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A Couple Screencaps From the Ashley Fires/Aaliyah Love CamZ show last night!:)

So I’m still waiting to see the Behind the Scenes pics we took during our cam shows, and the Ass Worship vid/pic set we shot after we were all done with the webcam, but I did manage to get my hands on these screencaps from our CamZ, and they are HOT!:)

The hour long show is posted in my webcam archives for all of my members to watch whenever they want, and it’s also posted in Ashley Fire’s archives.  Luckily for you guys, my members, you get free access to her site so if you want to see a slightly different camera angle go check it out… it’s kinda cool 🙂

I had a great time with Ashley Fires she is sooo much fun when we get together there is always a lot of giggling and sexual tension!  She is SUCH A PERV and I LOVE HER FOR IT heheh..

Hopefully sometime this weekend she will send me over a handful of pics for me to chare with you guys which I will def post ASAP but for now, enjoy these screen caps 🙂




One of the only pics ever taken of me with hair on my pussy!



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Tuesday I Am Going To Fuck Ashley Fires All Night Long.. Wanna Watch? :) (Cam Shows Info)


The fans have spoken and once again Aaliyah Love and Ashley Fires has answered the call!
This time they will being performing together live for the first time on webcam!
This highly anticipated show will take place on May 26th from 6-7pm pst!
This is a free Cam show for



You guys will be able to see the show thru either of our sites so I hope you all log in and join us 🙂

After our free feature show we will be taking a short break then switching over to for some hot pvt shows!  This is gna be FUN!  Cya guys there 🙂

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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And A Couple More Sexy Pics!:)

I revisited the new scenes today and I am really happy with how they turned out! It took 8 hours in the hot sunshine and a crew of 4, some of whom prob wished my sets weren’t so complicated and were wishing we could bang out a bunch of mediocre scenes of the same stuff you guys always see.. But I go for quality over quantity 🙂 I think you guys would rather have me update 2x a week with stuff you know I worked my ass off to make rather than everyday of the same scene just diff clothes, toys.. am I right?:) I hope I am teheh 🙂

So I thought it would be fun to play with some side walk chalk on my neighbor’s patio.  He said I could write everything I wanted to except I LOVE COCK.  Fair enough hehe



Then things start to get naughty as they always do when I’m around..


Then I get really messy with the chalk..


..then I proceed to get even more creative with the chalk.. I really can’t show THAT here on my free blog hehe.. ur just going to have to use ur imagination.. or become a member to see the rest 🙂

The video that goes w this pic set include 15 min of upskirt (no panties) hopscotch playing and me making a huge mess of myself 🙂

I can’t wait to put this hot vid/pic set up so I can read what you guys have to say in your reviews about it heheh 🙂

Happy Memorial Day wknd everyone!  So are you all doing this weekend?  Me, I’m working webcam.  surprise surprise 🙂

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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XXX-mas in May :)

So I just got back a ton of pic/vid sets from my photographer that I have been unpatiently waiting for and I having so much fun going through it all!:) Whenever I get a huge batch of fresh content I feel like a little girl on Xmas 🙂
Even though we are now releasing twice as many pics and videos in the members section then we were in the past, I still can’t wait to share just a handful of my favs with you all now 🙂
Some of these sets are def going in my “all-time favs” list fo sho!:) Do you guys like em? 🙂

So everyone worked so hard catering to my needs and making me look pretty (one of my photographers got down on his hands and knees and helped me draw chalk pics all over his patio for goodness sake!) That I decided to make everyone some yummy Lemonade, and turn it into a photoshoot..


Then I ended up spilling it all over myself.. whoops!


Then proceeded to do what I do best..


There is a very funny Behind the Scenes video that goes with this pic set and if you listen carefully towards the end of the set (things get kinda crazy near the end..) you can hear my photographer say “This is the weirdest shit I have ever filmed!” so I KNOW I did something right 🙂

This entire set will be going up soon!  🙂

Aaliyah Love

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MY Vegas Adventures Story #3-My Pantyhose Fetish/Sybian shoot (Day1)

WOW it took me FOREVER to describe to you guys the 6 days I spent in Vegas LOL! I thought I had better finish this up before I end up having to go out there again (June 3-5 XBiz porn convention-here we go again!) and then it would be too late for me to tell this story since it would be ancient history.. I think I got it in right under the wire though.. these pics are too good for me to not share with you guys now!:)

So my 1st day in Vegas DID NOT start out well. I was staying at the Stratosphere Hotel for the first 3 days to save money. I have never been there before and I will never go back again! I will save you all the long story about how everything that could of went wrong with that hotel did, minus my rants on Twitter at the time.

