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Only 1 webcam show this week-Wednesday!

Hey guys I just wanted to make sure everyone saw that I just posted my webcam show.. it will be tomorrow night 8-9EST and it will be my only show this week since I am leaving for Phoenix that night!  I plan on doing my members show then doing 2 hours at then leaving! So since it’s my only show this week we need ot make the most of it and have lots of fun, I hope you all can make it 🙂

I have so much to do before Phoenix, I haven’t even unpacked my bags from my last trip!  I’m gna go start on that now, and I will be logging onto in 1 hour.. I’ll be online @ 4-10pm West Coast time tonight BTW!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Will someone PLEASE explain Twitter to me?!:)

Ok, so I signed up for Twitter today.  I don’t know WHY I did it, since I have never really understood Twitter and always teased my friends that Twittered..  I mean, I UNDERSTAND what it is, it’s a pretty simple system, so plz don’t explain to me WHAT IT IS..

But it just always seemed strange to me why I would need to spend my time on YET ANOTHER SYSTEM that does nothing but “status updates” when I already have that plus so much more on my myspace, and I have my blog to talk with you guys practically daily..

But I have to admit, since I’ve signed up, it HAS been KINDA fun…  My friends call me a “serial txter” and some have even gotten upset with me and told me I have an addiction.  I just like texting!  Whenever I have a minute where I’m not doing anything, wheather I am standing in a long line at the grocery store or laying in a tanning bed for 10 mins, I will whip out my fone and txt some of my friends.  I have even been known to conduct business thru texting alone..I can set up photoshoots, line up private shows and plan meetings all while sitting at a red light in traffic!:)  So I had to try out the fone feature, and it IS kinda cool..
I don’t have that many fans or “followers” as Twitter calls it yet, but this is my first time telling anybody, I really didn’t want to admit that I am not a Twitterer, but I am finally coming out of the Twitter closet and admitting it to the world.. I now Tweet!  🙂

My name on Twitter is “AaliyahLove69” since “AaliyahLove” was taken (Did *I* register that name a long time ago and forget about it?  Or is it am imposter?  Or a fan of the R+B singer Aaliyah? who knows!)  I haven’t figured if and how to link back to my blog or post any pics or anything fun like that, and I guess I will have to figure this all out before I leave for the Phoenix Forum this weekend.. Ok, well that is one instant where Twitter will be useful for me.. ok, I guess this MIGHT be fun..
So if any of you Twitter, lets get to Twitting!:)

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A Couple More AaliyahLove/AshleyFires Pics!

Boy oh boy I can’t stop looking at these pics!  I only got about 30 of the pics we took so far and I love every single one, they each remind me of how much Ashley and I had that day!  Although I’d love to share all 30 with you guys now, I think it’s better than I only give you a little bit now and leave you wanting more… I know, I am such a cocktease!:)

These 2 pics were taken during the “action”, while we were filming the video

This is scene #1 on the couch

Scene #2 “The Pillow Fight” 🙂

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Overcoming My Fears

After I posted my spa weekend pics I had sooo many emails about the pic of me wearing no makeup that it got me thinking.. I have always been such a perfectonist when it comes to what is put on my site, some would say even a “nit picker”.. My photographer will take 200 great pics and I narrow it down to 70 or 80, I will do videos that I will watch later and decide to not put up because of bad lighting or something noticable only by a small few.. Some people say I have a problem!

So I have decided to face my fears and have started collecying “blooper” pics from every set I go through from now on.  The folder is called “WTF am I doing in this pic?!” and already has 4 HILARIOUS pictures of me doing something strange/weird/funny that I def didn’t mean to do.  I got the idea after looking through the handful of pics that were sent to me from the shoot I did with Ashley this weekend, there was one pic in there that made me laugh for 10 minutes straight until I could barely breathe!  My first thought wasn’t “OMG how embarrassing!  I better delete this before anybody sees it!” but it was more like “OMFG this is sooo funny I HAVE to post this on my blog!!” so I guess I am getting better already 🙂

It’s gna take some time for me to collect enough pics to make a decent funny “bloopers” blog, every set up until now was edited over and over again by me, so you guys are just gna have to wait patiently until I get them!  Something tells me I will have plenty by the time I get the pics back from my last 2 shoots:)   Not only will this help get me over my fear of having not perfect pics of me posted, but will def make us all laugh 🙂

I hope you all had a good weekend!  I will cya online at tmrw night!1 (Monday)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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A Couple Aaliyah Love/Ashley Fires pics

