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My Top 10 Fav Scenes Part Deux

I’m such a dork I just realized I posted my 10-5 fav scene picks yesterday but ended the post with “cum back here tmrw to see my top 5 scenes!” what I mean was my remaining 4.. I just went back and edited it right now ..ooops!:)
So here they are:

4.Purple Wig

This is the second scene I ever shot for!  I wanted my site to have all sorts of creative colorful scenes that featured way more than “girl on bed with dildo” or “girl on couch with dildo” since, lets face it, you guys can see THAT anywhere for free these days!   Of course I end up fucking myself willy in every video, but I wanted to be creative with it too!  Doing webcam I had been told several times that I look like an anime character, which I thought was an AWESOME COMPLIMENT so I wanted to do a scene that made me look like a sexy anime/cartoon character!  This purple wig is the 1st wig I ever got, I love it and I still wear it during a webcam show every once in awhile ( members check my webcam archives I think there is 2 shows in there where I’m rockin the purple!)  This is also the 1st scene I ever did the drooling all over my big purple dildo which was a big hit 🙂  Is this scene in your top 10?



3.Dirty Girl in Bathtub

This is another popular video/pic set on my site, and it’s always in my “top rated” list!  Whenever I ask people what their fav scene is, a lot of them tell me this is their “go to jerk off video” and I love that because it’s one of my all time favs too!  Gotta love the bubble wrap bikini!:)  I looove my suction cup dildo I can stick it ANYWHERE and fuck it good! It’s been a big hit and used often during my webcam shows and in my scenes but this was the very first scene posted that I used it!



2.French Maid

I love this scene for so many reasons!  It’s one of the first “roleplaying” scenes I did for and I knew you would all love it too since I get requests every single day to roleplay on my it be a sexy secretary, a fuckable french maid or the ass fuck schoolgirl!;)   The french maid outfit is my fav and I even wore it last Halloween..walking around with my ass hanging out on the streets of West Hollywood!  Also, something super funny happened while filming this video that makes for such a good story that to this day I still tell it whenever I’m asked “tell a story of something funny that hapened to you on set”!  (I’m sure most of you have already heard the story!  if not ask me during my next members webcam show, I’ll tell it again, it never gets old 🙂



and my #1 fav scene of 2009 is….

Show Me Your Pink!

Maybe because it’s fresh in my mind since we just shot it, but right now this is my absolute fav scene on my website.   When I posted a couple of pics from this set on my myspace (they got deleted quick..myspace is such a prude!) someone said “oh wow plastic contemporary heaven!” and I thought that explained perfectly the look I was trying to go for!  I love rockin the crazy wigs/outfits it’s so much fun play dress up I <3 my job!:) I start off by checking myself out  in a hand held mirror (that makes for some really cool interesting pics!) then move onto some masturbation instruction with a 16inch dildo that happens to match my wig/outfit then end it with a huge orgasm!!  Everything in this scene just seemed to come together and work out even better than I pictured it and I’m thrilled!






Merry XXXmas and Happy New Year everyone!  If you liked all of the hot shit I posted for you to enjoy in 2009 just you wait for 2010 I have some major plans for and all of my members!  I <3 you all!!!:)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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MY Top 10 Scenes of 2009 Part 1

Ever since Christmas ended everywhere I look I am seeing these “top 9 of 2009” lists.  So I thought I’d do my very own Top 10 list (9 is stupid, I like 10 better!) of my favorite scenes on in 2009.

Since my site has only been up for 14 months, I basically have every scene I have ever posted to choose from, so this has taken a lot of consideration and thought on my part.  In fact, I know I over thought it and spent waaaaay too much time deciding which scenes would make it on the list and what position they should get! hehe.. My reasons for each scene being one of my all time favs is very different from one scene to the next.. For some it was the perfect photographer creating the perfect moment for me, some were taken in amazing places with amazing people, and others I just like the end result..I like how fuckin hot I look in the pics!:)  It’s my list so I get to make the rules!:)

So I think it would be fun for you guys to tell me your top picks?  You don’t have to cum up with a long Top 10 list with reasons for each like I did here, but by now you all know that I like to know want you guys want to see more I can do it!!  All of my new members know this because I am always harassing them and asking them “when you get a chance to watch some of my sexy vids,  plz let me know which ones you like the best?” then a couple days later…”so, have you watched the vids yet? what do you think? which made you the horniest? TELL MEEEEE!!” LOL!:)