Well day 1 I had a wake up call at 9am so I could be ready by 11 to get over to Gerald Saunders house for an all day shoot. The fone rings and I answer it and what do I hear? Britney Spear’s voice cranked up WAY TOO LOUD yelling in my ear “Hey yall This is Britney Spears!” is all I heard before I slammed the fone down, giving myself an instant migraine headache. I tried to lay back down with my sleep mask on after taking some vitamins, eating some fruit and drinking a bunch of water, but after 2 hours it was no better, and I was running late for my shoot, and the hairdryer in my room was not working.. I was so upset I was in tears when I called the photographer, Gerald, whom I had never met before. In fact, we had never even spoke before that very second, we met through email. I posted on an adult webmaster board that I would be  traveling to Vegas for a webcam show and would anybody like to work with me while I was out there? I had plenty of replies but Gerald was the one I replied back to several times. I knew we would get along when he asked me “Have you ever heard of a Sybian?” I agreed to meet Gerald and another photographer named Brad at Gerals’d apartment and we agreed ahead of time that I would shoot with them both, seprately for both of their sites.   I would be shooting with shot with Gerald Saunders for ClubCenterfolds site & Robert Ferrara for GetNaughtyGirls site, which meant double the work day.
I guess I shouldn’t of been so upset to call Gerald and tell him I was running late, but my worst fear is to have someone whom i have worked with someday say to someone else “oh she was flakey, undependable or not fun to work with” Since so many models in this industry ARE, I feel like most people expect me TO BE before they meet me, and it is up to me to convince them otherwise. But Gerald was way cool since he gets migraines all of the time so that put me at ease, but I was still way nervous to meet them and shoot with them. I always get anxious before shoots I don’t know why I’m a weirdo!
So they both ended up being really cool guys, and I shot with Brad first since he had to leave and catch a plane. We ended up doing 6 sets I believe, which included 2 sets with schoolgirl babyoil fun, some vouyer stuff where I am not acknowledging the camera and a sybian ride. I havent’ seen any of these sets yet but I can’t wait till Robert sends me a taste 🙂
After Robert left, Gerald told me we were totally switching gears, and lead me into his walk-in closet full of pantyhose and stockings! He also had a big box full of all sorts of glass toys.. how’d he know I am so into stockings and glass?! I thought I had died and gone to heaven! I could of sat on the floor digging through boxes of vintage pantyhose of all colors and patterns all day long if he let me! I was super excited to shoot some PH vid/pic sets, since I have some fans that are into Ph and I have yet to do any stuff like that for my site (although I prob go thru atleast 2-3 pairs of PH a week on webcam!) We did all sort of sets, my 2 favs are the one where I’m wearing my green tank top and yellow PH and matching yellow mesh bikini top in the hallway.. it was fun tearing the PH to shreds and even biting them with my teeth while finger banging my pussy! My other fav set had me wearing a white polka dot top that I fell IN LOVE WITH (I secretly wanted to ask Gerald if I could have it but was too shy to do it!) and some vintage orangey pantyhose that I tore up all around my pussy…We got some really cool shots of me fucking myself with a really cool glass dildo through the shreds of PH!
I had a great time shooting with both of these photographers and I am so glad to have met them! Now I have another hook up for shooting with hot Vegas girls whenever I go out there hehe..Gerald and I are already planning another shoot for June and he’s got a couple of sexy girls in mind for me..this time we can tear the pantyhose off of each other.. aww yeah 🙂
Here a couple pics from the shoot, what do you think? 🙂 ——>

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2 cam shows this week:Tues/Wed

Hey guys I just wanted to point out that I’m doing back to back cam shwos this week! I didn’t get to put them up on the schedule till last nite so I am hoping everyone knows I’m doing an early show today (7-8pmEST) and a later show tmrw! I’m hopping in the shower rt now to get ready omg show starts in 30mins!!:)

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kinda funny :)

I just had to share this with you guys hehe..

As many of you know, I live in a VERY conservative area. Without giving away too much info, I am close enough to LA to be able to work there, but far removed enough where no one is ever knocking on my door unexpectedly.. I am very quiet about what I do around here because if my neighbors knew they would prob burn me at the stake!
So I just ran to the grocery store for some soy milk, and as I was checking out, I asked the lady at the cash register “so do any famous people ever come in here?” Since I know right around the corner are a bunch of celebrities.
The lady’s face turned all red and she said “Yeah, one was actually in here today!” I asked “who?” and she started giggling like a little girl! She called over another woman who worked there and said “Tell this girl who came in here today! YOU’RE the one who knew his name!!”
“NO I DID NOT! DON’T SAY THAT!” she started screaming and I could tell they were both very I HAVE TO KNOW who was in there!
“who who who?” I kept on asking..
The lady drops her voice to a whisper and motions for me to lean in closer.. “it was one of those.. you know.. triple x stars??” she said.
at this point I’m grabbing my hoodie and stretching it across the “BARELY LEGAL” shirt I’m wearing and asking “oh really?!” as seriously as I could..
“Well! It was an embarrassing situation for everyone involved as you can imagine!” She said.
I’m trying very hard not to laugh so I put on my most serious face and whispered “oh my! I’m sure it was!!” Still wondering who it could be.. Randy Spears perhaps?

I got out of there as fast as I could vowing to never ever let anybody in my neighborhood know I’m.. you know.. one of those triple x stars.. heheh 🙂

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A Day in the Life of a Webcam Model..

A day in the life of a webcam model

You wake up around 11am, not too pleased to have to get out of bed and start your day.  Some people call you lazy for sleeping till practically noon, but the real reason is because you stayed up late the night before working webcam shows, then another 2 hours doing emails before you passed out sometime between 2-3am.
Your whole body is sore from the acrobatics you did on cam the night before. Some people say your job is to simply look pretty and lay in bed all day, little do they know sometimes you feel like you are doing cardio plus yoga while stuffing all 2 of your holes full of different sex toys your entire webcam shift!

Your knees and elbows are all red and sore from shaking your ass in doggystyle so many times that sometimes you wish you could wear knee pads on camera. Your right arm which has carpel tunnel is KILLING YOU but you have no time now to ice it. Yes, you can get carpel tunnel from chronic masturbating for 5 years straight.. some people think it’s a punchline.. you don’t think it’s so funny… Especially when your chiropractor stammers that you should “do your job with your left hand as much as possible” while blushing..ugh! Your skin is slightly broken out from all of the makeup you put on last night to try to look tan despite the slightly too bright hot professional lights that you have set up all around you bed. Your house is freezing cold because you have to keep the AC cranked at all times just to maintain a decent temp in the studio room, which is prob 10 degrees hotter than the rest of the house.
The first thing you do after you get out of bed is go to your computer. You log onto your website and your yahoo email. You have 25 emails on your site and 78 on yahoo. Some are from photographers who want to shoot you or have already shot you. Most of them want you to work for free or next to nothing, and you def don’t have time to sort through to figure out who is worth your time and who isn’t. The rest are from fans. Some are asking for free pics, or trying to proposition you to pay you for sex, and some are really sweet. You delete the 4 emails that are spam (look, you’re already being productive!) and vow to get to the rest after you’ve made some $ today. You announce that you have woken up on Twitter then walk away from the computer for a bit..
You give your dog a quick walk and run errands: First you have to go to the post office to mail out 4 packages that contain used panties and autographed magazines. The you run to CVS for makeup, enemas and lube like you do every week (what the people who work there must think!) and hit up the tanning salon before rushing back home.
You are starving since you haven’t had breakfast yet but deduct that you don’t have time to eat right now since you have to log on in 90mins, and it usually takes you 2 hours to get ready!
You jump in the shower and shave off 75% of your body hair.. your armpits, legs and pussy have to be perfectly shaved for your cam show tonight. You notice you have razor burn from shaving the last 8 days in a row but shave over it for the 9th day, hoping it won’t show up on camera. You blowdry then straighten then curl your hair as fast as you can with one hand while applying a shitload of make up with the other. A friend from back East calls but you let it go to voicemail since you don’t have time to talk right now. All of your friends back East think you have all of the time in the world to do whatever you want since you “make your own schedule.” They also call you “miss money bags” and “pornstar” assuming since you live in SoCal and work in the porn industry, you must be both.
With your hair and make up looking good, you rush into your studio and change the sheets on the bed and throw all of your dildos into the bathroom sink and wash them one by one. It’s amazing how much of your life is spent cleaning sex toys. With the bed made and toys all lined up, you are almost ready to go. Your yahoo IM is lighting up, already there are messages on your screen form 32 diff guys asking “when are you logging on?” “can you give me a show on the side?” or “when are you going to fly to ____ and fuck me already?” you ignore them all since you don’t have time, you have to log on in 5 mins..If they want to chat with you, they know where to find you when you finally log on, right?

