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Happy Halloween!!!!

OMG you guys I had soooooo much fun at my last photo shoot for, I could (and prob will!) write 10 blogs just about that day!  But this time I’m going to tell you about one of my fav parts of the day.. my sexy gf Ashley Fires showed up to shoot a very sexy and funny Halloween video/pic set!:)

Having just got home from Berlin, I was surprised and totally psyched when she showed up for 1 hour to do a Halloween set with me!  1 hour is never enough time with Ashley, let alone get our outfits and makeup ready, all the while eating lunch, gossiping and updating or Twitters w behind the scene pictures.. but we worked with the time we had 🙂

And speaking of the set.. OMG it was so fn cool!  They already had an outdoor set with pumpkins and tons of fall themed stuff set up, and they were also thinking about setting up something inside the living room, with orange and black furniture and crazy lighting…  But then my photographer found this cave thing in the backyard (I told you this house is huge!) and we all started brainstorming and came up with the funniest, cutest idea ever!

I actly ended up using the fall theme set for another set where I wear only a scarf, boots and a hat..California winter!:)  The behind the scenes video on this one is a nice long vid with lots of bloopers too:)   That is the next set to go up I rly hope you guys like it!

But anyways I digress.. back to the Halloween video/pic set!   Ashley and I came up with the cutest costumes at the last mintue..she was a sexy cat in pink and black velour, and I was a slutty girl scout.


We get lost in the woods trick or treating and discover a cave with a kinda scary ghost in it!  Yea, it looks a lot like a bad Scooby Doo episode LOL!  The ghost is a perv and makes us do dirty things for candy!  🙂


But we really like doing dirty things to each other!   I didn’t mind getting down on my knees in the mud and leaves and.. well.. you guys are just going to have to watch the video!!:)



I <3 YOU!!

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Any Members Want A Fansign?

Now is your chance! I am shooting tomorrowso if anybody wants a personalized fansign (a pic of me holding up a sign of your choice!  For example: “Joe Schmo makes my pussy wet!”) please reply in this blog before tomorrow morning!  I will be checking back here arnd 10am my time tmrw morning on my way to the shoot so you have to get your request in before that!:)

Because we have litmited time to shot everything I need to (it’s NEVER enough time!) I will only be doing fansigns for members!  I’m always thinkin of ways to hook you guys up and I thought this might be fun 🙂

Here’s some fansigns I did with my first 1 magazines and the porn gnome last year!:)

IMG_7608IMG_7611IMG_7731 xxx3

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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A Couple Pics From Next Update

Oh boy oh boy this week is gna be a good one here for members!

Wednesday’s update is a sexy pic/vid set shot by Dean Capture for Twistys!  They were so sweet to let me use the pics and vids on my site also.. THANK YOU TWISTYS!!

Then Friday.. I don’t know what to say about Friday’s update yet.. except it’s one of the funniest, weirdest, nastiest videos I’ve ever shot and it involves.. me sticking stuff in my pussy.. that’s all I’m gna say about that for now!:)

So here’s a couple teaser pics for you guys who just can’t wait.. or haven’t signed up yet.. WTF are you waiting for?! 🙂


Mmmmm Yummy!:)


I think this set has about 200 pics and a 20 min vid so there is plenty you guys haven’t seen yet.. I can’t wait to see all of your comments and scene reviews on Wednesday!!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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The closest I will ever get to Marilyn Monroe

So to some of you it may sound creepy, but I hope some of you will get why I was so excited to visit Marilyn Monroe’s grave last weekend (right after the pumpkin patch!)  It is something that has been on my “To Do” list since I was probably 15 years old, and I finally got to scratch it off and snap a couple pics for you guys!:)


As my gf and I were leaving the pumpkin patch I was telling her how I needed to do more “California tourist” stuff since I live here now..and how I had this idea for a photo shoot that involves me getting a pic infront of all of the cool California/Hollywood attractions!  I told her I really wanted to see Marilyn Monroe’s star on the walk of fame and her grave.. so we googled it on my phone and it turns out the cemetary was just down the street, so we went, and it was amazing!


Marilyn’s grave prob isn’t what most would picture it as, it was very simple but beautiful.  It was easy for me to find since it was the one with the biggest and prettiest flowers!


So I visited all of the other graves with flowers on them and they were all celebrity graves!  OMG here’s Betiie Page’s headstone, I did my best to clean it off for her!


Marilyn Monroe, Bettie Page and Farrah, the 3 biggest pin-up girls of their time!


That’s it, I just wanted to share those pics with you guys!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Pumpkin Patch

So how was everyone’s weekend?  I had the PERFECT SUNDAY and I am so glad I brought along my camera and snapped some pics for you guys!

I love fall weather, it puts me in such a good mood and makes me want to be outdoors as much as I can!   And now that I live in California the season even lasts way longer than I’m used to, love it!  I also love fall/winter clothes.. I’m still learning the “LA woman” style of clothes out here, and I’m really embracing and loving wearing sexy boots over my jeans (something I had never seen back East!) and layering warmer clothes over a tiny tank top so I can still show some skin even when it’s chilly out 🙂

So Saturday night I went to an engagement party in LA which was lots of fun!  I spent the night at a girlfriend’s house and Sunday morning we went to one of my fav french cafe’s in West Hollywood.  Like most people who live here, she is celebrity obsessed and knows this place to be a “celebrity hotspot” which is cool.. but what I REALLY dig is the frosted croissants that come with every meal!:) mmmmm..yummy!  I don’t know if we saw any celebs there, but the place was filled with HOT WOMEN!  I mean, all of these girls were a 9-10.  There was one woman in the corner with a baby who was PERFECT with no makeup on and my girlfriend said she thought it was Elle McFearson, but I dunno.

So after breakfast I really wanted to go to the pumpkin patch that was just a couple of blocks away. Last year I didn’t get to carve a pumpkin and I was super bummed about it so this year I am determined!  When we first walked in there was a group of about 20 paparazzi standing there with cameras waiting for someone famous to walk thru.  Two of them did a double take for me and seemed to whisper to eachother “is that someone?  um.. no.. she’s just wearing celebrity sunglasses” and turned away.. LOL! I didn’t want or need them to take my picture because we brought our own camera!


BTW I have to give a shout out to one of my members DragonJoe14 who bought me this lovely pink sweater from Victoria’s Secret.  I have almost worn it every day since I got it, it being my only piece of new fall clothing right much that my friends have started to give me shit about it.. LOL!  Thanx Joe!!:) XOXO


We had so much fun at the pumpkin patch.. way more fun than grown up women should have hehe!


As we were walking out all of the paparazzi were snapping pics of some D-list celebrity named “Gummi Bear”? Never heard of him… Larry Birkhead and Danilynn (Anna Nicole Smith’s baby) were there the same day also.. But the real bummer is Christina Aguilera and her kids were there about 20 minutes after we left!  If you have read my bio on the front page of this site you will know she’s my “celeb crush” and female celeb I’d live to fuck the most puuuur she’s sexy!:)

I’ll be posting another blog tomorrow about what we did after the pumpkin patch!!

So what did everyone do this weekend?  I hope you all had a perfect Sunday too!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXOX <3

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Here Are The Pics I Promised!:)

YAY I woke up to 2 emails full of pics from our last shoot! (read my last blog if you haven’t yet)  I asked for “4-5, just give me some random hot pics I can post on my blog” but instead, I got 2 zip files with about 20 pics in each!  I LOVE my new photographers they are so fn awesome!  Now I want to know what YOU GUYS, MY MEMBERS, MY FANS think of my new photographers!:)  They are the same guys that shot all of the Aaliyah Love/Ashley Fires girl/girl vids/pics on my site.

So I picked out some of my fav pics for you guys.. Remember these are all behind the scenes pics, they were snapped while we were shooting video so they’re not as “posey” as usual, but I kinda like it that way!:)  What do you think?

Aaliyah-Love-17 Aaliyah-Love-131

Naughty “Sexy Scout 69” gives her Girl Scout coach a bj he will never forget!  This vid was so much fun to shoot:)

Aaliyah-Tub_0097 Aaliyah-Tub_0117

I’m not going to go on and on about how cool this bath tub was AGAIN I already did that in my last blog post, but this was def my fav scene of the day.. I had soo much fun in that bath!  Can you tell?:)


To those of you that ordered custom vids this is YOUR sneak peak!  The vids are being delivered next Wednesday and you should have them soon!  Thanx to everyone who ordered vids, without you I couldn’t of afforded to do this shoot!  You guys rock!

Have a great weekend everyone!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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This Week’s Photo Shoot

I just got home after spending two nights in LA for what was supposed to be my 2 day shoot, but ended up being only 1…

It was soo much fun just getting back to work, even though it was half of a “normal” shoot.  I still have to take it easy, my back def isn’t 100% yet, but we actly got done way more than I thought!  I was having so much fun I wasn’t feeling any pain while we shot, the minute the cameras turned on it was as if these 10 long weeks never happened!  (now when I got back to my hotel room is another story, I was a very sore little girl!)

So day 1 I planned on focusing on shooting 7 custom videos and day 2 was going to be my Halloween plus 2 other sets.  I like shooting custom videos for so many reasons, I like to get silly and totally personal knowing there’s only 1 person that will ever see that video!  And I’m getting really good at asking the right questions to get the lucky guy who ordered the vid to open up and really help me plan every little detail in the video so it is really like he was the director of his very own porn!:)  This time it was necessary since I have no budget for or no $ for anything.. since I haven’t been working, but I got just enough custom video and magazine orders this time to pay the photographer and $100 left over for the hotel room!

So I got to be a slutty girl scout who comes up with a GREAT IDEA to sell more cookies this year “and be the #1 cookie slut in my troupe!” and I ask my girl scout coach to spend some 1 on 1 time with me so I can practice my new idea out on him (the idea was deepthroating/gagging/spitting/swallowing hehe).

