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Ask Me Anything!:)

I get asked a lot of questions during my weekly webcam shows (free for all members) but unfortunately, I can’t always answer all of them.ย  Not because they are too personal, but in a roomful of 1000+ chatters, it’s not easy to keep up without sounding like a motor mouth hehe:) Also, I get asked a lot of the same questions over and over again, and although I don’t mind answering them, sometimes when I look back on my webcam archived shows, I feel like I repeat myself, a LOT.. Also, I only have an hour with you guys at a time, so as most of you know, I try to talk (while I tease, always teasing ๐Ÿ™‚ for the first 20-3o and then get in as many orgasms for me.. and you all.. for the last 30.ย  So there is just never enough time for everything!
I’m hoping when I get more members I can schedule more than 2 webcam shows a week and start doing more members only webcam shows since you guys liked the first one so much (tmrw Thursday is the next one!! 9-10pm EST!!!!) but I digress..:)

I just got sent a long questionaire by one of my members and I spent about 45 mins answering all of the questions.. after I had sent my answers to him I felt like I just got done doing an interview!ย  I was thinking about cutting and pasting the entire email into a blog for you guys but I couldn’t do that because it was a private conversation between the two of us.. Too bad for you guys because there were a couple juicy answers in there hehe ๐Ÿ™‚

SOOOOOO here is your chance guys!

ASK ME ANYTHING, and I will answer ๐Ÿ™‚

(as long as it’s not totally stupid or just completely rude of course, but I mostly get awesome, nice, like-minded, respectful peeps coming (and cuming) to my site and my blog so I’m not that worried about that ๐Ÿ™‚

This should be FUN hehe..

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


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Some Sexy Black+White Pics AKA Me Trying to Be Artistic

Since last time Ric Young and I shot together we tried out some artistic, creative stuff and you guys seemed to really like it, we decided to try some more. Don’t get me wrong stuff like this will never replace the usual fucking-my-pussy-and-talking-dirty stuff that I do on this site, but it’s fun to put up as a Friday “bonus set” ๐Ÿ™‚ย  We did a couple pic sets and behind the scenes videos that day that will be perfect Friday bonuses actually ๐Ÿ™‚

So Ric turned out all of the lights in the studio besides one long skinny one that I basically smashed my face into.. it was maybe 6 inches away from me. The studio was pitch black and he kept on asking me to “make eye contact with me now, look into the camera” and I was like “I can’t see ANYTHING!”ย  Considering I’m afraid of the dark it was kinda creepy but I was just focusing on the poses.. I was trying to be all SuperModel at first in a long fancy dress and doing all sorts of crazy poses like I see on America’s Next Top Model but I bet there is a reason I am butt naked in all 20 pics Ric sent me from this set.. those must have turned out the best hehe oh well it was worth a try..


It was an interesting process and some of the pics turned out really well and some not so much.. Funny how the poses that I thought looked the sexiest really didn’t turn out for me and the random shots turned out to be my favs.. you never know I guess ๐Ÿ™‚


This is my fav pic from the set so far..Can you say hard nipples?! ๐Ÿ™‚

Aaliyah Love XOXOย  I <3 U!!

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..And Some More Sexy Pics From a Recent Shoot! AKA Playing with Paint!:)

WOW Ric Young got these pics back to me fast!ย  I was soooo surprised and happy this morning to open several emails from him sending me some samples from our shoot in Vegas last week.ย  These are pics from what I think will prob be one of my fav scenes we shot this day.ย  (Besides the video where I write fansigns with a magic marker in my pussy of course.. that’s gna be a funny one to put up hehe)ย  Ric and I get along so well because not only does he dig all of the crazy creative ideas I bring to him that requires us to spend tons of time and shopping setting up for, but he encourages it!:)ย  He is also amazed at all of the weird stuff I put in my pussy.. I’ll never forget when he almost fainted when I inserted that wooden spoon in my pussy last month tehehe!

So here are my fav pics he has sent me so far.ย  If he sends me a couple more I will of course post them for you guys ๐Ÿ™‚


How cool is the oversized Leggo? ๐Ÿ™‚ย  I had to climb on it and do something crazy!:)ย  The behind the scenes video for this set is even crazier hehe ๐Ÿ™‚


Hey that paint does NOT match the paint on the walls.. Ric, did I just mess up your set? OOOOOPS!!