BTW I just have to say 2009 has been a kick ass year ever since launching this website my life has changed in so many ways, all for the better!  It is because of all of guys, members of that I get to make a living off exploring my sexual fantasies and weird/kinky turn-ons and just being my regular crazy silly dorky self, I’m sooo lucky!!!  I <3 you guys!!  Thank you soooo much for being a member of in 2009 and I hope you continue to stay and play with me in 2010!!!!!!:)

10. Bathtime With Lena

This is actually just a picture set.  It’s the very sexy Lena and I getting naked and licking each other everywhere in a bathtub, hence the title hehe.. But every time I see this scene I have to smile because if makes me think of what happened leading up to the scene.  IT was also one of the first scenes I ever shot for this website so it’s kind of sentimental for me:)  I love Lena’s perky little body, esp when it’s pushed against mine 🙂  Plus, we look smoking hot together, don’tcha think?:)


9.Four Girls In Vegas + My 1st 4some..OMFG!!

How could I not mention these two scenes?  They have both stayed at the top of both of my “Top Rated” and “Most Popular” scene lists on my site since they were posted!   Both of these video/pic sets were shot in Vegas during a porn convention, about 6 months apart from each other.  Every convention I go to I always hook up with Trisha Uptown (who is in both scenes) and whatever sexy girls she can find us.  Just so happens it was 4 of us both times.   I can’t wait till the next convention..(couple of weeks form now..woohoo!) in fact, I think I’ll give Trisha a call when I’m done typing this blog post out 🙂


Wild Natalie, Ariel Spinner, Trisha Uptown, and ME!:)


Trisha Uptown, ME, Ava Knight, Wild Natalie

8.Pool Shark

Whenever someone asks me to send them over a couple of my favorite pictures for promos or stuff like that, I always find myself going thru this picture set.  Plain and simple I think I was def lookin my best when we shot this pic set/video, despite the 123 degree weather that day.  You know how my skin is glistening and it looks like maybe I have lotion/babyoil on?  No, ladies and gentlmen, that is SWEAT!  Because it was so hot out I didn’t expect this scene to look good at all but I made my crew stay outside with me until I had a good hard orgasm on top of the pooltable.  I remember thinking right after we were done filming this scene that it would probably get scrapped since I must of looked terrible since I was so hot and miserable..boy was I wrong 🙂


7.I was going to put Skulls Outfit Outside in this spot, but that scene was not put up or shot in 2009, so instead I will put Naked In the Stairwell here, which is another “pics only” set!  This was an unplanned set, no time effort or $ was spent putting this set together..can you tell?  LOL!   The background is a dirty cold public stairwell that happened to be in the building we were shooting in.  But for some reason I just love how I look in these pics and I loooove being naked esp when it’s somewhere like on a sidewalk in Vegas in the middle of the afternoon, where not only is the risk of someone seeing me naked is present, but people are DEFINETLY seeing me naked!! Gotta love it.


so I had to put in a pic from the Skulls Outfit Outside set anyways, I couldn’t help myself 🙂


Shot by Ric Young in Vegas 2009

6. Love Me Not

This is a picture set that is unlike any other pic sets on my site.  Ric Young and I love to shoot together because we always find time to shoot a tons of the naughty dirty kinky stuff like I usually post on my site, then he comes at me with these awesomely creative, artistic picture set ideas that I just LOVE!  Doing sets like this make me feel like a real model who is doing interesting stuff besides spreading her pussy and making people cum! (although I love doing that too..dont get me wrong hehe) There are lots of sets Ric and I have shot like this that I could put in this spot (like Shadow Play, where you only see my silhoutette and I end up meeting my demise by the murderous hand of a mystery killer, or Black and White MovieStar which is a pic set we did playing with light and shadow and interesting body shapes.. but this set goes here because it is from my very first shoot with Ric, and the very first pic set I put on my site of this kind, and I will never forget the amazing amount of positive comments I got back the day after posting from you guys asking for more more more and I was so excited you guys were on the same page as me!! 🙂