Next video I got to be myself, coming home from a 1st date that turns into a second date in my cabana by the pool!  We had gardners spying on us during this video which was fine with me, but they were using leaf blowers which was fucking up my audio no matter how loud I screamed and moaned over them, so we had to stop like, 5 times and take pics while they got their eyefull!  I should of walked over to them in my Girl Scout outfit and handed them an card but I wasn’t about to run up the hill in my stripper heels with my bad back, and that would of just kept them there longer LOL!

The third video I was covered in spit/drool so I did a very sexy bathtub scene.  This bath tub was sooo fucking cool you guys!  I could try to descibe it but I’ll just let you see it for yourself when I post the pics!  I wanted to do a 2nd scene in it that day but I spent os much time splashing around and running the hot water over my shaved pussy that we ran out of hot water and they made me get out!:(  Next time I get to shoot I am shooting a vouyer scene in it where you guys will be standing outside peeking thru my window…I can’t wait to get back in that tub! hehe

We also did 4 more hot scenes and they were all fun to shoot!  We did something different this time that we normally don’t do with custom videos, we shot pictures before and DURING the scenes and some of them turned out great!  I saw at least 10 from the deepthroating vids of my drool suspended in the air it’s so cool looking!:)  So now I have my next 5 Friday bonus picture updates and tons of pics for my blog woo hoo!:)

I actly just texted the photographer and asked him for “a handful of pics form the shoot” to post for you guys but he’s at a movie so it will have to wait till tmrw or Sunday.. waaaah!  I will def post them up once I get them so check back here tomorrow!:)

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell you about my day 2 shoot with Ashley Fires.. it got canceled!:(  Long story short another crew was shooting porn in the Blazing Bucks house and they were running late.  I had the option of starting around 5:30pm (an outdoor shoot and the sun goes down around 6, 6:30 these days?) AND I had to KEEP QUIET because they were shooting video.  Well, telling me to keep quiet during a shoot just isn’t an option for me.. even when we shoot pictures we are usually shooting behind the scenes video and we are all joking around and laughing and being silly so I pushed it back.. The shoot will be the 21st so I will have my Halloween sets by the 26th, just in time to put them up a couple days before Halloween!

I swear my next shoot I will be doing my X-mas and Valentines Day pics in the middle of November LOL!

I am also still EASING my way back onto webcaming!  I don’t know when my next members show will be yet, I am thinking late next week, but I have heard CamZ has been having some probs and I would hate my 1st show back to not be 100% perfect for everybody, so I am looking into using CamModels not only for members only shows but for large crowd shows.  Right now I have only used them for member sonly shows then dropped my price for “non-membrs” to click in at 1.99 a min.. but I know I can do either type of show on their site, and that is my all time fav webcam site anyways so I think it’s a great idea!  I am def not cutting out CamZ and will def still be using them in the future, so don’t worry about that!  The CamModels shows can all be recorded and archived like the CamZ shows also so no worries all around 🙂

Also if anybody wants to do a 1on1 pvt show I am not logging on and doing “freechat” just yet, but if you want a show just hit me up and we can set up a time!  So far I have done an hour here, 45 mins there, one night I did two hour long show sin a row and I felt fine.. no, I felt AWESOME!  It’s so good being back on cam and cumming while you guys watch so plz, help me get back on my feet.. I mean, my back, I mean… um.. hehe 🙂 you know what I mean!:)

So what is everyone doing this weekend, besides jerking off to my pics/vids? 🙂

What did you think of this week’s updates?

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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A Quick Update

So, it has been A LOOONG TIME since I blogged, and I have sooo much to tell you guys and so many cool pics to share!  BUT we are going to have to wait for another time for all of that, I only have a couple mins to type this out before I leave for LA!

After 9 weeks of laying flat on my back, not working,  trying to heal, being totally bored out of my mind, I am finally starting to feel better!  I even booked a photo shoot for this week!  We split it into 2 days so I only have to work 3 hours a day and I will be careful not to go crazy and do anything that will make my back injury worse..I’m sure my doctors wouldn’t approve but I sooo need to do this, I’m super excited about it!:)  So Wednesday we are shooting custom videos for a select few lucky guys who placed orders and Thursday I will be doing a Halloween shoot and 3 other scenes.. I have 6 planned out and now I have to narrow it down!  I do know this.. one of the scenes I will be wearing my new pink wig with matching pink panties and being very silly, there will be food fucking in at least one of the scenes, and lots of anal!!!:)

Ashley Fires just called and said she is going to come to my shoot also so this should be fun!:)

I will take lots of behind the scenes pics and vids for you guys for sure!:)  I will be back Friday night and will be posting them here through out the weekend, so check back here in a couple of days 🙂

Oh, BTW, tomorrow (Wednesday)’s update “Purple Room Pussy Pounding”  is totally hot, another totally colorful, wild n nasty scene shot by Ric Young in Vegas a couple months ago!

And Friday’s update is the 1st (but not last!) Raven Riley vid to be posted here at so I hope you guys dig it!:)

Have a great week everyone!  🙂 XOXO

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

ps- here’s a pic from tomorrow’s update!:)


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