So I am still trapped in LA for my 2 days of shooting, but I wanted to upload just a couple fun pics I took of Ashley Fires and I yesterday!  I took these pics with my fone so they r crappy quality and I have a ton of better pics that the photographer took for us waiting for me in my email box when I get home (OMG I can’t wait to see them!  My pussy is getting wet in anticipation hehe) but I just can’t help myself 🙂  I had such a great time with Ashley and although we only got 2 pic/vid sets done the entire day, we were going for quality not quantity.. not to mention we had sooo much fun!  I can’t wait to lick her little pussy again real soon!:)

So check out these pics and I will upload more when I get home tonight!:)

Doesn’t Ashley look like a little girl who is getting yelled at by her Dad in this pic? LOL! She looks guilty but really I think she was just coloring and talking to the photographer while we waited for them to set up the lights

We turned this room into our “wardrobe room” and just made a MESS with all of our outfits and makeup and everything else we needed to make ourselves look pretty for the shoot!

This is me on the set BEFORE we destroyed it.. and I mean, DESTROYED.. I will be very very surprised if the owner of this house will ever let Aaliyah Love or Ashley Fires step foot in their house ever again tehehe..

But like I said, we had FUN and got some AWESOMELY HOT videos and pics for you guys.. I can’t wait to post them on the site for you guys, I have a feeling we shot some of the hottest girl/girl stuff I have ever done this day 🙂

Ok now that I’ve posted this blog I am packing up my 2 suitcases and my doggie and we are hitting the road!  I will be home HOPEFULLY in an hour or two, wish me luck!:)  Love you guys!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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My weekend Spa visit part deux

So after we took pics w the dinos, it was on to the spa down in Palm Springs.  I think I forgot to tell you guys, it was me and about 15 other girls, but I only knew one of them.  They were all very sweet but none of them work in the porn industry, so we didn’t talk about it much, which was fine by me.  I can’t post any pics with any of the girls in them without having to ask them “do you mind signing this agreement so I can post your pics on my adult website?” so I will only post pics of ME:)

The weather was sooo nice when we got there, it was 91 degrees the first day and 93 the second.  It is a dry, deserty heat and when the wind blows it feels perfect.  I spent a lot of time laying out by the pool.  🙂

I had my own room and it was very nice, they even upgraded me after I couldn’t stop telling the woman at the counter say how excited I was to be there and how I never get time to take off 3 days in a row to do relaxing stuff like visit a spa!  I had a fountain and a golf course right outside my balcony, and I left the door to the balcony open all night so I could listen to the water.. sooo relaxingggg:)

Here is the view from my room and me with no makeup chillin on my balcony.  I spent a lot of time out there sipping champagne and just RELAXING.. aaahhh..

I got a “couples massage” one of my gf’s where we both got a massage by our own massage therapist but we were in the same room.  Well in the middle of the massage the therapist stopped rubbing me and said “Aaliyah, you are too much!  You have such a strong but lovable and funny personality, I bet people are drawn to you!  You must have an interesting job!  I must know, what do you do for a living?”  My gf started giggling and I said “Funny you say that, I do use my personality a lot at my job!”  Well after that she HAD to know so I told her I was a webcam model and she was soo intrigued. “Oh boy here come the same inevitable 10 questions I get from every person after they find out what I do” I thought.. and they were asked.. and boy did I crack those ladies up with my answers!  I could tell they were both very “straight” women who never had any contact with porn or anything from “the dark side” and here I had them laughing and calling me lovable!  I love situations like this because if she had found out what I did before she met me, she might of stereotyped me, she might of had a opinion of “girls like me”.. I wouldn’t blame her, we all do it.  I am sure she had never met anybody in this industry before that day.   But here I was, in her face, and she was getting along with and having a good time with me.  And at the same time she was so curious about my job that she couldn’t help but ask more questions..The matter of fact way I described some of the crazy things I do on a daily basis blew her mind!  All I can say is I don’t think those massage therapist will be forgettign us anytime soon!:)

There’s not much more for me to tell you guys,  I basically spent the entire weekend reading magazines and eatting fruit and champagne by the pool, I enjoyed sitting naked in the steamroom every day, and I just relaxed with my cell fone and my laptop off until Sunday night, it was GREAT!  I def feel refreshed and to face whatever it is I have to.

HEre’s a couple more fun pics from the weekend I took for you guys (BTW my friends are sooo sick hearing things like “Hey guys plz make sure to bring a camera, gotta take pics for my blog!” or “Plz just take 1 more just to be safe?  This is for my blog you know” I try to capture every moment I can on cam, I have always been that way, and Ilike sharing them w you guys 🙂

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When dinosaurs attack!!