5. Halloween Night

As all of you should know by now, Ashley Fires is one of my fav girls to fuck and one of my BFFs!  We talked about doing a scene together and flirted and kissed for an entire year before it actually happened, so when it did it was amazing!  I almost put that first scene of us together up here since it is the longest (43 mins) and hottest (Ashley insists I pound her pussy w a dildo while she flips upside down on the couch!) scene on my site.. but Halloween Night beats that scene out because not only does it have a smoking hot sex scene but it also is pure comedy.  Plus both of our Halloween costumes are totally sexy, don’t you think?:)  Ashley and I laugh and joke a lot during our scenes too and I always say when we get together we are either going to make you cum, laugh, or both!  I think this scene does both 🙂


Ok that was part 1.  Tomorrow I will post part 2 and reveal my top 4 fav scenes!  Can you guess what they are?  Are the the same as your favs?  You will just have to cum back here tomorrow to find out 😉

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Pantyhose Fun!

So by now I have posted all of the sexy XXX-mas scenes I shot for all of you members this year and I have posted all of the sexy Christmas pic blogs that I could!  We went all out this year with 4 diff Christmas scenes OMG!  I hope everyone enjoyed them and I hope you find time to rate and maybe even leave a little comment for your fav scenes!

While surfing thru my website, I just found this vid/pic set shot by Gerald Saunders of me playing in my pantyhose.  With all of the red happening in this set I thought it looked kind of festive and would fit right in with all of the holiday posts.  I also wanted to show my pantyhose lovers so <3 so I hope you guys dig these pics!:)


Cum lounge with me on the couch?  My feet are sooo sore..can you rub them? If you do, I will rub something for you in return?  😉


This is from a scene that was posted last month called “My Little Blue Friend”  Theres a video and a matching picture set of me playing with my vibrtor..mmm it felt soooo good to rub it all over my pussy thru the red pantyhose!!


I had so much fun shooting with Gerald Saunders because he had soooo many vintage pantyhose in every color for me to play with!  I spent a long time in his walk in closet full of hoisery just trying stuff on and playing! (why didn’t we shoot BTS vid of that? hehe)

He also had a huge box of GLASS TOYS.. tons of them!   I think I used probably 10 of them by the time the shoot was over..and I plan on flying back to Vegas and shooting with him again soon so I can play with the rest of them!:)


I finally got so horny I ended up tearing those pantyhose to shred to get to my wet pussy!  I love being destructive it’s fun!:) grrrrrr

Hope you guys dig the pics!  I’m goign to prewrite a couple more blog posts tonight with “sneak peek” pics  from future updates and some fun personal pics from parties and events I have been going to all month long.  I will be releasing them over the course of my holiday trip back home, so even though I won’t be online for the next 6 days, you can check back here and read a new blog post and check out the new vid/pic sets that will be released while I’m gone!!!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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What’s Your Go-To Aaliyah Love Video?

So as a lot of you know by now I am super curious and perverted about guys masturbation habits, esp when they are masturbating to ME LOL!  I love to cam2cam during my webcam shows and watch you guys jerk off..I love watching you get hard as you watch me and I get sooo turned on knowing you are stroking your cock just for me!  Knowing you want to stick that cock in my pussy right then and there gets me so hot..oh, I’m getting distracted..

What I mean to say is I’m super curious about what my members jerk off to. Soooo..plz tell me!!:) I tell you guys what gets me hot..I think it’s only fair you return the favor LOL!

Such as, do you have a “go to” video on my site that you always watch if you want to cum hard and fast, or do you watch any video?

How many videos have you added to your “favs” list or rated 10/10?  What does a video have to require for you to mark it as a favorite? Have you ever rated any videos less than 10 and why did you? (be honest don’t tell me only the good that’s not very helpful)

When you log onto my site, what content are you looking for 1st?  The newest updates, one of your favorite vids, pic sets..or maybe its something else? My blog, my personal pics, my forum? (ok only like 5 people post in the forum so it’s prob not that hehe)

What do you like to see in my videos?

What do you think I need to do more in my videos?  What do you think I do too much and could do without?

What kind of videos on my site do you like the best? Solo masturbation, girl/girl, behind the scenes, pic sets?

What do you think is the perfect length for a video on my site? do you like that I usually don’t spend the typical 5-10mins teasing and playing with my boobs as much as I just get right down to it and start fucking myself right away? (all of those years of being a webcam model drilled into my brain! I can’t help it!)

