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Back From Mexico/Webcam Show Schedule

So I’m baaaack! After spending 8 magical days in Mexico for a shoot for inthecrack.com, I am back in LA! I have SO MANY stories to tell you all, it would take me waaaay to long to type them all out here on the blog, so I will start telling you all about my adventure, the girls, the sex, the good, the bad and the ugly starting during my next webcam show! (sometime next week) And I took soooo many pics, I am going to have to go thru them all, and I will def be sharing my favs here on my blog!:)

I also wanted to let you know, I am waiting until tomorrow (Monday) night to schedule the next 3 or 4 weeks or webcam shows. I am waiting for Monday to begin and end, hoping for some bookings for the month come in, then I will be able to plan the webcams around those shoots!

In the meantime, I have been hard at work since I got home, chained to my computer! I am behind on orders from my online store, members’ emails, blog posts about new scenes, blog comments, etc! (why oh WHY didn’t I bring my laptop to Mexico?!) But just know that I am trying my best to catch up!

Tomorrow I go back to set, back to my LA/porno life, and I’m very excited!:)

I hope you all had a great weekend!!

Aaliyah Love XOXO


“Naughty Dream” Solo Scene

It has been brought to my attention that awhile ago I posted a blog here about a very sexy solo scene my photographer, