeah!!:)

I love shooting in black and white and I only have a couple of other b+w sets on my site.  It’s a lot of fun to step out of my comfort zone and get a little more creative and artistic and less “porny” every once in awhile!:)

This last pic is because Jay told me to stop taking myself so seriously.. LOL!:)  Who, me?  Serious? yeah right!!

I’m going going back back to the Future Future!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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I Love See Thru Panties!

Don’t you?! 🙂

Ok now that I have you attention!:)  I wanted to let you guys know I just scheduled a member’s ONLY webcam show for tmrw, Saturday, from 3-4pm EST.

I’m super sorry I didn’t schedule/announce it sooner, but I just wasn’t sure what day and time I would be able to fit it in!  And I’m kinda surprised the week is already over, it flew by for me!  I honestly thought I was going to have more time to do more webcaming this week but eh, what can you do?

I will make up for it with a super awesome/hot show tmrw!  So I hope all of my members can make it, and if you are not a member you can still attend for 1.99/min if you go to  And like always, the show will be recorded and archived on my site for those of you that missed it, or want to watch it again (and again and again and again..) Cya there?

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Schoolgirl Tease Video a REAL TEASER! Oops!!

After last week’s update, “Schoolgirl Cocktease” video and pic set went live, I got back a lot of comments/scene reviews that I didn’t exactly understand…

Someone said “damn you really are a tease, please tell me there’s a part 2?!”

and someone else said “wow that scene left me wanting more, what a tease! so unlike your other videos!”

and I’m thinking to myself.. HUH?  that video was 16 minutes long and had a little bit of EVERYTHING in it?!

Then I get a call from my photographer a couple of hours ago and he said “I am sooo sorry we fucked up!!” and again, I’m like, HUH?  LOL!

So it turns out only half of the video uploaded to my site and nobody caught it until now.. doh!   The first 7 minutes was posted and apparently the video ends abruptly after that.. LOL!  ok, now the comments are starting to make sense..

So I asked my team what they plan on doing to fix this problem.  Their idea was to take down the 7 minute video and replace it with the full length.  After I thought about it for a bit, I decided I’d rather leave the 7 minute video up and label it as “part 1” then put up “part 2” next week as a bonus update, along with the normal Wednesday update.  That way I know for sure everyone will see it, because I’m sure not everyone who watches my vids reads my blogs or my Twitter.  and I would be tres sad if everybody didn’t see the video in it’s entirety, even if it’s cut up into 2 sections.. since it is one of my all time fav videos and I was really excited for you guys to see it!!:(

I can be upset about this or I can laugh about it, but the outcome will still be the same.  So I’m choosing to shrug my shoulders and say “things happen” nothing you can do about it!:)

So please forgive us guys, I like to be a dicktease for sure, but usually not THIS WAY hehe.. I rly hope you all take the time to watch Part Deux next week and you enjoy it 😉

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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10 Random Things About Me

1. I’ve never tried chewing gum and I NEVER WILL.  It totally grosses me out to the point that I want to puke when I see someone chewing it.  This angers some of my friends so much, I have no idea why.

2. I HATE scary movies and even commercials for scary movies!  I live alone and I start thinking about them and it freaks me out and gives me nightmares!  The last scary movie I saw was probably like 6 years ago and it was the Shining and I’m still totally scared about it!

3. I have 1 tattoo and I got it when I was 16 years old.  It was really cool to be the only kid in high school with a tattoo.  When my Dad found out, I said to him “what can you do, ground me?  you can only punish me for so many days, but tattoos are forever!” yeah, I was a BRAT!

4. I spent a year in Colorado before moving to California.  I loved it there until I got trapped under 5 feet of snow for Christmas.  I spent half of Christmas day eating toast (there was no other food in my house) and crying over the Mastercard “home for the holidays..priceless!” commercials.  I spent the second half on my webcam. I was the only American girl online on my website that day, I made a lot of money.  I moved once the snow melted!

5. My first job was when I was 15 years old at a pet store.  The legal age was 16, but I can be very convincing 🙂  I felt so bad for all of the dogs in the tiny cages and one day I bought a $600 St Bernard puppy with my Dad’s credit card and hid her in y bedroom for 3 days before he found out.  He was PISSED!

