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Another Aaliyah Love/Trisha Uptown Pic!!:)

So I promised you guys another Aaliyah/Trisha pic from out recent photoshoot, and I always deliver on my promises!  Here it is!  What do you think?  I can’t wait to get these sets back from Jay Allan so I can start posting them for you guys to jerk off to!!:)  I sent him an email about 5 mins ago reminding him so we will see what he has to say, I’m sure I’ll get them back sooooooon!  The suspense is killin me!:)

We had so much fun in that bathtub, we stayed in there for a looooong time after the cameras and lights were turned off hehe!  Jay left us a lone and let us play for a bit..thank goodness for large hot water heaters that never seem to go cold heheh.. fun fun!

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

ps-My CamZ show free for all members starts in a couple of hours…cya there?:)

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Sunday Sunday Sunday!

Sunday(tomorrow) night is my next webcam show, free for all members, and this time it will be a CamZ show! waaaahoooo!!  It’s been awhile since I’ve done this, so I expect a full chatroom full of horny people that have missed me!:) I hope you can all make it, I scheduled it late enough so I technically get 1.5 days off this weekend, but early enough that I hope the East Coast people can make it.. 7-8pm PST, 10-11 EST!

I’m gna go enjoy my day off now, which includes turning the computer off and walking away from it until tomorrow!:)  Have a great weekend everyone and I hope to see you tomorrow!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Info About Member’s Webcam Shows Tonight and Sunday

I just wanted to get this posted before my show tonight so everyone knows what’s going on with my member’s webcam shows.  I am feeling guilty for not posting this sooner, since the next show starts in about an hour from now, but this is honestly the first time I’ve had 10 minutes to sit down and type out a blog all week, I have been a busy little bee!!:)

So tonight, at 8pm EST, 5pm West Coast time, I will be doing a webcam show free for all members!  I am trying out something different this time and using CamModels instead of CamZ.  This is the first “official” time I’ve done this, so please keep your fingers crossed for me that it goes off without any “technical difficulties”!!  I say this not because I have ever had ANY technical diffs with CamModels, (except for operator errors I caused myself haha) and in fact CamModels is the network I do private shows on 5-6 days a week BECAUSE I have NEVER had any problems with them, at all, but because this is the first time I am using them thru my site!   And the first time you do something there are always..obstacles to overcome.. remember the day you lost your virginity? 🙂  But it should go down fine and we will have an awesome show, so I can’t fucking wait!  I do know this..the chatroom will be a lot less “crowded” or “full” than the usual members shows I do, which some of you who have mentioned to me not “being able to get a word in” during the shows with 1000+chatters, will really enjoy!!:)

I have to say that doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop using CamZ also for my members shows, or I dislike the full chatrooms they bring me.  On the contrary, nothing makes me hotter than knowing there’s 1000 horny guys (and girls!) sitting there stroking to me, it’s like a cyber gang bang!  (Fuck I love my job!!) 🙂  Which is why my next CamZ show is going to be this Sunday!  I didn’t put it up on the schedule yet because I was having some issues with tonight’s show showing up correctly and I didn’t want to add to the confusion as my guys tried to fix the problem (all fixed now..thanx guys!:) but I have been mentioning it all week so I bet most of you guys know about it anyways!:)  So I plan on using both networks for my free members webcam shows still, now you guys will be getting the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!!:)  Which is ALWAYS A GOOD THING!

So now that that is all cleared up, I have to clean up my studio, and myself (I just made such a fucking mess in here from working my normal shift at CamModels..I even took a picture for you guys and will post it here later! Looks like the tazmanian devil came thru here hahaha!) so I can be ready for that show!

So, will I see you all back here in one hour?  I fucking hope so!  This should be fun! 🙂

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Aaliyah Loves Trisha Uptown!

So Jay Allan just sent over some pics from the shoot I did with Trisha Uptown last week that I told you all about, and DAMN they’re fn hot!  I can’t wait to get the full sets to post for you guys to see!  As promised, here’s a teaser picture!  IF you’re really lucky I might post another one tomorrow!;)

Love you guys!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

ps- I’m running off to the chiro right now since I hurt my back at my yoga class yesterday..doh!  But tonight when I get home I will be posting a blog about the next 2 member’s webcam shows that are both happening this week!  So exciting!  Stay tuned!:)

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I just wanted to say GOOD MORNING to everyone!  I got up super early today and whenever I get up early I feel like I can get anything and everything I want to get done accomplished!  It puts me in such a good mood, I love it!  So I hope everyone reading this has an awesome day and has as good of a day as I do!

