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Aaliyah Love FAIL! AKA Foot Fetish Auction

So as we wrap up Foot Fetish Week here at, we end this week with a big Aaliyah Love FAIL!  The auction I was hoping would be listed at the beginning of this week, this huge foot fetish auction I have been talking about, for some reason hasn’t gotten to it’s destination yet, therefor hasn’t been listed yet:(

But I am thinking it must have gotten there this weekend and will be listed early next week, hopefully Monday.  So I still have time to explain the auction to you in full detail here and share more sexy feet pictures, of course!:)  They only have a small space to describe the auction and maybe put up one or two censored pics on their site so I figure they can just put up a link to my blog and everyone can check it out here!:)

So this is the biggest auction I have put together yet, and the winner is going to be one lucky foot fetish freak I hope!:)

Here’s what’s included:

An autographed pair of pink Steve Madden high heels I have worn on webcam for years, they have also been worn in several scenes on my site.  I also printed out and autographed 3 pics from this scene..


Here are the shoes:


Next I put in a pair of coral colored flip flops I wore for 2 summers in a row.  The have a perfect print of my feet and toes on each one.  I autographed these too but didn’t get to take any pics of me wearing them..Sorry!

I also included 3 pairs of my fav stockings, all of them very worn in and loved by me through tons of hours on webcam! I got tons of pics:

IMG_6426 IMG_6427IMG_6429

I included these stockings even though I am sad to see them go!  The outfit that I used to wear with them is long gone so I have to let them go to a new good home.  They are not torn or stained at all and can be worn again!  I also printed and autographed 3 pics of me wearing these stockings, in 2 of the pics I’m spreading my pussy wide and showing my pink!;)


These blue and black stockings were my favs for years, and now they are torn to shreds!  I know the smell of my dirty feet are all over them  🙂 I put in 2 autographed pics of me wearing these stockings and the stockings sealed in a zip lock baggy so they will still smell like my dirty feet and all of the nasty webcam shows I did while wearing them!:) Yummy 🙂


These are my fav types of stockings to wear if I want to feel sexy!  I love these nude and black cuban heel stockings with seam up the back up alas, they also ripped after years of wear and tear.  I put in 2 or 3 autographed pics of me wearing these stockings, plus the stockings of course:)


These are my snuggly winter socks!  I wore these for 3 years everytime my feet got cold.  When Ilived in Colordao I used to weat these and theramal pajamas to bed every night!  I put in 2 or 3 autographed pics of me wearing these socks and the socks themselves.  They were washed but I lightly sprayed them with my fav perfume.. whoever wins the auction will have to let me know if they still smell like me!:)

There is also an autographed copy of one of my magazines (I will have to come back and edit this part later when I find my notepad that has all of the info written down in it)

You will be able to find this auction at next week.  It will be on the front page near the bottom.  I will of course let you all know when it goes up and a direct link will be posted her in my members area.  This will prob be the only foot fetish related auction I post for awhile (unless I get personal requests of course!) so if you have been waiting for something like this from me, now’s your chance!:)

and I just wanted to say THANK YOU for everyone that participated and/or enjoyed Foot Fetsish week!  It went so well I have decided to do themed weeks on my site once a week (see my last blog post for details!)  To all of you foot, toe, sock, stocking, high heel lovers out there, thank you for sharing your kinks and turn ons with me and teaching me so much about a side of myself I never knew I had, and for making my sex life more interesting!  This week was for you all and I hope you enjoyed it 🙂

I have 2 contests I want to post next week I just have to decide which one to post, so check back here tomorrow!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Themed weeks at! Your thoughts?

So although most of my members and fan’s don’t particularly have a foot fetish, I have gotten soo much positive feedback about all of my Foot Fetish Week fun  that I’m really thinking about having themed weeks on my site more often!!:)

You guys have already been giving me some really great ideas of themes you would like to see here, and I have some naughty thoughts of my own, but please keep them coming, let’s brainstorm here!:)

Next week being only 1.5 days away I’m gna go ahead and say I def won’t be doing another theme next week, this is going to take some planning ahead!