What do  you think is the perfect # of pics for a set? do you guys like the sets where I pick the best 70-90 pics and post only those or when I keep all 200-300 pics in the set and post them all, even though some are only slightly different than the last?

so you can indulge me and answer all of these questions and give me all of the juicy details..or you can just simply answer this question:

What do you jack off to the most on 🙂

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

in return feel free to ask me any questions about my masturbation habits..but I’m sure you guys know just about everything about that subject by now hehe!;)

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Just Added 2 New Personal Pics Folders!

Hey I just wanted to let you all know that I just added two new folders to my ever growing personal pics section!

The first one is a folder I added during “Foot Fetish Week” then forgot to add pics to.. the “Foot Fun (+mani/pedi pics)” folder now has about 20 pics of my fav foot shots, such as these:



and the 2nd folder I added is “Aaliyah Love Bloopers Pics” which is prob going to be everyone’s fav folder.  I even added a hilarious caption to every pic.  Some of the pics were taken form my past “WTF Am I Doing In This Pic? AKA Aaliyah Love Bloopers” (this title was too long for the personal pics folder so I just shortened it to “Aaliyah Love Blooper Pics” hehe) and some are sooo embarrassing that I couldn’t bear to post them on my blog but had to share them with my members. There’s 2 in particular that I will prob take down in a day or two so hurry up and go see them now and have yourself a good laugh before I change my mind!

I was thinking if the bloopers pic folder is a hit I could add an “Aaliyah Love Blooper Vids” section sometime in the near future.  Too bad I am such a perfectionist that most vids and pics that get taken of me that aren’t perfect get deleted right away but I am always making more mistakes and doing funny clumsy things at my shoots so it would prob not take long to get a good collection for that section hehe!:)

So plz do me a favor and if you check out my personal pics (under “Aaliyah’s Corner” go to the left hand side click on personal pics) and you like the pics that I post plz leave a comment so I know you were there and you are liking what you see? 🙂

Aaliyah Love XOXO  I<3 U!

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Aaliyah’s Not Buyin It

So I’m going thru my 6 pic/vid sets one more time before turning it all into Blazing Bucks tomorrow morning and figuring out my content release calendar for the next 2 months. I came across another super funny pic I wanted to share with you guys!
This pic was taken from a behind the scenes pic set (pics that were shot while we were filming the video) from a custom video I did from someone that ordered some “customized porn” from me. So as you can imagine, a lot of the pics catch me in the middle of a funny look but this one made me laugh out loud!

I’m not sure what was being said at the time, but from the look on my face, you can tell..I’m not buyin it!!!:) LOL!


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

ps-I thought we would start this week off with a laugh!  This is going to be a big week and month at!  not only am I back to doing weekly free members webcam shows but the content I am scheduled to put up these next 7 weeks are some of the hottest and best vid/pics I hae ever taken including 3 smoking hot Christmas scenes and some really fun girl/girl videos!!

This is a good time to be an member!!:)

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And Sometimes She’s Sooo Naughty!


sooo..whats in the bag? a present for me? I’ve been such a good girl!




OMG what’s gna happen next??:)

Merry XXX-mas from and!!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Sometimes Ashley Fires is Sooo Sweet!:)

More XXXmas pics!  I’m like a little girl at 5am on X-Mas morning opening all of her presents before her parents get out of bed (what ME? I NEVER did that! hehe)

I just can’t help myself..I just can’t wait to show you guys all of the new pics, can you tell? 🙂


Awww 2 little Christmas elfs waiting for you under your tree!!  Sooo sweet and innocent 🙂


So this was form one of the Christmas sets we did for and

and this is the other set..(click over to the next blog!)—->

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Awesome Pics!

So last night right before I went to bed my photographers stopped by and dropped off a BUNCH of content..everything we have been filming over the last 2 months!  I stayed up till 4am looking at all of the pics and WOW I wish I could put them all up right now so you guys could see them!! There’s a schoolgirl scene (in a new schoolgirl outfit you guys have never seen before!) some really sweet solo Christmas pics of me, some really nasty girl/girl Christmas pics of Ashley Fires tying me up and torturing me, there’s some public nudity, some deepthroating and some good ole DP in all of that new content! But you know good things come to those who wait 😉


Of course I’m going to post a couple of blogs with a handful of teaser pics with stories of how the shoot went this weekend like I always do so keep on checking back.. but I need to start getting ready for my free members show tonight so I only have time to post these 3 pics..check em out!:)


This was an impromptu photo set..the light shining thru the green chair was so cool looking I had to do something on it!:)

I’m gna post the entire pic set as a Friday bonus set soon (I’m going to be redoing my entire release calendar soon so check back early next week!) so you will get to see all 200 huge HQ pics soon!


