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Don’t Wan’t to Be A Cry Baby boo hoo!

Heeeeey guys so I really am sorry for not blogging so much since my back injury, during these long, boring 7 weeks of my back injury..

But I do have an excuse! kinda.. well, more of an explanation..

I haven’t had anything fun or exciting enough to blog about happen to me in 7 weeks!  waaaaah!🙁 As I said in an earlier blog post and I complain about sporadically on my Twitter, I literally have been laying flat on my back for sooo long.  I am just now slowly working my way up to about an hour or two on my feet or typing on my computer a day before having to go lay back down.(and I have been making as god use of that time as I possibly can!  I’ve been staying on top of my emails as well as possible, but as many of you know by now, I’m kind along winded, and I don’t usually shoot out 1-2 sentence emails, so I am def moving slower than usual in that department.. do you guys forgive me????)

And as much as I KNOW this blog doesn’t have to be all about SEX SEX SEX (esp since the rest of my site IS all about SEX SEX SEX!) and it’s all about me and what I want to make of it, I AM very aware that a girl who was doing the splits while deep throating a 9 inch dildo on webcam for you just 8 weeks ago now is complaining on the daily about doctors visits and pain medication and BOREDOM just… isn’t.. sexy 🙂 and.. Aaliyah Love just isn’t a CRYBABY :'( LOL!

But I will def give you guys an update on how and what I have been doing, and make you all laugh a little bit.  One thing I haven’t lost through out all of this is my humor.. and why would I?  In the grand scheme of things, it’s REALLY not a big deal, right?

So throughout all of this, I have been on the search for a doctor I can count on.  A doctor who I can trust and I know doesn’t have any hidden agendas.  A doctor that isn’t just focused on making the pain go away, but a doctor that can and will FIX what’s wrong with my back and tell me what I can/can’t do so it never happens again!  I am also mainly concerned with NOT re-injuring myself right now and keep on asking the doctors for some solid answers, which I never seem to get.  I’ve gone to 1 neurologist and 2 diff orthopedic spine specialists and the only doctor that seems to know my injury inside and out, seem genuinely concerned and confident he WILL fix my back without drugs or surgery is my CHIROPRACTOR and MASSAGE THERAPIST who I have been seeing 3-4 times a week since this started!  Luckily for me I have been going tho this chiro for 2 years now for 2 other issues in other parts of my spine and he has basically worked miracles on me, and he’s in the process of working another right now!:)

Why don’t I trust the other REAL doctors I went to see?  Well this blog is already getting super long so I will just give you guys one example.  Here is part of the conversation I had with the orthopedist today, who, by the way, said he couldn’t fit me into his schedule for 5-7 weeks over the fone, but when I went up to hi desk and asked, he could see me the next day.. WTF?

After I told him 5 times I did not want an epidural today since my chiro says if I get a shot that makes my pain go away we won’t be able to gauge correctly my progress if it’s going away or not, and I might overdo it and make it worse..makes sense to me, the doctor wasn’t having it, he was actually getting insulted I said no.  le sigh…

“I’m just ready to move past this injury..I am looking for a definitive answer to when can I start to get back to doing the things I want to do?”

“Well what is it you want to do?”

“Well, I want to walk, jog, do yoga, exercise, work, swim, pilates..??”

silence.. doctor looks at my feet

“when did you get your nails done?”


“the little flowers on your toes, when did you have that done?”

“ok, what’s your opinion on acupuncture?”

“if you do it and you feel like it helps, do it.  if it doesn’t help, don’t do it”

“can you recommend a good place to go, what I should look for, ask for?”


“so do you think chiro helps or is hurting me?”

“if you feel like it is helping, keep on doing it, if you get sick of it, come back to me for an epidural”

“ok, when is a good amount of time for me to continue with the chiro?”

“whenever you get sick of the chiro and want to come back to me”

See what I mean? 🙂

Anyways this week I HAVE started to feel better and I have started to do some simple stretches and yesterday I even took my dog for a 15 min walk and didn’t get sore from it!  My doggie was super stoked about it too hehe 🙂

Concerning webcam, I think I am ready to start doing individual 1 on 1 shows again!  Rt now I am taking requests for 1 on 1 webcam shows only, all you have to do is hit me up and we will meet at a certain time.  It helps if you tell me ahead of time how long you think you want to go for and kinda what you want.. you don’t have to write the whole damn script but I just want to make sure I can do what you want:)  Rt now I can’t do any twists and need to keep my spine straight, so no doggystyle and no riding my suction cup dildo, but you know I can still get to all 3 holes on my back and I can still tease and talk dirty as ever 🙂  So pleaseeee help me get back in the “swing of things” and hit me up for a show! Rt now my sched is open for anytime this week or the next!:)

As far as members webcam shows are concerned I really want to get back to that too!  I haven’t figured out a specific date and time but I am going to get into the NEW HABIT of announcing ALL OF MY MEMBERS WEBCAM SHOWS at least 1 week ahead of time! 🙂 I am going to see how I feel over the next 24-48 hours then plan accordingly!:)

And I will be alternating between CamZ shows and CamModels only webcam shows free for all members, of course:)

You all have been sooo patient, encouraging and sweet thru all of this thanx for sticking with me all members you guys are the BEST! <3 <3

Love, Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Tons of New Pics Added to “Personal Pics” Folders!!