6. I’m a huge History nerd.  I’ve read every book about Henry VIII and that time period, long before the Tudors and movies/shows like that became popular.  I was one of two people to get an A in my History 101 college class and I cried when I got a B+ in my other history class.  I was a teachers pet. 🙂

7. I’ve been a vegetarian since 1997.   However, 3 years later when my family moved to Baltimore, I started eating seafood occasionally since the practically force-feed you crab cakes there!  So I guess you can call me a pesco-tarian 🙂

8. I’ve had my dog since he was 3 months old.  My friend Dave got the puppy for his girlfriend, then they broke up and he stole the dog to spite her.  I told him to give me the dog instead of giving it back.  I ran into her about 5 different times while walking my dog.  She asked me “is that my dog?” and I said “no, it’s MY DOG NOW!” she was pissed, but a couple months later told me she moved into a new apartment that doesn’t allow dogs and if she had him, she would of had to “give him to a pound.”  lucky dog.

9. I’ve never even considered getting a boobjob.  I have no idea why people ask me that all of the time, as if not being happy with the body you have is a requirement for working in porn.  All of my fav pornstars are petite fresh looking girls with real tits.

10. The last job I had before becoming a full time webcam model was a preschool teacher.  I’m actually 3/4 of the way to a college degree in Elementary Education but know that I can never become a teacher since I’m forever “naked on the internet”

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News About My Archived Webcam Shows

..not to worry guys, it’s all GOOD NEWS!!:)  Ok, so I have a couple of things to explain here.. I really wish everyone that is a member of my site and likes to watch the webcam shows and webcam archives would read my blog, but alas, that isn’t true.  But I will tell you guys my news here and during my next webcam show to try to cover all of my bases so nobody is confused!

First, some bad news.. I have been stressing hardcore about my last 3 camz members shows showing up in my archives.  As hard as I tried, all I could get is the audio from the shows to show up!:(  I got a couple of emails about this and I even promised everyone during my last show that they are “somewhere” and I would get them up.  Well, I am a big fat liar, because they are lost and gone, due to a mistake that I made..oops!  So sorry about that guys, but we all have to mourn and move on with our lives..hehe!  But the GOOD NEWS is I figured out WHAT I did wrong and it won’t happen again, so I can promise you all from now on that every CamZ show I do will be recorded and put in my archives, like old times, yay!  My next CamZ show is going to be next Wednesday so I hope to see you all there!  But if you can’t make it, no worries!  because you can sleep well at night knowing that a day or two after that show, it will show up in my archives and you can watch it whenever and however you want!:)

I have been dealing with and stressing over this issue for so long now, and we JUST figured it out, it feels sooo good to finally jump over that hurdle and move on to the next thing! (and trust me, I have a loooong list of improvements and changes to be made to my site, always!:)

Also, I just started doing members shows thru another cam system, CamModels.  We also just figured out how to get these shows up in the archives!!!  My first show is there now, it is the big gray screen with tabs of the dates of shows at the bottom.  So as I do more shows it will just automatically show up there, which I’m pretty excited about!!  I think it will look better once I get a bunch of shows on that list, don’t you?  I also think it’s better to keep the 2 cam systems separate as to not cause any confusion, not that you guys would be focused by something like that..

I plan on doing my weekly free webcam shows for all members equally on both systems, since they both have things me and my members love and they are both cool in their own way!   I just wanted to have some variety for you guys so I hope you dig it this way:)

But I really want to know what you guys think about these changes and if you have any ideas how I can make it better?  So if you’re a member and you like watching my webcam shows, go check it out the hit me up with an email and plz tell me what you think!:)

My next members webcam show is this Saturday, from 3-4pm EST.  I hope you all can make it!  Any outfit or toy requests please let me know also, I have nothing planned for that show YET, so I need some suggestions!!!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Barely Legal Aaliyah Love

A friend of mine who lives in New Orleans hit me up on Twitter the other day and said “Every time I go to that Barely Legal strip club there you are, staring at me!” and I was like “whhhhaaaaatt??”