I called this pic “Big Head Little Head” and made my photographers laugh for like 10 mins straight!

I hope to see you all at my members show tonight! It’s been a loooong time (since August!) so I am hoping for a huge crowd!! Hopping in the shower now! Gna get all soapy and wet and shave my…  😉

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Sometimes When Everything Goes Wrong..It All Works Out

So I’ve finally had some time to unwind and catch my breath from my crazy week last week! I’ve unpacked..which caused a huge amount of laundry since I went thru 2 suitcases full of clothes during my Tues/Wed photo shoots! I’ve washed off the spray tan and started to grow my bush back (at least for a week or two!) and gotten back to my normal life! ..until next shoot of course hehe:)

Sunday I got a massage, spent a couple of hours sitting in the steam room and hot tub at the spa.  I also slept a lot..I really needed it!!

Monday and Tuesday I spent a lot of time on my webcam for

and TODAY I am finally ready to start telling you guys all of the juicy details of my week last week!!:)

Last Tuesday I had a shoot with Jay Allan.  We were shooting some solo pics for his Christmas card and a set for my site.


I was super excited when Jay and I both agreed on a 12noon shoot time since I am NOT a morning person!  But Monday night right before as I was going to sleep I realized my hair dryer was broken and I needed to wake up earlier than I thought to rush to the Walgreens and get a new one.  So I woke up at 8:45am..isn’t this what I was trying to avoid?  ugh!  Well at least I got a super cute pink dryer for $20 fs that was a score!;)

I spent 2 hours getting ready then as I’m trying to leave around 11:30 my GPS was not cooperating and Jay and I spent 20mins on the phone trying to convince my GPS to pick up his address.  So I was late for the shoot and felt bad about it and stressed about it the entire ride there!  I should have known right then and there that this day wasn’t going to go smoothly LOL!

So I met Jay at the house around 12:30, and I went into the house to recurl my hair and apply some last minute makeup.  This is usually the 1st thing I do at a shoot and usually I have about 15-20mins b4 the photographer starts calling for me.  well 45mins later I was wondering if everyone forgot about me!  Turns out poor Jay Allan and his crew were having prob w equip that they borrowed from someone else.  3 out of 4 lights weren’t working the way they should!  oh noes!

So I chilled out, grabbed a snack, tried on all 10 sexy Christmas related outfits I brought to the shoot,  Twittered and took lots of self pics and pics of Jay and his crew setting up my winter wonderland.  (I have to pull them off of my phone maybe I’ll post them tomorrow some of them are super funny!!) If I told you guys what materials he made the scene out of you would not believe me after looking at the pics but I will never tellllll 🙂

I think we started shooting at 3:30..LOL!  Jay rigged something and totally worked a miracle and got everything working just as the sun started going down!  Luckily they had portable heaters there and they followed me around like a princess whenever I said I was getting chilly!  Once we started shooting it went smoothly and we got some amazing shots!


We ended up shooting some video and another set that was totally unrelated to x-mas.  We shot well into the night until it was dark and freezing cold..prob around 9pm!

Then just as i was leaving and I thought the curse had lifted.. Jay’s computer crashed 6 times while trying to burn my pics onto disc for me.  We were in the middle of a convo about how I should never leave a shoot without my content when it kept on crashing..and I gave up and left without the content LOL!

but you know what? it worked out better..because out of the 600 pics we took Jay narrowed them down to the best 100 and resized them for me.  We met up the next day and he had them all ready to go for me the all worked out!:)  it actually worked out better for me!

Jay was a total sweetheart and fun to work with.  I think we got along really good and I ended up with a disc full of kick ass sexy holiday pics a whole month before Christmas! So in the end..even though EVERYTHING went all worked out great!  🙂 That’s usually how it goes at shoots for some least MY shoots hehe 🙂

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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