So last nite I figured out a way to get SOMETHING done from my place on the floor here.  I positioned my laptop near my right hand so actly sit here and type and stuff using just my right hand.  It was slow going for sure, but I have nothing but time right now!:)

I managed to email myself 61 pics from my cell fone to my email, download them, watermark them, and upload my favs to my Personal Pics folders!

I wish more of my members would check out (and comment on!) my personal pics and my forum and all of the fun little extras I have added to the site for you guys, so check it out!!:)

Here’s a couple pics I uploaded…

tons of mirror self shot pics.. cheesy? maybe.. but we ALL do it!:)

0810091624 0829092152

tons of pics from my Summer this year including tons of bikini pics and Disney pics.. I even created a new folder called “Summer 2009”

birthday disney

…and crazy random pics like these from Naughty Porn Comedy Night a couple weeks ago…

bunny2 jennaaa2

YES that’s Jenna Haze.. one of my all time fav pornstars!! 🙂 (I know I still have to post a blog about that night it was pretty crazy!  Maybe I’ll do that tonight.. 🙂

I also created a folder called “Feet Fun (+ my mani/pedis)” which will be a folder full of all of the pics I take of my nails/toes whenever I get them done + all of the feet pics I post on my Twitter, I know that will make all of you foot fetish fans who came out of the woodwork during Foot Fetish Week very happy!:)

I just thought I’d let you guys know!:)  The personal pics folders are under my “Aaliyah’s Corner” once you log into your member account.  I hope you guys enjoy!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Where The F Has Aaliyah Love Been? Is She Ignoring Me? :(

Heeeeey guys so I have been meaning to write this blog for a LONG ASS TIME and I am really really sorry it took me so long, but I KNOW some of you must be wondering what has happened to be in the last 5 weeks so I have to explain..

5 weeks ago I hurt my back really bad.  How you ask?  Well the first thing that comes to mosty people’s minds is I must of hurt it during one of my crazy acrobatic stuff all 3 holes webcam shows..but I actly hurt it riding the bike at the gym the wrong way.. soooo stupid!:(   When I told my best girlfriend from the East Coast she said “come on.. you can tell me the truth.. who were you fucking?” hahaha!

It has been AWFUL you guys, I have literally spent every day for the last 5 weeks LAYING FLAT on my living room floor or my bed, in tons of pain.  Long story short, I have a bulging disc and a bone in my spine that I basically knocked out of place.  It’s also in a “very weird spot” the doctors keep on telling me, it’s kinda in between my shoulder blades, just my luck!  The doctors told me I couldn’t walk, excersize, work, or basically do ANYTHING for AT LEAST 4 WEEKS:(  It was really hard for me to just lay flat and breathe, I would get shooting pains down my left leg if I moved at all and even getting up to go to the bathroom was really hard..and let me tell you guys, spending 5 weeks laying around watching tv and reading is NOT as relaxing as it sounds, I’m going CRAZY!!  I really don’t want to sound like I’m whining and I realize nothing is sexier than a solo girl describing her back injury hehe but I will make up for it by posting another blog full of sexy pics after this one:)

What I miss the most is working and playing on my webcam and chatting with all of you guys!  (I won’t even tell you what this has done to my bank account!)  and I KNOW lots of you are missing my webcam shows too and have been wondering “where the fuck is Aaliyah?!”  I have answered 2 or 3 emails a night and been posting on my Twitter, but I know MOST of my members don’t read my Twitter or my blog, and some emails have gone unanswered for weeks!  If I had to wait that long for a response, I would be upset.  So I AM REALLY REALLY SORRY!!  But I just COULDNT PHYSICALLY DO IT you guys, and I still can’t find a comfy position to lay on the floor with my laptop.. grrr..

Just 2 days ago I started feeling better, which is a great start!  Up till then every day I woke up feeling WORSE and more depressed, but now I can see an end in sight.  I can’t say specifically WHEN I will be back online or more importantly WHEN I will be 100% and able to do everything I used to do.  But yesterday I was able to get in my SUV and drive 30mins to a birthday party and stay for about 45mins before I started hurting really bad and had to come home because I don’t want to overdo it.  That may not sound good to you guys, but it’s a start!

I would like to ease my way back into webcaming, and soon I will be able to sit up and lean back and masturbate, I just can’t twist (so no doggystyle) or shake my spine (so no booty shakes) but I have been able to fuck all 3 of my holes from laying on my back many times before so I’m not worried 🙂  I would like to start doing appointment only shows, 1-2 hours a day here and there.  That way we can discuss what you want before so you know I can do everything you want and we can meet up anytime you are ready.  I just can’t log into freechat and take any shows that come my way just yet, and today I guess I should log onto my account and email everyone who has been emailing me THERE asking me “Where the fuck you been?” also..

So I hope you guys forgive me, I really haven’t lost any members during this whole ordeal and I have to say THANK YOU for everyone who has stuck by me this whole time and understand my lack of responses and webcam shows.  Of course the site has been updating twice a week with hot pics and vids and will continue to, and I hope you guys have all been watching my archived webcam shows and enjoying everything that my site has to offer!:)

I promise I am going to try to get back on my emails and my blogs, and spend at least 2 hours a day doing just that from now on. I have tons of pics to share with you guys.. I have some funny pics from my trip back East and some pics of Jenna Haze, Ashley Fires, and a cast of characters from a Naughty Comedy Show I went to last month!  so check back here soon and I will have those up 🙂 I also emailed myself 63 pics from my cell fone to my email and I plan on sorting thru those and putting a lot of them up in my “personal pics” folders I will let you guys know when I get that done too!:)

I <3 you guys!!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO

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