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I’m back from Vegas!!:)

So I just got back from my loooong weekend of shooting videos and pics in Vegas.  None of it was for MY WEBSITE, but I did pick up a new hot webcam model (remember that hot asian girl, Ariel Spnner who I posted pics of last week?!:) and make some extra $, so thats good 🙂
I try to never shoot stuff for any site but my own, so if you guys want to see me, you have to cum here (AND CUM HERE! hehe) but I had to make an exception this once hehe.

I have lots of pics and stories for you guys that I will be posting on my blog tonight or tomorrow, so check it out!

I am taking a MUCH NEEDED day off today (Monday) but will be back tomorrow.. I’m not sure when I’ll be doing my members shows yet (I have to take Tuesday night and Wednesday off so I can go up to LA and SHOOT SOME MORE. OMG!) but I am going to try to be onine as much as I can this week.

I will see you all in my chatroom at tomorrow (Tuesday) I hope I hope.. have a great Monday everyone!!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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more Vegas pics!!

I just got these pics in today and they made me blush hehe.. I ran into the sexy Ashley Fires (who I have been dying to fuck on cam. I mean shot with for MONTHS NOW!) backstage meeting E-40 at the Players Ball party.  We always have fun when we get together!!:)

I was pleasantly surprised to find out Ashley was wearing no panties, and no bra..BAD GIRL!!

Here I am acting soo surprised that she loves my ass!  Look at the guy in the background he looks bored hehe..

She REALLY loves my ass!:)

I’m so glad I got to atleast post the pics form my last trip to Vegas and tell you guys some of my crazy stories during my webcam shows before going back!  I am leaving tomorrow morn to go back to Vegas to shoot more sexy pics and videos for my site, I am sooo excited!!  I will most def return with more stories n pics for you guys so stay tuned!!:)

I’m going going back back to Vegas Vegas!!:)

Viva Las Vegas baby!!!:)

Aaliyah Love <–smut peddler 4 life!!  I’m not even close to done!  I’m just gettin started!:)

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last night’s webcam show :(

Hey guys, I am super upset about last night’s show.  I guess the webcam system crashed 20 mins into my show, and never came back up for the rest of the night for me.  It cut off right as I was getting to the good part too!  I just took my top off and was showing off all of the toys I brought, someone asked me “so what toy will you be using first tonight?” and POOF!

I will be doing a second show tomorrow (Thursday) and it’s an earlier show, 5-6 West Coast time, so I hope you all can make it!  I will also be online at all day tmrw (prob 7-12midnight) then it’s off to Vegas I go to have more fun!

I am taking tonight off for some much needed R+R.. I have been working 12-13 hours a day for the last 4 days since I got home.  I am headded to the gym where I will be doing 2 hours of yoga and cardio, then I am coming home to walk my dog 2 miles, then I plan on falling asleep on the couch watching bad reality tv!  Gnite you guys and I’ll see you tmrw!!:)XOXO

Aaliyah Love XOXOX

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My Vegas trip

So I only have a couple mins before my webcam show tonight, so I am going to have to save all of the crazy stories for another blog, but I just wanted to post a couple of the pics from the girls and Vegas that I have been promising you!  Enjoy!!:)

Here are a couple from the solo sets I did with Wild Side Models.  He wanted to shoot me for his portfolio.  When I asked him “Why me?”  He said because he thinks I’m a cutie and an “up and coming fresh face model”

Aww yeah!:)

And Here are a couple pics I took w my fone..

Natalie Sparks came back to bein my 2nd all girl 4some (she was also in my 1st, also in Vegas!!)