I have all sorts of videos and pics that are “to be released” but I will need to shift some release dates around and that requires me to not only contact my team to get it done but any girl/girl scene I release has to be ok’d by the other girl in the scene.. I would also need time to just get together all of the ideas and pics and videos, etc together so I can be ready to roll when the week starts!  I spent 2 weeks taking close up pics of my toes w my camera and trying on shoes and socks and gathering all of the sexy feet pics I had into one big folder.. so when Foot Fetish Week happened all I had to do was release them out to you guys slowly thru my content updates, my blog and my Twitter 🙂

So I’m thinking about doing a theme week maybe once a month.. or every other week.. what do you guys think?

I would also do a webcam show to match whatever theme is going on.. this week I got to give my fav toy a foot job and rub lotion all over my legs and feet and it was yummy! (members can watch it again in my webcam archives!) and if I wasn’t down for the count for the rest of a week with a back injury, I would of done a 2nd cam show where I try on shoes or stockings or something like that.. oh well!:)

I think this is going to be a lot of fun 🙂

Aaliyah Love XOXO I <3 U!! 😉

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Sexy Pic Caption Contest Winners!

Soooo I’m FINALLY ready to announce the winners of my 2nd “Sexy Pic Caption Contest”!

This one was lots of fun and I got 39 comments, my most popular blog to date!  Thank you everyone who submitted funny entries, you all made me laugh!

The winners get their choice: the can pick their fav 3 pics on my website and I will print them out and autograph them or they can have an autographed copy of the Tight magazine I’m in this month (see my last blog post!) or the Barely Legal magazine I was on the cover of last year.

Drumroll please!!!

and the winners are..

Markl_uk-pic #1: the new butt squeeges work prfectly on 9 out of 10 models tested!

Bearclaw-pic #2 “come say hi to my hello kitty” + “confucius say ‘virginity like bubble:
one price, all gone'”

Kbal24-“thank god some kinds of dirty just can’t be washed off!”

MrMikey- pic #1 lisa told herhusband that she wanted a bathroom that was cool and edgie,
not two girls giving eachother a wedgie!

-pic #1When pin the tail on the model goes wrong!

So guys plz email me and I will get your pkgs to you early next week!

Congrats to the weiners!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

ps-I will be posting more contests, scavenger hunts, and polls where the prize is autographed magazines and naked pictures of yours truely in the future so keep on checking back to my blog (you SHOULD have it bookmarked, do you??:)

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Aaliyah Love in September’s Tight Magazine!

So I was soo surprised a couple of weeks ago when I got an email from a fan whom I have known for 5 years now that said “I like your spread in Tight magazine this month! I just found it at a sex toy store today!”  I almost didn’t believe him, why didn’t anybody tell me?! LOL!

So I called Tight and I really was in the magazine! yippie!!!!!!  Tight and Barley Legal have been my 2 fav smut magazines since well.. for a verrry long time!  So to be in both of them in a span of 10 months is a dream come true for me!:)

I ordered a bunch last week so I can sell autographed copies, include them in my auctions, and give them away to members who win my contests!  I was actually waiting to announce the winners of my Sexy Pic Caption Contest until I got them.  So YESTERDAY the box finally arrived on my doorstep so here we go!:)

I looove the spread, this pic set was taken the same day as my other two magazine spreads were taken (Barley Legal and Live Young Girls 08) and it was the last set of the day.  It was about 5pm in the afternoon and we had started at 7am that day!  They put me on a huge trampoline with a short pleated skirt and no panties and told me to have fun!  I never knew what a good workout jumping on a trampoline over and over is! (while smiling and posing and spreading for the cam) I was exausted and every muscle in my body hurt, and I scratched my knees on the trampoline doing a masturbation video kneeling on the trampoline (Hmm I still wonder where the 3 videos we shot that day will end up.. maybe in the DVDs that sometimes come with the magazines sometime in the future?) but you can’t tell any of this by looking at the pics!  A photographer once told me “pain is momentary, but a pic lasts forever.”

