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Help Me Decide Which Dress to Wear to the XBiz Awards?

I am agonizing over a decision I have to make, and soon!  The XBIZ awards are coming up, and it is going to take a lot for me to top last year’s beautiful dress!  (I rly wish I could just wear that dress again, but I better not hehe!  Even though I only got 4 bad quality pics of me in it before I ended up dropping the camera in the toilet!  Hey I was really sick and on a lot of medications, but that is another crazy story for another blog post) So I really want to order a dress really soon so I can plan the rest of my “look” around it (my hair n nails, and of course, shoes!!) and I KNOW that I’m going to have to get whatever dress I decide on altered to fit my super tiny waist and small boobs, so time is ticking away for me!

As always I know I’m going to be one of the most dressed up people there, and as always I don’t give a fuck!   In LA some people are waaaay too cool to look like they put any effort or thought into their outfits, and sometimes I tend to stand our like a sore thumb..but who cares!!   I love dressing up and feeling a princess, even if it’s for a small porn awards ceremony that I have very little chances of taking home an award and the only people who will really appreciate my outfit is my members and fans!:)

But I really can’t decide which dress I should wear, and I can only afford (if I’m lucky!) to get ONE, so my decision is crucial.  I really hope you guys can be brutally honest with me and not just say something like “oh they would all look good on you!” because I need your help, not a sugar coat!!:)  So if you have no opinion then don’t give it hehe  Yeah I take my dresses that seriously hahaha!:) I need all of my girlies to chime in on this one too!  Help!:)

So here are the pics of the dresses.. I’m not going to tell you guys what my 2 favs are until I hear your opinions.  All this week I’m webcaming my little butt off so I can hopfuly make my weekly goal and surpass it by at least $200 so I can get me a dress and start hunting for shoes!!:)  (I have only made my weekly goal 2 times in the last 12 weeks but hey, I’m gna try my best!!!)






Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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The Hawaii Pics Are Finally Up!

I hope all of my members check out my Hawaii pics, which I just finished posting!  Once again, they weren’t posted as a “scene” but as “personal pics” so you have to go to “Aaliyah’s Corner” to see them.

The one thing I’m frustrated with, and why they are a day late going up, is because I can’t seem to get them to go in order!:(   I tried so many things and spent waaaay too much time and frustration on it, so finally I decided it would be better for them to be posted now, with a few out of place, than me to break a promise to you guys and not post them until I figure it out.  So they are all up, and I narrated and told the story (posted a little comment underneath) for most of the pics!  and I figure Monday morning when my crew is back in the office, they will fix the pics for me:)

I hope you guys find time this weekend to check out my pics and maybe even leave me some comment love so I know you were there?:)

Have a great weekend everyone!  I plan on being on my webcam a lot tomorrow (Sunday) so if you have some extra time cum chat/play with me live!:)  You can find me at

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Hot Movie Alert!

So I get asked a lot what I do on my days off.  Well it’s a rare occasion (once a week if I’m lucky) that I get an entire 24 hours completely unplugged.. no computer and no phone!  Last week I took Thursday and half of Friday off and I had such a perfectly relaxing time!

I also had to call around to 4 different Blockbusters to find my this certain movie for sale, but I finally found one!  And it was across the street from a Baskin and Robins Ice Cream, double score!:)  I had already seen this movie once, on the plane ride home from Hawaii..and even in my tired/cranky/sore state, this movie made me totally hot and I just loved it!  I’ve been dying to watch it again ever since and this is literally my first relaxing day with “free time” that I have had in 2010!

So I set the scene for a perfectly relaxing late night movie viewing, I got myself some hot chocolate and a large ice cream cone, I plugged in my heating pad for my sore back , I dimmed the lights and turned my phone off and cuddled with my doggie on the couch.  ..and the movie was even better the second time I saw it!!

The movie I’m talking about of course is Vicky Cristine Barcelona!  Never heard of it? I’m not surprised, I’ve mentioned it on my Twitter (  twice and nobody ever said anything about it back!!  But trust me guys, I wouldn’t be recommending it to you if I didn’t think all of my fellow pervs might enjoy it!:)

I wouldn’t even know where to start trying to explain the entire movie/plot to you guys, but it’s set in Barcelona (duh) and it shows all of the beautiful scenery and architecture of Spain, it’s visually an orgasm in your eyeballs!   The first two leading ladies you see are two super hot girls (I LOVE Scarlet Jo with blonde hair!) who play friends who are polar opposites.. you have the free thinker/wild child, and the sensible/serious girl.   Who both end up meeting (and FUCKING! SPOILER ALERT! OOPS! hehe) this incredibly forward, sexy Spaniard (Javier Bardem) who introduces himself to them by inviting them both to visit a sculpture that inspires him.. “I’ll show you around the city, we will eat very well.   We will drink good wine and then hopefully we will make love.  All three of us.”   Puuuurrrr!!! I have a thing for foreign men (one of my MANY turn-ons!!) and I have had a couple of Latin lovers in my life and seeing how he talked to these girls brought back all of that intensity and passion for me!:)