So your dog is giving you a dirty look so you take him for a quickie walk around the block and by the time you are back home, you are 5 mins late logging on and your hair is flat and your makeup is already melting from the heat. You rush into the bathroom and spend another 10 mins fixing it, then you give up and put your hair in pigtails.  Fuck it, they’re not looking at your hair anyways you reason..

You finally get settled with your ipod playing the right playlist, the door to your studio closed, shutting out your dog who is still giving you dirty looks and the cellphone is in the other room so it can’t distract you. So easy to get distracted when you work from home!
You feel a twinge of nervousness right before you log on even though this is WHAT YOU DO, “I hope I make a lot of $ tonight, I hope everyone is nice to me” you think and click “LOG ON” —->
You start out in freechat and keep on thinking over and over “plz let someone click in soon, plz let me first pvt show be long, I hope my chatroom isn’t empty today.. did I wear the right outfit? These guys will prob hate the pigtails..”
So your chatroom fills up and 90% of the guys don’t chat with you. You have about 40 chatters in your room but only 2 chatting. You wonder how that looks to everyone watching, that they must think your room is empty, but really you know everyone is just trying to get off for free and they are too busy stroking to type.. So you try to show them enough to tease them but not enough to make them blow their load.. you smile you shake your butt 5 times in a row and you let your bra straps fall till it shows your nipples while you laugh like it was a mistake for the 10th time.
Then your 1st pvt shows comes. It could be after 5 mins, or 55 mins in freechat. “Hi hunny! Oh thanx so much for clicking in! So what are you in the mood for today?” you say as you get naked as fast as you can. A minute then 2 go by and the chatter doesn’t say anything. You begin to wonder if they are even there, or if they are waiting for you to make another move, so you start to masturbate. “Pussy” pops up on the screen. You smile a little because you know this customer is only going to talk to you in 1 word phrases. You can’t blame him, he’s got one hand on his cock! So you zoom in on your pussy, then you wonder if he might not like the close zoom so you zoom back out, unsure what he wants to see. “Ass” he says, so you obediently flip over and shake your booty. “Do you wanna fuck it?” you say.. “Dildo” he says back.. so you fuck your ass and its a very tight fit and it’s very sensitive but feels very good.. GOOD MORNING! It is 2pm and you are def awake now! The ass lover guy clicks out after 2.5 mins. So far you have made about $4. Hopefully it won’t be your last show this hour!
You get thrown back into freechat.. for 10 seconds, 10 minutes, or sometimes an hour. You try to sneak a snack with your ass shoved up in the cam so they cant see you stuffing your mouth full of food. You doubt you are fooling anybody but hey you are hungry what can you do? You answer the question “where are you from?” with the sweet reply “SoCal hunny!” 50 times in a row, the 51st time someone asks you, you try to switch it up and say “from your fantasies baby!” “why are you being a smartass?!” is their reply.. so much for humor.
The next guy that clicks in wants something a little different than you are used to. His name is Jim and all he wants you to do is pretend to be his wife, Debbie, who left him recently. He wants you to look into the camera and beg for him to come back. You kinda feel bad for Jim and wonder how you can have him leaving this pvt show happy and not upset and thinking abt his divorce. So you look into the camera and say “Jim, I’m sorry but I don’t want you back. I know you are way too good for me, and I blew it. Your big beautiful cock belongs to the world now, and you need to go screw all of the pretty young girls you wanted to screw while we were together. I’m sorry I hurt you and I will be miserable for the rest of my life because of it. Plz move on and don’t ever think of me again.”  Then you get naked and spread your pussy and smile.   Jim clicks out without any reply after 9 mins, and you have no idea if he liked or hated the show.
The night goes on, you use various toys on various holes.. you meet a crossdresser, a 45 yr old virgin, a butch lesbian and a woman hater who tells you you are going to hell for what you do for a living, after you make him cum. You meet guys that cum after 2 minutes and guys that have you fucking yourself for 45 mins straight while you are wondering “are they really stroking it for that long or is this an endurance test?”
At the end of the night you are exausted, your entire body is humming and you are starving. There is a pile of dirty dildos to be cleaned on one side of the bed and the clean dildos you haven’t used on the other. The dirty dildo pile is way bigger, you prob used 25 different toys tonight, and each one felt different than the others. Some feel good, some just LOOK GOOD on camera.
Your dog is giving you more dirty looks from neglecting him all day. Your emails are still there waiting for you and your yahoo lit up with 30 more comments after you log off. They say things like “why are you logging off?” “can we do a show on the side now?” and “why don’t you ever reply to my yahoo messages, are you mad at me?” You check your Twitter really quick and there is a message from a fan asking you “why don’t you ever pay attention to your members? Are you a bot?” you start to reply angrily then delete the message before it gets posted (sometimes!:)
You walk your dog and microwave some crappy meal. It’s 1am and you really need to get to those emails. You sit down on the couch and turn on the tv for the first time that day. You get through half on an episode of whatever is on the tv before you fall asleep on the couch, exausted from a long day of webcaming…