Ric said fuck it, the set needed a makeover anyways!ย  Let’s make a mess!!:)ย  I’m good at making messes.. I’m a dirty girl!:)


After that I proceeded to get orange paint ALL OVER.. and when you see the rest of this scene you will see what I mean by ALL OVER.. I think I still have a little bit of orange paint in my hair hehe ๐Ÿ™‚

But it was all worth it as long as the pics turn out great and the video makes you laugh then makes you cum.. I have a feeling it will ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope to post this vid/pic set on my site sometime on my site in August.ย  I have about 15 new scenes to drop off to my guys next week and I plan on changing up my release schedule and planning out the rest of the summer very soon ๐Ÿ™‚

BTW Happy Monday guys!!:)ย  I hope you all have a great week ๐Ÿ™‚

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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More Pics From the Twisty’s Shoot!

Here are some of the pics I got back form the Twisty’s shoot.ย  We did 3 pic/vid sets that I will also get to post on my site, I really can’t wait to see them all!:)

They really made me look sooo different (in a good way!) than anything I have ever done, don’t you guys think?ย  One of my girlfriends from back easy was following @DeanCapture‘s Twitter page and said to me “I saw the pics of the hot blonde and said ‘Wow that girl is so sexy but I thought he was posting pics of Aaliyah today?'”ย  She didn’t even recognize me OMG!:)

I mean sometimes I try to to the whole sexy/glam lingerie with stockings/heels thing and I think a lot of you dig that look, but Twisty’s def took it to another level for me.. I kept on telling them “Wow you guys better be careful.. you’re starting to make me feel like a real porngirl/model!” ๐Ÿ™‚

Sooooo what do you guys think?


I think my eyes look super green in this pic WOW!

twistys4 twistys8

I don’t think my legs have ever looked so long either hehe ๐Ÿ™‚


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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MEMBERS ONLY Webcam Shows!

I’m very excited to finally let you guys know that I have found the perfect system to do members only webcam shows!!:)ย  I have chosen, who I also do my pvt webcam shows with to plug into my site!

I know a lot of you have been asking for something like this since I started to do my CamZ feature shows.. Some of you felt that they were too crowded or like I wasn’t able to see everything they were saying during the CamZ shows that would have 1000+ chatters at any given time.ย  Some of you also pointed out that the main reason I do these free webcam shows is for my MEMBERS, that one of the perks of being a member of is that you get 2 free cam shows a week.. and you were all right!:)

I love CamZ and I looove having a chatroom filled with 1000+ horny chatters and I will continue to do 1 show with them a week.ย  I’m also going to start to try to schedule these shows at least 1 week ahead of time since I know now everyone can check my site daily;)ย  But once a week I’m also going to do a CamModels members only show.. so no matter what kinda webcam platform you like to see me doing my thang on, you get what you want!:)

The first Members Only show will be Saturday 8-9pm EST.ย  For now I’m going to put my 2 webcam schedules on my CALENDAR, but I’m also going to get my guys to put it my site where it says Future Webcam Shows and make it very clear if it’s a CamZ show or members only show..I’ll also post the sched on the bio I created for these shows at AaliyahLoveShow.CamModels.Com

And either way you will still be able to access the shows the same as always, just cum here to and click on “webcam” ๐Ÿ™‚ย  CamModels also will be recording every show and I’ll be archiving it on my site just like my other cam shows ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m not sure how many of you will be coming to this first show this should be interesting.. and fun ๐Ÿ™‚

If anyone has any questions about the new cam system let me know and let me know if you can make it to Saturday’s show!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Some Behind The Scenes Pics From the Twisty’s Shoot!

So I just got permission from Twisty’s to post the handful of pics I have from our shoot.. yay!:)

I thought I only had 4 or 5 but after I downloaded everything I had it was more like 6 behind the scenes pics and 7 or 8 pics from the shoot!ย  I know you guys want to see them all but I didn’t want to “blow my entire load” in one blog.. I love to be a tease you guys should know this by now:)ย  So today I’m going to show you what happened behind the scenes.. tomorrow I might post a couple more ๐Ÿ˜‰

Dean Capture always works with the same makeup/hair artist, he said they are “a team”!ย  She was so sweet and made me look HOT!ย  I am not used to being so dressy and glam at a shoot I loved the different looks she came up with!


At one point she told me to keep my eyes closed while se did my makeup and I thought we were all alone in the room.ย  We were talking about some pretty funny stuff and I said something like “Usually when I’m on set by hour 2 someone asks me to stick something up my butt!”ย  “OH REALLY!” Dean said he was standing right next to me!ย  I jumped and screamed he scared me!ย  How embarassinggggg ๐Ÿ™‚


I was honored to shoot for Twisty’s and honestly a little nervous but I had sooo much fun once the shoot started!