I am super tired after spending all day yesterday and today in front of my computer, mostly doing webcam shows.  So I am going to break my spa weekend story into 2 or 3 blogs.  I have lots of fun stories to tell you guys, but tonight I am just going to post some fun pics, you will have to cum back tomorrow for the rest of the story 🙂

These pics were taken on the drive down to Palm Springs.  In the middle of the desert you see these huge dinosaur statues on the side of the road!  Does anybody recognize them from that Pee Wee Herman movie? 🙂  Supposedly they are in a lot of movies, and they have a lot of history.  I looked them up after I got home and found some crazy stuff abt these famous statues.  Well, we just had to stop and take some fun pics for you guys 🙂

These things were HUGE!  Supposedly they are the same size as the real dinos were.. scary!!

Oh no save meeeeee!!!:)

This pic didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to, but it’s a decent ass shot so I still have to post it.  What you can’t see is the police car and policeman in the background.. I wanted to flash real quick with the police in the background, but it took my girlfriend a good 2 mins to line the fucking picture up!!  By this time I am yelling “OMG take the fn picture!!” and getting very nervous about the police officer.. what part of flash and shoot real quick does this girl not understand? LOL.. Oh well, alls well that ENDS well.. literally 🙂

I have tons more pics of me chillin at the spa that I’m going to have to upload n blog about tomorrow.  Rt now, I am going to walk my doggie then go to bed!  Goodnight you guys!  Thanx again to everyone who showed up at my cam show tonight!  I had to cancel Thursday’s show due to a last minute photoshoot, but you guys will have my blogs, a video/pic update tomorrow and my 2nite’s webcam show going up in the archives all while I am gone Thur n Friday to keep you busy 🙂

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Thanx 2 everyone who came to tonight’s webcam show!:)

It was fun you guys!  I am sorry about the jerky Admin, I can assure you he WON’T be back in my chatroom anytime soon and I am working on getting everyone he banned UNBANNED Asap 🙁

I have lots to blog about tonight, but rt now I am going to log back onto for an hour or so cause I am still HORNY!  So cum chat w me now and check back late night/tmrw morn for some of my spa pics and a recap of my wild weekend with the girls 🙂

You guys rock and I had fun despite the tummy ache and jerky people, I hope you all did too!:)

cya in my chatroom? 🙂

Aaliyah Love <— smut peddler 4 life!!:)

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A Couple St Patty’s Day Pics and Goodbye

So I took yesterday off to go to a St Patty’s day party in the valley.  The party was small and very chill (ie a sausage fest and boring hehe) but I did manage to snap a couple fun pics before leaving..

this is the same backyard where I have done a couple photoshoots.. you prob don’t recognize the pool at night, but I have been naked sunbathing in this backyard more times than I can count 🙂


No I didn’t wear green and YES I got lots of pinches and spanks for it.. but I secretly liked it 🙂

So did everyone have a good St Patty’s Day?  Did you celebrate?  The last 3 St Patty’s Days I was home on my webcam that night, I don’t really “celebrate” because I don’t drink that much, but it was good to get out of the house and to see my porn friends for a night:)

I also wanted to say I hope everyone has a great weekend!  I have a couple more things to do on my computer then I am TURNING IT OFF and cleaning up my studio until Sunday night!!  I can’t remember the last time I was off of the internet for this long!  I *might* be able to check my ( member) email while I’m gone, but I won’t be posting any blogs or doing any cam shows.. I’m gna miss you guys!!:)

I will see you next week!  I hope you like tomorrow’s update “Pink Socks” (pink sock, huh huh, get it)

I also posted the schedule for my next 2 members shows (next Tues/Thurs) so next week I will have lots of fun pics and crazy stories to tell I am sure!!:)


Aaliyah Love XOXOXOXOXO <3

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Thanx 2 everyone who came to tonight’s webcam show!

I just wanted to say thanx to everyone who was at tonight’s webcam show, I had a blast as always!  It’s funny how nervous I was my 1st show thru CamZ and how relaxed and fun it is now 🙂

I’m logn onto rt now for 2 hours of 1 on 1 pvt shows, and when I log off I have a couple fun blogs to post, along with next week’s webcam shows, so check back here late night tonight or tomorrow!

Like I said I am taking the rest of the week off, I am turning my computer off at 12midnight tonight and won’t be back online till Sunday night, so have a great weekend everyone!!:)

I love you all!:) XOXOXOOX

Aaliyah Love <– smut peddler 4 life!!

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