Today I start a new yoga class and I’m super excited about it!  I was completely sold when I saw that they had unlimited yoga for two weeks for just $30 (after that it’s something crazy like $150 a week though..doh!) and they have at least 1 class a day at the perfect time for me..yippie!  Then I mapquested last night and it turns out it’s only 3miles from my house..bonus!!  I will try to snap a pic of myself in my yoga gear for you guys..but my phone is acting really weird these days so no promises!  (although I can’t get a pic of myself in downward facing dog unless I ask someone in the class, and since it’s my first day, probably not LOL!)

When I get home from yoga I will be all flexible and pumped up for a webcam session at and I’m super excited about that too, since it’s been like 5 days since I’ve been on my webcam!  With the 2 photoshoots last week (did I ever tell you guys I went back to the same location Sunday to shoot some solo stuff? it was so fucking beautiful there, any excuse for me to be there, and get some scenes shot or you guys, I jumped at!) I was too busy and worn out to webcam, but I missed it so much!  You can tell I’ve been missing webcamming because last Saturday I washed all of my toys and lined them up on a pretty pink towel and they have been sitting there every since, calling to me every time I jump on my computer.. “Aaliyah! play with us! We are soo lonely!”

LOL ok, now I’m getting silly,  and running outta time!   I need to go get ready now or I’ll be late for my 1st class!  I just wanted to say wazzzzzup to you all and I <3 you all and I promise I will post a longer blog with more substance later LOL!:)

BTW I will be on my webcam from 1:45-3:15pm PST today, I know it’s early but I have to leave for my meeting at 4pm!  I hope to see you all there, and if you haven’t signed up for a CamModels account yet (it’s free to sign up and free to watch me in freechat..hence why they call it that hehe) please go to and sign up thru my bio (just click sign up from there) it would really help me get the “referal”!   please and thank you and I apperciate it in advance;)

Have a great day everyone!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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My Next 2 Photo Shoots!

I’m comin (and cumin!) back with a bang! I’ve been home for about one week and already have my next 2 photo shoots scheduled.. I’m sooo excited!:)

The first one is in 2 days from now, on Friday, with 2 of my fav peoples in the industry, Jay Allan the photographer (who shot my Christmas solo stuff..the set of me with the snowflakes in the background and the over-sized presents..or as he likes to say..not over-sized presents, just small model.. haha!) and the lovely Trisha Uptown!  YAY!  It’s been awhile since Trisha and I hooked up.  Usually we hook up at every porn convention we meet up at, and usually that’s 4-5 times a year, but that didn’t seem to work out for us these last few months.. so needless to say I’m going thru Trisha withdraws!  I once told her exactly how I like my pussy licked, and she remembers it so well, she does it every time she goes down on me now and mmm it’s AMAZING!  So I have that to look forward to.  We will be doing 3 picture sets and one nice long video, all with Jay’s direction.  I trust him as a photographer and as an artist, he does AMAZING work, so we will be putty in his hands!:)

Also, I’m bringing my brand new HD hand-held camcorder to shoot some behind the scenes videos so you guys can see all of the fun we have even before the cameras start rolling..and boy do we have fun!:)

I’m also picking up a really cool picture set from Jay that we shot after the x-mas set that we both kinda forgot about.. It’s super cool and creative so I don’t want to ruin the surprise but you know you can find some sneak peek pics here on my blog long before the go up on my site! I’ll post em once I get em 🙂

The second photoshoot is going to be next next week..March 4th!  This will be with my “regular” photographers and it will be all solo stuff.  The first half of the day I will spend shooting custom videos, or as I like to call it, personalized porn, for some people that have put in orders.  The second part of the day will be shooting vide/pic sets for of course, and I already have some GREAT ideas, stuff that I haven’t done on this site in a long long time!  BUT as you guys know, I love getting my member’s input (I love knowing what makes you cum!), so if any of you have any suggestions/requests for what the next 3 scenes for my site should be, plz plz let me know!  Either post it here so we can all discuss it or send me an email 🙂

I also have enough time to shoot 1 more custom video if anybody wants to order?  The way it works if you write the script..tell me what to do, say, wear, etc.. we go over it until I have the perfect idea of what you want, then I ask you to pay for it 2 days before the shoot!  It usually takes my guys only a week or two to get your video+matching pics back to me then I mail it to you or email it to you, whatever you want 🙂  Email me for more details!:)

So I’m STOKED about my upcoming photo shoots..and I hope you guys are too!  This just means more juicy goodness for me to post here for all members to enjoy!