Trisha Uptown was also came back for our 2nd all girl 4some:)  We also did a video with just the two of us, we realized it was our 6 month anniversary so we celebrate by licking eachother’s pussies, making out and whispering “Happy Anniversary baby” to eachother.. I can’t wait to show you guys this video!!:)

Here is Ariel Spinner, you prob haven’t heard about her yet, but you will!  We had a blast shooting 2 videos and hundreds of pics just the two of us, and she was also in the 4some.  My 1st (but hopefully not last hehe) asian girl ever.  She is yummy!!:)

and here are a couple candid shots I took of the girls relaxing on the couch in between scenes.  I asked Ariel to wear those cute socks!!:)

There ya go guys, enjoy the pics and I will tell you all of the crazy stories soon!  I know I am a very lucky girl every time I look at these pics.. I love my job!!:)

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I love California!!:)

For all of you that are freezing your butts off this week, I don’t mean to rub it in but.. I am loving this beautiful weather we are having here!:)  I took some time yesterday to go to the beach before all of my webcam shows, and it was sooo nice.  Everyone was outside walking their cute little dogs on the beach, there were even people surfing and little kids swimming in the ocean!  I took a couple of pics for you guys with my fone, for fone pics I think they turned out pretty good!  I’m also going to upload a bunch of pics to my “personal pics” folders tomorrow so check them out and send me some comments!:)

HEre’s a little piece of sunshine for you to help keep you warm! 🙂 —->

the view was incredible!

It was sooo colorful!!


I even put my feet in the water and played with crabs!!

It was so relaxing to walk on the beach, it really felt like Springtime!  It was just what I needed before a long night of playing with you guys online.  I’m really hoping I wake up early enough tomorrow so I can go back to the beach (and maybe take more pics!) before working 2-12midnight tomorrow but it’s already 2am and I havent even walke dmy doggie or taken a shower yet!  Good night you guys and wherever you are I hope you STAY WARM!:)

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More about the sybian..

I am soooo excited about my special webcam show right here Sunday night guys, it’s gna be hot hot hot!!:)

I plan on fucking a Sybian live on camera, which I have only done once before and it was years ago.  A friend of mine in the industry has a website that is all about girls fuckign sybians, and he was nice enough to loan it to me to have fun with for the enxt couple of weeks.  He actly mailed it to my hotel when I was in Vegas, LOL!  I assemlbed it and cleaned it in my living room last night and checked all of the dials and it works!  I haven’t actly rode it yet, and I’m thinking maybe I should save that for when I do it on cam in front of all of you guys.. if I can hold out that long tehehe!!

So for those of you that don’t know what a sybian is, basically, it is an amazing fuck toy that I will be riding like a wild cowgirl!! Yeee-Haww!:) Here’s what wikipedia has to say about it:

Generally, the user of the Sybian straddles the machine and inserts the attachment into her vagina. To control the speed and level of vibration, the user uses an attached remote.

The vibration and the rotation can also be controlled by separate on/off switches and two rotary controls: the left control alters the rotation speed of the insert and the right control alters the vibration speed of the insert. This allows the user to be in control of how fast or slow each feature goes, or even the choice to have one or both of the features operating at the same time.

and heres a pic of the machine so you get the idea:

I can’t wait to ride it and I hope you all can make it to the show, it will be 9-10pm West Coast time.  I also announced my next 2 shows after that next week, so cum chat and play with meeeeee!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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For all of you who recently emailed me asking if and when I will be using a sybian on my site, it’s your lucky day!  I just got someone to loan me a sybian for the next couple weeks, and in return any videos or pictures I do with it will be going up on his site as well as mine.  I just assembled it in my living room and OH BOY I can’t wait to ride this thing at my next cam show in front of all of you guys.. this is going to be FUN!  I am soo sleepy now, I am going to bed but I will post more details tomorrow.. stay tuned hehe! 🙂