I also dig the text that comes with the pics it totally made me giggle!  I read some of it out loud during my last members webcam CamZ show so if ur a member you can check out my archives and have yourself a good laugh.

I got permission to share some of the pics with you here, but I’m not gna give away all of the goods for free!:)  Here’s my two fav pics from the spread.. what do you guys think?


I’m 18 years old again!  wahhhooo!!:)


If you want an autographed copy, and maybe some pics or even panties to go along, I can put together a special pkg just for you, just email me!

Now I can finally announce my Sexy Pic Caption Contest winners!  On to the next blog..

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Sock Fetish? :)

Some of you are into a woman’s feet..


…but they prefer them in socks!:)


In keeping up with Foot Fetish Week here at, here are some sexy sock pics for you guys 🙂

IMG_0008 IMG_0123

_W1A9324 _W1A9388

Ok I have TONS of sock pics but I just picked out some of my favs 🙂


Happy Hump Day and Happy Foot Fetish Week everyone!:)




Here are 3 pics from my next foot fetish auction at (was supposed to go up THIS WEEK but it’s lookin more like next week now.. oops!)

I HAD come back to this post and stick these sock pics in.. I can’t believe I forgot them the 1st time!


and I’m sure you all know how much I like to wear my knee high socks while I ride my sybian!:)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Oops! Added Ariel Spinner Vids Today..

Hey guys I just wanted to make sure you all noticed today I put up the matching videos to go with the 2 Ariel Spinner/Aaliyah Love pic sets that were already posted.  My team made a little oopsie but it’s fixed now.. so enjoy ur vids and plz review them and tell me what you think!:)

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Some Fun Feet Pics to Start Off Foot Fetish Week at!

So on Wednesday I will post a blog all about the photo shoot I did with famous foot fetish photographer Ed Fox last summer that goes along with the hot pic/vid set that goes up that day.  I actually found the blog that I wrote the day after the shoot last year saved in my drafts so I’ll be posting that and some other things abt Ed Fox and our fun foot fetish filled day, but right now I just wanted to start Foot Fetish Week off by teasing you guys and posting some hot feet pics we shot that day.

You will all see that even if you don’t find feet or toes to be your fetish, Ed finds a way to show you my entire body and turn you on no matter what your kink is!  His work is a little more artistic than the stuff I usually put up, but I think variety is the spice of life!  He plays around with lighting and different poses and stuff I never got the chance to even think about until we shot together so I hope you guys like it too!:)  I like shooting with different photographers and get to do different looks it’s fun!


Sooo what do YOU guys think?


There are PLENTY more foot fetish pics coming I’ll be posting blogs here everyday!  So plz check back here often and show me some comment l<3ve 🙂


The purple suction cup dildo makes yet another appearance!:)  Actually, this is about 3 suction cup dildo’s ago, I tend to fuck them to death!:)

These pic aren’t from the pic/vid set that is going up Wednesday, I’m saving this goodie for another day:)  The set you will see is another “voyeur” type of video (since you guys liked the last voyeur vid I posted two weeks ago so much!), where you will be sitting inside, watching me through a big picture window, getting naked and soapy outside!:)

So Happy Foot Fetish Week everyone!  Let’s have some fun!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Questions I Get Asked A lot

Generally people aren’t that original. Especially webcam chatroom customers. It’s inevitable that if you are a webcam model you will get asked the same questions all day long, every day. This isn’t a good or bad thing, it just is what it is. We are all guilty of this, even me. When I log off of my webcam for the night and I start surfing random webcam girl’s chatrooms, the first questions that come out of my fingers are usually “How old are you? Where are you from hunny?” so I GET IT!:)

But sometimes, it does get old and I have to get creative.  Esp when I am doing my CamZ shows to a crowd of 1000+ chatters, and I have something new and exciting planned for every show, then I get stuck answering the same 5 questions every show.  I went back and watched my archives once and I give the same 10 min speech about why I’m not a pornstar and why I don’t do B/G on cam.. now I don’t mind answering this question, but I literally did and said the exact same thing for like 5 shows in a row! ugh!