You wake up the next day and do it all over again..

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A Sneak Peak at This Week’s Update! ..and Whats to Cum this month!!

Boy oh boy I am excited about this week’s update, it is one of my fav pic sets EVER! This is one of the sets I did with Ric Young in Vegas (read previous blog) and I really can’t wait till Wednesday for you guys to see them so I’m going to give you a sneak peak at all of the sexiness that is about to cum your way (if ur a member of my site that is!:)

Here are a couple pics from the “Naked in the Stairwell” set that will be going up on Wednesday!:) —->
Awwww yeah I hope your pants are about to burst open in anticipation at what is cuming up this week!:)

As I’m looking over my calendar, next week I will be releasing a sexy video of Trisha Uptown and I (yes we fucked AGAIN! We can’t get enough of each other!!) celebrating our 1 yr anniversary in a very special way, and the week after that I am doing TWO updates… Wednesday will be the vid/pic set of Ashley Fires and I having a pillow fight and then 2 days later will be another pic set I did with Ric Young!

Also I am SUPER PSYCHED that I don’t have any photoshoots or travel interrupting my schedule anytime soon, so I have time to get back to doing TWO hour long cam shows right here a week, free for all members!:) I just put my webcam schedule for the next week on my calendar here and on my bio at www.AaliyahLove.CamModels.Com so plz check them out for specific times!!:)

I also have some plans to keep on working with since my 1st auction was such a success.  My last cam show I wore a pink tank top and panties that you guys have seen me wear in a lot of scenes.  Well during the show (you can always check it out in my “webcam archives” if you weren’t there!) I got the outfit REALLY DIRTY, with lotion, sweat, lube and cum!  Well I put that outfit in a baggy and sent it off to GiganticAuctions with lots of pics of me wearing the outfits and a couple other goodies, so I’m hoping that might be something that would titilate some of you fellow pervs 🙂  I also have plans to auction off a pair of my panties for a breast cancer charity which I will be posting more info about later in the month!

So April is looking like it’s gna be a hot month here at! If you are already a member of my site I just want to say THANK YOU and strap on your helmets cause it’s gna be a crazy ride tehehe:) …and if you haven’t signed up yet I would have to say what are you waiting for? You are missing out on all of the fun🙂

Aaliyah Love XOOX <3

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