AAliyah Love XOXO <3

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My 2008 Wrap-up Part Deux :)
August- In Early August I went to another porn convention in Vegas.  I started to meet a lot of people that said the content on my site is great, but I really needed new management.  It got me thinking, and I started to interview new companies to bring me and my site to the next level.  I went to a party called the Players Ball where I met several sexy girls, one of whom was Trisha Uptown.  We hit it off immediately and decided to shoot some video together the next dya in her hotel room.  We ended up meeting 8 sexy girls that night that we asked to come to her hotel room the next day.  I also ran into Ashley Fires again, and we were making out and all over each other by the end of the night!  The next day, 3 out of the 8 girls showed up, Natalie Sparks and Ava Knight and I all arrived atTrisha’s room at the same time, so we decided to do a 4some!  It was my 1st all girl 4some and I was nervous, until we started getting into it, then I was so turned on I didn’t notice I was nervous, or even that there were cameras in the room!  After we all finished, Trisha and I weren’t done so we went at it in a 69 and got that on tape also!  All of these videos are on my site 🙂

August- I went to ANOTHER convention in Holywood, Florida.  I was extremely sick (having an allergic reaction to anti-biotics that I was taking) but I knew I had to go anyways.  I did a good job covering it up, no one knew that I spend half of the day in my hotel room sick under the covers.  I had some great biz dinners and met some people I am still good friends with to this day.  No shooting at this show, but I did see and party with Trisha, Ava, and Natalie here.  We had great fun getting wasted on a 4 hour boat cruise one night!!:)
I spent the rest of the month working almost every day on my webcam, always trying to make up for the lost time I had to take off while traveling!:)

September- in September I continued to interview possible new companies to manage my website and be my biz parnters.  Several companies offered me the world, but when I went out to a biz lunch with Blazing Bucks, they seemed like the perfect fit for me.  I made a list of things I wanted on my website and they said YES LETS DO IT to every single one!  We made plans to switch my site over and to launch in October.  I was very excited and shot 3 times this month so I’d be sure to have enough videos and pictures to start the new website with DOUBLE the amount of content I had on the other one.

October-October 3rd I woke up to 2 emails from 2 of my fav customers congratulating me on my Barely Legal cover.  I had no idea!  I rushed to the mall and went to my local bookstore, but they didn’t carry naught magazines like that.  I called the photographer that took the pics (Earl Miller) and he told me he has sold my pics to 3 magazines..Barely Legal, Live Young Girls, and Tight.  LYG was set to come out in November, and I haven’t heard anything about the Tight magazine yet.  I called up BL and LYG and got 100 copies of each.  I was so surprised and excited when I finally saw myself on the cover of a magazine, and one of my favorite smut mags of all time!!  I am still selling autographed copies to anyone and everyone who wants one!  I took Halloween night off of webcam, my 1st time in 4 years.  It was prob a good choice, the last 4 times I got all dressed up in my sexy slutty little outfits like I love to do but they were always very slow nights for some reason.
Also, the NEW AALIYAHLOVE.COM SITE LAUNCHED IN OCTOBER!!  Blazing Bucks and I worked very hard to set everything up just how I pictured it, and I was and still am completely happy with how it turned out.  We timed it so my site would not be down for even 1 day, which all of my members appreciated.  Day 3 I did my 1st cam show and was so surprised at the number of people that were in my chatroom.  I knew this was the beginning of something very special, and ever since this day I worked my little booty off to make this site a place for all of my fans interact with me and hopefully get off hehe.. thanx for being a part of my site everyone, I love you all!:)

November-November 1st my Live Young Girls cover came out.  I fn love it and still can’t believe anyone would want to pur little ole me in a magazine, let alone the cover!! yippie! 🙂  I went home to visit my family for Thanksgiving, but it was a very short visit.  I got there midnight before Thanksgiving, then left at 8am the day after. It was hard spending such little time with my family, but I had to get back home for a very important photoshoot, and I also had to turn in my interview and pics to GirlNextDoor online magazine.  They put meon their cover of their December issue, my 3rd magazine this year, and ever!!:)
December- I shot A LOT of content for my site this month, so much, that I was only able to do 3-4 days a week on my webcam, which isn’t enough for me!