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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I’m baaaaaaacccckkk!!!:)

So I’m BAAAAACK if you haven’t noticed!  I’ve been back for 2 whole days so I’m sorry I didn’t announce it here first but I’ve been busy playing “catch-up” and spending some much needed time on my webcam with some fans, answering emails and updating my Twitter!  It was 2.5 very long weeks of stress and madness but now I am back home here in Sunny California, in front of my computer and webcam where I belong!:)

Since I got home I’ve had 1 problem after another to deal with, including my SUV, that has always been dependable, is starting to break, and a dog that is sooo pissed off at me for leaving for so long that no matter how many hour long walks I take him on and treats I give him, he still rips something I love to shreds every time I leave the house and wags his tail at me when I get home like he’s so proud of himself!  I have also had other stresses like a pile of bills I don’t know how I’m going to pay and family issues, but I won’t bore you guys with THOSE DETAILS.

Instead I want to thank everyone who was so understanding while I was gone!  I had about 200 emails to deal with when I got home and I’m happy to report I only got about 6 or 7 really rude ones from people asking me “why the hell haven’t you written me back?!” or “I guess you DON’T want to sell me panties, thanx a lot for not replying!” (even though I announced my hiatus on Twitter, here on my blog and thru email as well as I could before I left) but that’s A-OK with me, because most of the emails were from really sweet people who told me they would never give up on me and although the website “hasn’t been the same without your daily emails and blogs, it still rocks and makes me cum!”   Which is all I ever wanted to hear from you guys 🙂

I’m also thrilled that the updates that my webmaster dug up while I was gone are some of my best work this week’s update that is the full picture set and video from the Tight magazine spread from 2009 shot by Earl Miller.  It makes me laugh and blush to try to go back and watch this video, it was shot in June 2008 and I just look so young and..innocent? no, innocent isn’t the right word considering I’m shoving dildos up my pussy and ass while bouncing up and down w a huge smile on my face..but you guys know what I mean!   This was my very first “professional photo shoot” and by that I mean a shoot with a make-up artist and a crew of about 10 fixing lights, moving equipment, and basically all fussing over little ole me all day long.. gotta love it!  I remember when Earl told me we were going to shoot 3 sets that day and I thought about how long it usually took me to shoot 3 amateur sets with my camera guy for my site.. I showed up at 8am and announced “will we be done by 12noon? I’d like to go out for sushi with some friends?”  They all laughed and told me it was an 8am-6pm job and I wondered what the fuck would take so long to shoot 300 pics and 3 15 minute videos.. well I soon found out that Earl is a PERFECTIONIST and he would run to his office to see how the pics look on a computer screen, then he would run back out and say “tilt your head a half of an inch to the right and move that one strand of hair!” LOL! But I’m soooo glad he did because he ended up selling those pics to 3 diff magazines and I had the honor of bein gon the cover of Barely Legal, Live Young Girls and a hot ass spread in Tight magazine all in 2009!!!:)

BTW, I still have about 20-50 copies of each magazine saved and I’m still selling autographed copies to whoever is interested..just had to throw that out there! 😉

So you know I love to tease, so here are a couple of pics from the Tight Magazine spread.  The set that went live yesterday has all 68 pics and a 15min video to match.  If you’re not a member yet your really missin out!  And if you are a member, I rly hope you like this one because it is def one of my favs!  Thank you to everyone who already left scene reviews/comments and voted this one as one of their favs..I really think soon it will reach my “Top 10 Most Popular Scenes” but that’s just my opinion, what counts is my MEMBERS opinions, so let’s wait and see!:)

and this is my fav pic from the set.. it was actly a really uncomfy pose to hold, esp since this was our last set of the day..but Earl made everything I did look so effortless.. I can’t wait to shoot with him again!:)  I hope you guys like it as much as I do;)

So give me a couple of days to clean up my webcam studio (I left in such a hurry I left my house a mess..nothing worse than coming home to a messy house ugh!), get some hours done so I can start paying off those bills, and all of my emails caught up then I will announce when my next couple CamZ webcam shows are (the once a week free webcam shows I do for all members!) and what my future plans are for this site.. I’ve got some great ideas I can’t wait to share them with you all!

I hope you all have a great weekend!!!:)

I <3 U all!!!!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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