The fun doesn’t even start until Penelope Cruz shows up as his tortured soul artist ex wife whom he is obsessed with, AFTER Scarlet and him have fallen in love and are living together!  Javier says about her “We are meant for each other and not meant for each other.  It’s a contradiction.”  Scarlet Jo, Javier and Penelope all “naturally” fall into a 3some love triangle, and one of the hottest scenes I have ever seen in any video is when the two girls are in a dark room, and Penelope casually walks over to Scarlet and gently starts stroking her face with her hands and they start passionately kissing.. puuurrr again!! 🙂

The best part is I totally identify with Scarlet Jo’s character, even though I think most people don’t and are probably saying “why would she do THAT?!” through out the movie..   The line she keeps on using throughout the movie is “I don’t know what I want, I just know what I don’t want”  And she’s going to keep on searching until she finds out what she does want..all she knows is she wants “something more..something different..”  Sometimes I feel the same way 🙂 No, I’ve never been in a love triangle and I’ve never traveled to Spain..  But I did used to travel A LOT, up until recently I moved to a different state every year.  And I got myself into all sorts of crazy situations, but I never stayed anywhere for too long…I was always, and still am, searching for that “ultimate”… happiness? satisfaction?  I don’t exactrly know yet either.. 🙂 I’ll let you know when I do though!:)

So go out and watch this movie and come back here and tell me what you think!  I need someone to discuss this movie with!!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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My Latest Used Panty Auction

I don’t always make a blog post for my used panty auctions but I wanted to for this one, because it’s a special one!  This was my favorite outfit for sooooo long, anybody that used to watch me on webcam a couple of years back have def seen me wear this outfit day after day on my webcam!  Well the 501th time I wore it, it finally started to fall apart so I decided it was time to let go! :'( tear tear! I’m hoping it goes to a good home!:)

you can fint my auction rt here –>

This auction includes the teal bra/panty Fredericks of Hollywood outfit, 5 autographed photos (including these 2) of me wearing..and taking off the outfit, and an autographed Barely Legal.  I also put it up under “My Auctions” on my members page!   Happy Bidding!:)

I have been really happy with!  I don’t ALWAYS have an auction running but they probably get something from me up there at least 1-2 times a month!   So far every auction of mine has included one of my fav old outfits (usually from a scene on my website!) as many pics as I can print out of me wearing the outfit (usually 5-10pics) and one of my 3 magazines, completely autographed up!  (I even autograph the pages that don’t have pics of me on them, so if you’ve eceived one of these auctions, be sure to go back and look at every page!) BUT I’m thinking about using my new handheld camcorder and making some short vid clips to go along with the outfits in the future, what do you guys think about that?  It will be totally amateur and nothing like my professionally done custom vids that I do for special orders, but it will be one of a kind for the owner of the auction only!  I just need to get better at working the camera first, right now I’m waaay too shakey and I don’t have the cord that connects my camcorder to the computer.. hehe

As of now I don’t have any more auctions lined up, so if anybody has any suggestions/requests, please let me know!  I need to take more pics and get more printer paper so I can print them out so you have some time!;)  I’m thinking about maybe doing another foot fetish auction since the last one went SO WELL and was SOOOO POPULAR!  But I will let you guys decide this time:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

ps-next Camz show is Friday night, free for all members!  Hope to see you there!:)

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There Will Be TWO Awesome Updates This Week!

I have finally figured out what to do with all of my Hawaii pics!  There are way too many to put in a couple of blog posts (about 50 in all) but me and my webmaster both agree it would be weird of me to make them an actual “content update” since it’s just a bunch of random pics and hardly any nudity.

So I was thinking and this Friday, instead of posting a normal short video or pic set as my Friday bonus update, I will be posting all of my Hawaii pics, each one with a description, in my “personal pics” section and a couple of blogs telling you guys some key stories!   That way you get to see ALL of my behind the scene pictures I took..woohoo!:)

For my members that never visit my personal pics section, you can find it under Aaliyah’s Corner!  I would really love it if you gave me some comments too! (one of my fav parts of my personal pics section, it’s a lot like MySpace!:) Since I don’t wake up till noon, I’ll probably be posting them late Thursday night.

What do you guys think about his idea?

Wednesday’s update is a pic/video set that was shot by Earl Miller!  Yes, these are the same pics that were featured in the Barely Legal magazine I was on the cover of last year!  I also have the other two sets from Young Girls Live and Tight that I’ll be posting soon!  I have been trying to get my hands on this stuff since late 2008 I’m sooo stoked to finally have it up on my site!!:)  This updates deserves a blog post of it’s own w lots of teaser pics..I hope I find the time before Wednesday!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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A little Hawaii Teaser

I just found the cord for my camera, as I’m going to bed and exausted!  But I promised you guys SOME sort of Hawaii sexiness for you tonight, so here are 2 of my fav behind the scenes pics that were both taken the first day I got to Hawaii!  (I packed about 15 bikinis and 7 pairs of sunglasses and 15 pairs of flip flops/sandals for this trip, lots of wardrobe changes!)