Turns out there are posters on the walls and plastic tabletop flyers on every table with my picture on them from the spread I did for Barely Legal magazine back in 2008..OMG!  I had no idea!  But I think it’s fucking way cool:)  It’s probably the closest I’ll ever get to getting naked in a strip club or being a stripper (actually, never say never! LOL!)

I asked my friend to steal me one but he said he wouldn’t feel comfortable walking out of the club with a huge bulky plastic thing underneath his jacket, but his lawyer is a huge strip club addict and “ there almost every day, so I’ll ask him.”  I told him to offer his lawyer a free 10 minute webcam show or a free month pass to in return!!:)

I just love the thought of my friend walking into a seedy strip club in the middle of New Orleans and seeing pictures of ME everywhere!:) I haven’t heard anything back yet, but in the meantime I have this picture, so I thought I’d share it with you guys:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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..More Pics From My Latest Shoot! Fun in the Sun!

As promised, here’s more pics I took with my phone from my last photoshoot!

I had my photographer take this one while the rest of the crew was busy setting up.  I was sick of taking pics in the mirror hehe:)  I love love this bikini I can’t wait to wear it to the beach!!

Summer can’t come fast enough!!  I’m soooo ready for beach season, can you tell?:) This scene was really fun to shoot and really really messy, but I already described it in my last blog post, so if you haven’t read that one yet, I think you should!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Some Pics From This Week’s Shoot

So the reason I have been kinda quiet on my site all week is because I had a two day photoshoot Wednesday and Thursday!   Which means I had to take Monday+Tuesday off to get ready (hair, nails, tan, blah blah blah) and spent Friday recovering.  My crew and I shot all solo videos/pics for and some custom videos for those that put in orders on time.  And I am psyched to say I think I did some of my best “work” yet!

Basically, we shot as much content in those 2 days that would usually take us about 5-6 days to shoot.  I think there’s a behind the scenes video we shot for one of the scenes where we were doing the math.. “Ok so day 1 we shot about 2-3 days worth of content.  And today we shot even more, so that’s like, 6 days in 2 days?” LOL!  Plus I decided that all of my videos need to be a little bit longer and all of my picture sets need to have more pictures in them, so I know you guys are gna dig that! (I’m always thinking of new ways to hook up my members! this was just one new idea I had!!:)  Most of the videos were 15-20 minutes long instead of 12-15, and not only did we shoot a picture set for each video, but we shot behind the scenes video during the pictures and behind the scenes pictures during the I have a LOT of stuff to post for you guys!!:)

Not only did we get a lot done, but we had a blast shooting!  Day 1 was supposed to rain all day long so I scripted out a bunch of indoor stuff, and when I got there the sun was shining and everyone was like “ok, what can we do outside?”  My 2 photographers built me a really cute scene next to the pool while I was getting ready putting on makeup, and I ended up shooting like 250 pictures (I usually do about 80 per set, but I was having so much fun!) then we did an 18 minute video.  We also shot a super funny behind the scenes video that’s gna make you guys laugh.  I always try to make you guys laugh before I make you cum!

I’m not going to give too much away right now, because it’s gna be 2-3 weeks before I get most of this stuff back from my photographers, but I did snap some pics with my phone to post here on my blog!  After a week or so I will ask my guys to send over a handful of pics to my email also so I have more to post and tease you guys with;)  You know I have the crappiest cheapest phone ever, so it doesn’t take the best quality pictures, but you guys at least get the idea of what’s to cum 😉

Here are 2 pics from my 1st favorite scene of the day.  I started out with only an outfit and a teddy bear, then just “Went with it” when the camera started rolling.  I thought this was going to be a “naughty girl jumps on bed” video, and it started out that way, but then it took a really nasty turn and ended up being a really dirty, perverted video with lots of spanking and dirty talking and.. well.. you guys will see!:)

Just got home from school! I have the house all to myself for the next hour! What should I do?!

Only my teddy bear and my diary know all of my deepest darkest secrets!!  If my parents knew boy would they spank me!!! 😉

I know, I know, I’m a sick and twisted little girl..but that’s why you guys love me, right?:)

I will post some pics from the outdoor scene tomorrow so check back here then plz!:)

Have a great weekend everyone!!!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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