This is me in action:)ย  Dean’s whole crew was amazing and so sweet and helpful.ย  He had two assistants that told me I was the “best dirty talker they had ever filmed” and from the looks they were exchanging while we filmed the 1st video I really think I blew them away!:)ย  I can’t wait to share the 3 pic/vid sets I did for Twisty’s ๐Ÿ™‚


So I am sorry I wasn’t online much last week but I was working my little booty off creating porn for you guys to jerk off to ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Tmrw or maybe even late nite tonight I will post a couple of the actual pics that Dean took foer you guys to drool over ๐Ÿ™‚

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Aaliyah’s Corner-Forum and Personal Pics ?

I was just browsing through my site and had a couple questions for all of my members..

How many of you check out my personal pics folder? (If you go to “Aaliyah’s Corner” top middle on the member’s page you will see it above my blog!) If you check it out plz leave me a comment or two so I know you were there plllzzz? ๐Ÿ™‚

Also how many of you check out the Top Web Model forums? IT put a hge smile on my face when I logged into the forum and saw all of the Top Web Models listed and all of them had hardly any comments or views.. then you get to my name and there’s 2 pages of threads.. all about me and this site.. WOW!ย ย  I always say I have the best fucking fans ever.. you guys rock so hard ๐Ÿ™‚ย  But I see some of the threads have TONS of views but it seems like the same 4 or 5 people always post there.. so do YOU visit the forums? and if you don’t, why? I understand things like that aren’t for everybody, a lot of you are coming to this site to strictly CUM or see me NAKED and I am totally cool with that also but I love the “extras” on the site that are a lot like other community sites or whatever they are know what I mean hehe:)ย  And you can’t say there isn’t a thread you can comment on or the threads are all boring to you because you can always start a thread and talk about anything you want.. right now I think there is a thread for everything concerning me and my site.. and I like reading threads like “Why Do You Love Aaliyah Love So Much?” or “What is Your Fav Video On” or “Reasons Why Aaliyah Love is the Hottest Internet Slut I Have Ever Seen” Ok I think I made that last one up but.. you get what I mean!:)
I’m gna keep on posting personal pics and blogs and visiting the forum (maybe I should create my own AaliyahLove account and start posting on the forum also??) no matter how many of you check it out.. I just felt the need to point it out to those of you that might not have seen this part of my site yet ๐Ÿ™‚ย  The more of you that post on the forum the better the on going conversation will be!ย  And the more you encourage me to post personal pics the more naughty pics I will take to share with you guys!:)ย  Get it? ๐Ÿ™‚

Aaliyah Love XOXOย ย  I <3 U!!!

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Some Sexy July 4th Bikini Pics!:)

I just found the pics I took on July 4th!ย  I spent the day chillin by a pool with some of my sexy girlfriends at a BBQ.. Some of my friends in the biz invited some people over and had a small get together.. fun!:)ย  Sorry I can’t post any pics of the girls I spent all day long with here but they are good girls (at least they pretend to be!) and don’t want their pics on a naughty dirty porn website such as mine.. whatev! LOL..

So do you guys like my hat?:)


This was my view for a good part of the afternoon!ย  I love bringing some smut mags to the pool and just laying in the sunshine and gossiping with my girlfriends and relaxing… I think this time I brought a Playboy and a Barely Legal for us to look at!:)ย  And NO we were NOT reading the articles! ๐Ÿ˜‰


I thought this waterfall was pretty so I decided to pose in front of it..


and here’s me playing IN the waterfall…it was sooo cold!ย  ๐Ÿ™‚


I hope you all had a good July 4th!ย  Tell me what you ended up doing!ย  Anybody have any crazy stories? ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m def gna add these pics plus a bunch of other hot random pics to my “personal pics” folder tonight so all AaliyahLove members check them out and show me some comment love!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3 <3 <3

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Thursday’s Photo Shoot

So I’m sooooooooo sorry I have been away form my computer all week but as many of you know I had 2 very important photo shoots this week, on Tuesday and Thursday, and they ended up taking me away from my computer all week Monday-Saturday!ย ย  I have been trying to at least keep in touch on my Twitter and I have found time to answer 3 or 4 emails out of my full inbox every day, so if you have been waiting on an email reply, sowwweeeyyy!! ๐Ÿ™‚

I will tell you guys about Tuesday’s shoot for Twisty’s later next week, when I get permission from them to post up a couple of behind the scene pics and the 3 or 4 pics the photographer, Dean Capture, sent me.

So I’ll tell you about Thursday’s shoot instead:)ย  It was crazy for me to shoot Tues/Thurs because I always get a hotel room in the porn valley and a dogsitter for when I shootin LA.ย  So I had to drive up there Monday night, the shoot ended late Tues I got home around midnight, passed out on my couch the minute I got home!ย  I woke up on Wednesday and I had to unpack my 2 suitcases from Tuesday’s shoot and do laundry, and I had to go to the mall and buy some last minute things for Thursday’s shoot.ย  I spent 2 hours at the mall looking for a rainbow lollipop (which I ended up not even using!!), white cotton panties and white knee high socks, which isn’t as fun as it sounds!:)ย  Then I hit the road and drove back to the same hotel and fell asleep the minute I got there and woke up Thurs morn to do it all over again!