this is the skimpiest bikini I brought, and one of my favs! I love purple and it fits my body like a glove..even gives me major cleavage sometimes!  Plus it matches my fav beach hat and sunglasses so I wore it a lot in Hawaii!  I was told I was getting a lot of dirty looks walking into the cafe wearing only this every morning but I didn’t notice, I was too busy enjoying the sunshine!  On day 3 the photographer bought me a tiny sarong to wear over my butt the next morning (it took me hours to find one that was the perfect shade of purple to match too but my persistence paid off!) so I tied it around my booty but then apparently it looked even more provocative since my ass cheeks were still hanging out of the bottom of it so it resembled a very tiny short slutty skirt I guess.. whatever!  I wasn’t naked, I wasn’t even wearing a thong..people need to RELAX!! IT’s 2010 damnit!

My pics will be uploading onto my computer as I sleep and dream about how fucking awesome 2010 is!  When I wake up tmrw I will share some more pics/stories about my trip!

I am also setting my and free members show CamZ webcam show schedules for the next week 7 days and will be posting them on my calendar on my front page of tomorrow afternoon!  I plan on being on my webcam and playing/working on my site A LOT for the rest of this month, I want to start this year off doing everything I can to make this website one of your all time fav websites ever in 2010 😉

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Hawaii Pics n Stories Coming Soooon!!

So I know you all are like “Well the Too Short song is awesome but.. where’s the Hawaii dirt?!”

and I want you all to know don’t worry, it’s coming soon!

As a lot of you know I got new furniture and totally remodeled my webcam studio right before I left for x-mas vacation, then left for Hawaii a day and a half after I got back from that, so yesterday when I got home was the first time I could really sit down and enjoy my studio!  Well just like anytime that I clean, now I can’t find a couple of essential things that I need, like the cord that connects my camera to my computer..grrrr!  Everything in my pretty pink studio is super organized and everything has a place but I forget where some of those places are right now hehe.. My printer also has a slot for picture cards but it wasn’t working either!!  I think because I unplugged my printer then plugged it back in while I was rearranging everything in my studio..sigh.   But I’m not going to give up!  I have a back up back up plan..PlanC..  if all else fails that will get at least my fav 10 behind the scene spics I took w my phone camera up here for you all to see tonight so come back here and check for a new post before you go to bed tonight!

Also, I’m still unsure how to go about telling you all everything that happened in Hawaii.  Honestly, some good things happened and some very bad things happened.  It’s not that I don’t plan on telling you guys ALL of it, you guys know I tell you all EVERYTHING (I am the QUEEN of TMI!!) but some of it is very long and complicated to tell, especially on a blog, and I’m wondering if maybe I should tell it over a webcam show instead, but until I do that my other stories won’t make very much sense.. so.. hmmm.. I’ll have to figure that out too!  🙂

But IT’S GOOD TO BE HOME! All of my friends are heading out to the string of porn conventions in Vegas right now or in the next couple of days and they are all asking me to go, and I just can’t see myself leaving again!!  I still have 2 suitcases form my Maryland Christmas trip then my HAwaii trip to unpack, this is the 1st time I have seen my dog (who is sooo pissed at me! ugh) since December 21st and I’ve flown about 6000 miles in the last 3 weeks.. but should I could I miss one of the biggest conventions of the Vegas? ugh it would break my heart to not go and shoot with all of my fav people (Ric I miss him!!) Trisha Uptown, Gerald Saunders (hello, more pantyhose porn!) Ferrarra Photo (schoolgirl oil+sybian vids) and all of the other hot girls that are going to be there.. but it would break my heart and stress me out to unpack then pack again and leave my webcam and my apartment and my dog for yet another week, I just don’t think I can do it 🙁

WOW this blog post was 1 big ramble.. I start off talking about Hawaii and end up talking about my dog and Vegas, LOL!  I have a lot to say to you guys it’s been so long I rly missed you all!  I’m gna go do some webcam shows now and play catch-up on everyone I owe a show to and promised a show to when I got back now!  When I’m done webcaming I’m going to get on writing some Hawaii blogs w some sexy pics I promise!!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Too$hort Song Porno Bitch


OMG Too$hort just wrote me into one of his new songs!  I just got this in my email today and had to listen to it 3x before I believed it!   Woohoo!  Take a listen and tell me whatcha think:)

And a big thanx to Too$hort who is a total gentleman!  He made an appearance at one of my shoots last year (I let him and some guys watch football in the Blazing Bucks’ loft living room while we were making pornos in the other room hehe) and not only was he totally sweet when I answered the door in my undies saying “Aren’t you that…Too Short?” but he also he looked down at the ground every time I walked into the room topless!  Pure class!

I can’t wait to be backstage at a Too $hort concert someday and hear him say my name “AALIYAH LOVE WILL LICK A PUSSY!” on stage in front of everyone!  I will prob pee in my panties when that happens… OMG!!!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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