I also went BACK to Baltimore to be with my family on x-mas.  I spent a whole 4 days with them, and on my flight home I got stuck in Atlanta (it was a connecting flight on my way back to LA) from late Friday night to Sunday afternoon! I think next year I will tell my family to either come visit me for the holidays or pick one of the 2 for me to come home for 🙂  I worked my webcam the day after New Years Eve, and spent my New Years at a small backyard BBQ party with my dog and some people I do business with.  I was in bed by 2am, dreaming about how much 2009 was going to kick ass!!:)

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tonight’s webcam show (Thursday)

I am going to have to play this one “by ear” guys.  I have tanning and waxing and hair and nail appointments today all for Vegas (you guys really have no idea the torture us women put ourselves thru to look pretty for you!) and I’m not sure what time I will be getting home or if I will have any free time to do a show and an hour in freechat afterwards.. I do know this, if I do a show it will be LATE NIGHT, like 9-10 West Coast time.  I might just decide to spend what little time I have at so I can make some $$ to pay my dogsitter (and spend on the slot machines!) I just dont know yet.. but I will let you all know once I do! 🙂  XOXOX

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MY 2008 in Review Part 1

2008 was a crazy awesome year for me and 2009 is going to be even better, I just know it!!:)
Here’s a wrap up of my year:

January- Jan 1 I left the party I was at and logged onto my webcam by 3am.  I was the only American chick online and I had a long crazy night staying up with everyone else that stayed home, and that night I announced on cam “if the rest of the year is like tonight, it’s going to be a great year!”  And it was! 🙂
at the beginning of Jan., I found myself at a Playboy Mansion party with my previous webcam cam company, where I met someone who eventually because the webmaster of the 1st, but it would be months before either of us knew that.
I also started working with a new webcam company,!  It was hard to leave the 1st cam company I ever worked for for 4 years, but I knew if I wanted to grow and expand, I would have to move on.  Despite many crazy rumors I have heard, I was the one that left the company, and on good terms.

February- I attended the XBiz awards with my friends form  I stood at the back of the room and wished that one day I would do something that would get me a nomination! 🙂
I also worked a lot on cam at my new site and met a whole new set of chatters that I would get to know very well throughout the year

March-March 3rd was my B-Day, which I spent on my webcam, online all day.  I got soo many long private shows and tips this day, I just might have to work on my b-day every year hehe!
March was the month that I got some time to talk to the guy I met at the playboy mansion about maybe setting up my own site.  After a couple of business dinners, I was convinced, and I was so excited, this had been my dream for 5 years!
I started collecting outfits and toys for photoshoots and scouting out a photographer, whom I soon found at the XRCO awards!
In the beginning of March I attended a porn convention in Phoenix.  I arrived alone, and as I was entering the hotel a sexy girl came running up to me and hugged me. “You’re so cute! I need to shoot with you sometime!”  She was Ashley Fires, and right there I knew I would have to have her someday.  I didn’t see her for the rest of teh show, but I met some very sexy girls there and had a blast.  I made out with a couple hot girls and.. erm.. guys at the convention and had a great time!
A couple days later, I was home in La, working my booty off on my webcam every free minute I had.

April-I was invited to attend the XRCO awards show with Stephanie Swift and some of her friends, even though I had never met her before.  This was my first night meeting her and she was beautiful.  She told me she would love to fuck me.. I mean, shoot with me, sometime soon, and once again I knew I had ot have this girl! 🙂  Well when I was drunk at the bar, I was telling a group of people how it was hard fo rme to find an honest, professional photographer, one that won’t hit on me or be creepy, just take some phenomenal pics.  “I’m that guy!”  My now good friend and photographer Steve said.  I took down his number and told him I would call him when I figured out a way to fund my first shoot!  There is a pic of me in my leopard print dress and a red face all drunk at these awards on my site and on my myspace! 🙂
Later that month I started shooting for  The plans to build my site were already underaway, and the 1st expected launch date was supposed to be MAy 1st.  I shot with 3 different photographers this month, two of whom are friends of mine that do photography on the side, and one was Steve and his partner Warren.  Although they all did a great job and got me some great pics, Steve and Warren were so professional and genuine, and the content we shot was AMAZING, I never knew anyone could make me look that great!  (My french maid, Mirror Mirror and Crotchless Panties scenes are all form this first shoot)