So here is a list of answers to the most common questions I get asked. So now next time you chat with me you will have to come up with something original to say!:)

Question:Where are you from?

Answer(happy Aaliyah): I just moved to SoCal but I’m originally from Chicago and the East Coast!

Answer(crabby Aaliyah..or after I’ve been asked 100 times): I’m from your fantasies baby!  Don’t you recognize me?  (which usually gets a “come on, just tell me” response LOL)


“You have a naked girl on the bed in front of you and you want to talk about location? Does it really matter where I say I’m from? I could be in Alaska right now and it wouldn’t really matter.. cause I’m on your computer screen rt now, ready to do anything you tell me to, so lets talk about something more interesting!”

Question: How old are you?

Answer(happy Aaliyah): I’m 23 my bday is March 3!


“Depends on who you ask, if you ask Barely Legal or Tight magazine, I turned 18 a couple months ago.  There’s also a website out there that lists me as a “milf” so you decide :)”

Answer(crabby Aaliyah): Why don’t we just skip the bullshit and you TELL ME how old you want me to be today?

Question: Will you fuck me? (or “How much $ does it cost to fuck you?)”

Answer(happy Aaliyah): oh hunny you were looking for an escort today?  You are TOTALLY on the wrong website!  I don’t do that and it’s actually illegal for you to try to solicit sex from me here so I’m sooo surprised you even asked!  In fact, I don’t think any of the girls here do that kinda thing, they are webcam models not escorts.  You came to the wrong website completely hehe!:)


“Sorry I don’t fuck for money IN PERSON.. but if you take your pants off and sit back and watch me, I will put on an amazingly hot show and make you cum super hard and we can CYBER FUCK.. thats the only thing that happens on this website,  are you down with that?  You seem really horny today!”

Answer(crabby Aaliyah): I don’t make house calls, I’m not a hooker.  If you don’t want a webcam show then why did you come to this website? (Sometimes I will even kick the person from my chat room if I’m super crabby)

Question: Why are you so skinny? Don’t you ever eat?

Answer(happy Aaliyah): “Awww thanx for calling me skinny baby that’s very sweet!  Sure I eat I just have good genes!:)”

Answer(crabby Aaliyah): “Telling a girl she’s too skinny is like telling a girl she’s too fat, it’s rude.  Yeah I eat a lot but I also work my ass off burning calories doing acrobatics on camera every night for you!”

Question: Do you have toys?  Do you do anal?

Answer(happy Aaliyah) “Yes I have lots of toys!” (pan the camera over to my massive pile of sex toys) “And more than half of these go up my butt!  I love anal!”

Answer(crabby Aaliyah): “YES I have lots of toys!  I don’t do much with them until you click into private though.. after you do that we can start talking about which holes I will stick them in for you!:)”

Question:”My girlfriend and I love to watch you on your webcam!  Will you fuck my girlfriend while I watch?”

Answer(happy Aaliyah): “oooh your girlfriend watches internet porn with you?  You are a LUCKY MAN!  Let me see your girlfriend let’s get to know each other and see how it goes..”

Answer(crabby Aaliyah)”ooh ur girlfriend watches online porn with you?  You are a lucky man!  Let me see your girlfriend and if I like her, and if she  is willing to sign a model release and prove she is over 18 with a valid ID, then maybe I’ll fuck her on camera while you sit in the chat room and watch!  We can even give you a discount!;)  Or if you’re really lucky, we might even let you hold the camera!!!”

Question: “How much money do you make doing this?” or “At 4.99 a minute you must be rich by now!”

Answer(happy Aaliyah): “a million gazillion dollars!  I’m filthy rich I just do this for fun!  Now who’s next?!”

Answer(crabby Aaliyah): “Oh please how much of that 4.99 a minute do you think us webcam models actually get?  I’ll give you a hint, it’s less than half.  If I made so much money doing this do you really think I would be working 5-6 days a week, sometimes until 12, 1, 2am?  I make a good amount of money but I spend it as fast as I make it, on bills and stuff like that.  It isn’t cheap to live in California but I work hard enough to be able to afford a crappy apartment that’s close to the beach and internet service so I can keep on chatting with you guys!”