So I was shooting with my 2 photographers who I do most of my pic/vid sets with, but it was unlike most shoots we do, since it was going to be mostly custom video orders!ย  I usually don’t get too many, and will end up doing a couple here and there, shooting 1 or 2 at the end of a normal shoot.ย  But this time I had 8 15 minute videos to shoot, all with very specific instructions form the people who ordered them.ย  I looove<3 doing custom videos and the more specific my members are about what they want me to say and do the more fun it is for me, almost like I’m a real actress following a script.. a very naughty dirty filthy script!:)

One of the lucky guys who ordered a few vids from me is obv into the same things I am, so I had lots of fun making them!ย  I got to be a sexy secretary begging her boss to give her a raise in the 1st video.. I climbed up on the desk and fucked my pussy doggystyle while wearing a very sexy black skirt with garter belt stockings heels and glasses.. my hair up in a bun with pencils in it.. fun!

The next video I was a horny cheerleader and when I get done doing cartwheels with no panties on I proceed to bend over a chair in the backyard and fuck my ass and pussy at the same time right there in the sunshine!

The next video I was a dirty french maid… this was my fav look.. I just KNOW I was looking sexy!! puuurrr:)

I also got to be a naughty schoolgirl who didn’t wear any panties to school and a naughty HEAD nurse…get it? ๐Ÿ™‚

The videos took all day long to shoot and it was about 100 degrees that day!! I ended up drinking 2 big bottle of Gatorade while I was there and I took 2 cold showers in between videos to cool myself off!ย  But I love shooting outside during the summertime.. I looove to be naked outside the hot sun feels sooo good on my skin!:)

We also did a bunch of random pics, I took 10 very sexy pics per outfit with about 15 diff sexy old outfits of mine that I plan on auctioning off at in the future!ย  In the past I used all outfits I wore on my site, but I had way more that I use for webcam shows and stuff like that that I am ready to part with, and now I have some super hot pics to use on my myspace and here on my blog.. I’ll prob put my favs here under my “personal pics” folders also!:)

I only got to do 1 vid/pic set for my site that day but I made it count.. quality over quantity right!:)ย  I wore a brand new very sexy see thru light blue dress that showed off my nipples with these very sexy gold heels and lots of gold jewelry.ย  The pic set if very glamorous and sexy and naughty.. I guess I was still in one of those kinda moods after shooting for Twisty’s!:)ย  But then in the video I do something that I haven’t put up a video of me doing on my site yet.. I get asked to do this every single day during my webcam shows and I do it all of the time during my members free feature shows.. Deepthroating!!:)ย  I did a 15min video of me deep throating and drooling and gagging and plugging my nose and holding my breath all while stuffing a 9.5 inch dildo down my throat.. it even makes my eyes cry a little bit.. it was HOT!ย  I was A MESS by the end of the video OMG!:)ย  I can’t wait to post it for you guys ๐Ÿ™‚

So I have a day and a half to be home and play on my webcam a bit and unpack from my last trip and repack.. because I have a 3rd photo shoot in Vegas with Ric Young.. yes, ANOTHER SHOOT OMG!ย  And this time I get to wake up at 5:30am to catch one of the 1st planes out to Vegas, and catch a 9:45pm flight home the same night.. umm.. I will PROBABLY be taking Tuesday night OFF!ย  Cya guys Wednesday ๐Ÿ™‚

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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A Couple Sneak Peaks From Tomorrow’s Update

This summer is all about the outdoor (and sometimes public) nudity at!:)

I have a couple members in particular that always ask me for more “naked outdoor stuff”..ask and you shall recveive!:)

I couldn’t come up with a witty title for tomorrow’s sexy pic/vid update so I just called it “Naked Outside Again” and here are a couple pics for you guys:)

greentop greentop2


Sorry I haven’t been blogging or keeping up with my emails much these past couple days guys but this week is all about traveling back and forth doing photoshoots for the site.ย  I have been updating my “mini blog” Twitter daily with behind the scenes pics from the shoots and some random crazy thoughts of mine.ย  You can follow me at, my “Tweets” are also posted on the 1st member’s page after you login..

I have lots of stories and some sexy pics to share with you guys once I get a little break in craziness, but right now I have to unpack form my last shoot so I can pack for tomorrow’s shoot and get on the road!ย  Gnite guys!:) XOXO

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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