May- in early May the launch date of my site was pushed back to June1st and I got frustrated.  I also shot some more content, I was tryign to get as much saved up as I could because I knew once I launched my site, at 1-2 new videos being released a week, it would go quick!  This is the month I met the sexy Lena one day when I was just stopping by my photogrpaher’s house to drop off a check.  She sauntered out of the bathroom butt naked and gave me a hug hello.  Well 5 minutes went by, and I had learned that she was a vegetarian like me, younger than me, and that I wanted to kiss her so bad.  5 minutes after that I had her named in the bathtub, sucking on my pussy.  She only had a couple minutes to take pics with me, so I never got any video with her.  You can find these pics on my site, they are called “Bathtime with Lena”.  I still hope one day we can shoot together again and we can recreate this scenario, only this time on tape so you uys can watch!!:)
I also started really working on making my myspace account huge this month, because I knew once I launched my site, I would need all of the help I could get spreadig the word!  My goal was 5,000 friends. I now have over 10,000! 🙂
Another one of my first shoots was with Ashley Steele, who taught me a lot about the ins and outs (haha get it?) of shooting.  You can find these videos on my site!  We had such a great time together and became instant friends.

June-Early June I was told the launch date of my site would be pushed back YET AGAIN GRR!
June 10-13 I spent at another porn convention in San Fransisco.  I hadn’t been to SF in years, and this was my 1st chance to really enjoy the city.  The restaraunts in SF are amazing, I remember all of the yummy biz lunch and dinners I got to enjoy!  I met some hot chicks that I wanted to shoot with at this show, but alas didn’t get any shooting done at the show.  I still have their fone numbers, I shoudl hit them up hehe 🙂  I also spread the word and got a lot of programs promising to promote my site if and when it came out, which I wasn’t sure when, because the launch date kept on getting pushed back.  Looking back, I should have been more patient, and I only had about 15 videos and pic sets collected by then, but I was very anxious to finally get my own site!
After SanFran, I decided I needed a vacation and took an impromptu vacation to Maui, Hawaii with Ashley Steel!  We had such a great relaxing time!  We tried to broadcast our webcam live form the hotel room but the internet connection was crappy at best, so we decided to shoot some sexy pics and videos instead!  Some of my fav pics were taken on the nude beach, and my fav video is when I teach Ashley how to panty-stuff.  I will never forget the look on her face when I stuffed those panties in my pussy-LOL!  But I’m not going to go into details about our trip here, because I already told you guys all about it in another blog.  To sum up my trip to Maui, I love Hawaii, Ashley Steele is HOT!!:)
My site launched while we were in Hawaii, which was crazy for me since I really wanted to be on webcam the 1st day, even though I only had about 5 members that 1st day hehe.. I was sooo excited, finally my own site!
The day I got back form Maui I shot my July 4th pics and videos for my new site, they were one of the first pic sets to be released on my brand new site!

July- I actually found time to go to the beach a couple times in July, and this is the first year in 4 years that I decided to take July 4th off of webcam and enjoy a fireworks display.  I remember standing in a beautiful park overlooking the ocean and realizing how lucky I was to live in California.  I swore to myself that I would try to take more time off of webcamming and to enjoy the beach and my surroundings!  This promise still hasn’t come true hehe..

I also became increasingly frustrated with the management of my website, it seemed like every request I had would take a week to even get noticed, I had a lot of plans for this site and I wasn’t sure if I had made the right decision with the company I had gone with, but I continued to do what I do best, shooting pics and videos to put up for you all to enjoy 🙂

phew guys I have been typing for hours!  This really was a crazy year for me!  I think I gave everyone plenty to read here, tomorrow I’m going to finish my year in review. July-present!!:)  Good night guys!!:) XOXO

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