Question: What’s your favorite size of dick?

Answer(happy Aaliyah): “It’s not the size of the wave but the motion in the ocean baby!  Size doesn’t matter to me!  I’m a tiny little girl with a tight little pussy so NUMBER of inches is not the number I am concerned about.  I am more concerned about NUMBER of orgasms you can give me and NUMBER of minutes/hours we fuck for!  So stop being shy and let me see your dick!  As long as it’s hard I promise you I will like it!”

Answer(crabby Aaliyah): “oh PLEASE why are men so obsessed with cock size?!  You guys watch too much porn if you think it will take a 10inch dick to please me!  Some of you guys are so obsessed about cock size it seems a little gay.  But what can I expect you men are also obsessed with breast size, hair color, etc.. Why do you think every guy in porn has a huge cock and the women have huge tits?  Cause you guys are obsessed with size!  Get over it and work on getting and keepng your dick hard!

Question: Are you a pornstar?  What movies have you been in?

Answer(happy Aaliyah): “Well I wouldn’t consider myself to be a pornstar but a lot of things I do on camera and on my website are very PORNOGRAPHIC!  I’ve been so lucky to fuck a lot of well known “big name” pornstars and work with a lot of “big name” porn companies on camera but never for a “movie”, everything I do goes on my website.  MY website is def considered a “porn website” though, so I’ll let you decide!:”

Answer(crabby Aaliyah): “Is it YOUR fantasy that you get to chat with/cyber fuck a real pornstar on webcam?  If so, then YES I’m a pornstar.  If you are looking for a girl-next door type, then NO, I’m not a pornstar, just an everyday normal girl!:)”

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


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Sexy Pic Caption Contest #2!

Ok guys it’s time for another pic caption contest!  Last time we did this it was sooo much fun I got some great replies and I’m hoping even more of you participate and make me laugh this time!:)

The rules are simple.. pick either of the sexy pics of Kaylee Love and I in the bathtub and post a funny caption for it!  You can enter as many times as you want but just make sure it’s funny.. quality over quantity!:)  Anyone can enter but you have to be an member to win the prize!  At the end of the week (marked on my calendar on the front page of my site)I will announce the 5 entries that made me laugh the hardest and they get to pick out their 3 fav pics on my site and I will autograph and send it to them!


So let’s do this.. make me laugh!!:)


I can’t wait to shoot with Kaylee Love again!:) She is a hot little asian girl… just my type 🙂  I tried to pick out the 2 the “silliest” pics in the set so I know you guys can come up with some funny stuff here!:)

BTW these pics were taken by Ric Young in Vegas June 2009 and this set just went up here at last week, it’s called “Bathtime Fun With Kaylee Love.”

Aaliyah Love XOXO  I <3 U!!

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What I’ve Been Up To

I thought I’d just catch you guys up on my life lately.. I’m sure some of you were wondering where the heck I was last week since I didn’t get a chance to post a blog before I left for my mini-vaca so here it is:

Last week I went to Baltimore Maryland to see my family and friends.  I usually only get to see my fam 2x a yea since I moved out to Cali, which SUCKS!  But it isn’t easy to afford and arrange to fly across the country and take that many days off of work too often for me so I soak up any family time I can get!  The 10+ hour traveling day SUCKED and I will spare you all the annoying details of the 3 hour flight I had with a barking dog sitting and a crying baby sitting right behind me and running thru airports to make my 2nd plane and starving my brains out on cold ass airplanes but let me tell you, it was ROUGH!:)

I had all of these plans to go out to a sushi dinner w my friends and spend the night drinking and catching up with them, but my plane got in after midnight.  So instead I had about an hour at Denny’s with them.. yuck!  My best girlfriend gained 30 lbs then lost 20 since I last saw her and all 10 lbs went into her TITS OMG I almost attacked her when I saw her!:)  She took me into the bathrom at Denny’s and lifted up her dress and down her panties.. “see?” she said “see what?!” I said, slightly drooling.  “see my sexy body DUH!”  Yeah, I def saw it LOL.  I spent the rest of the night trying to remember why I was one of the only people in out group of close friends that never fucked her or her man.. and believe me, they tried!  I brought her autographed copies of my Barely Legal magazine and she loved it, she kept on trying to pet my pussy on the page hehe 🙂

The next day I woke up super early (5am West Coast time for me!) and drove 3 hours in the pouring rain to Deep Creek lake to meet up with my fam.  I haven’t seen rain like that since I moved to Cali!  We spent the weekend boating and just chilling in the wilderness, it was heaven.  No make-up, no tvs and NO INTERNET for 3 full days!!

One day we went to a ski lodge place that had all sorts of activities.  There was a rollercoaster that the rider got to contel the speeds.  I dont know how to explain it to you guys except every person had their own indivicual cart and there were levers on the sides, if you pushed them forward you went FAST, back was BRAKE..Well my Dad n bro stepped on the levers and went full speed the entire time.. NOT ME!  I started screaming on the long trip up the hill in the very beginning.  There were 2 hot guys riding up a ski lift besides me that were laughing at me and telling me to not be afraid.. yeah right!  I braked almost the entire way and my screams echoed in the mountains for miles I’m sure!  When I got to the finish line, there was a huge crowd of people waiting for me and my Dad snapping pics..”what took you so long?” they all asked. LOL!  When I post the pics of how high up this ride was you guys will see why I was screaming!

My last night in Baltimore I spent with my little bro helping him fix up his new apartment.  I got up super early the next day and had breakfast with my sexy girlfriend again.  I kinda cried when she drove away.. I miss her so much!:(  I really want to fly her out to Cali sometime we would have sooo much fun!  She always says she can’t afford it and I always tell her all she has to do is hop on the webcam with me for a couple of hours and she can pay for her trip and get what she’s always wanted!:)  Damn I wish I could post a pic of her here but she won’t let me, she’s shy(but a total freak!!) hehe 🙂

So I’ve been home for 2 days and I am completely refreshed and ready to GO!:)  I hit the ground running and have spent about 16 hours on my computer in the last 2 days.  I’ve been doing lots of webcaming but mostly 1 on 1 exclusive shows so I’m sure I have lots of people pissed they couldn’t get mein pvt since I got back.. but I plan on spending all day Friday online so no worries!:)

I also did an impromptu webcam show for members only on CamModels last nite.  Thanx to everyone that showed up.  It was a short slow calm mostly talking show..unlike how I usually am wild n crazy but hey it was after a long 7 hours on my webcam and before my dinner..I was super tired and didn’t have much to say but sometimes I like sitting in a chatroom and just getting to CHILL and talk to you guys without a crowd yelling at me to “shutup and fuck your pussy!”  so I got everything I had to say out of my system last night and in this blog, so tomorrow during my CamZ webcam show for my members (check my calendar for all of my webcam times and site opdates!) I can just SHUT UP AND FUCK!!🙂

I have a couple pics from my trip to share with you guys I’m just waiting for my Dad to email them to me! I posted one on my Twitter of me on the boat didja guys see it?

I also just found out I was in a back issue of Tight magazine!  Grr I wish someone had told me!  Apparently it is a spread of me on a trampoline that they titled “Aaliyah:bouncy bouncy” LOL I’m going to call them tomorrow and see how many issues I can order.. I will keep you guys updated on this fo sho!:)

I also have another auction going on at  It’s a satin outfit I have worn in several scenes on this site and on my webcam, an autographed mag and tons of autographed naked pics.  You can check it out here –>

I’m also going to post another pic caption contest soon!  Too bad I ran out of printer paper printing out 10 pics to slip into a package w a custom video I have to mail out tmrw.. so the contest might go on for awhile until I get new paper 🙂

So that’s whats new with me guys!:)  What’s new with you?

Who’s cumin to my CamZ show tmrw night??:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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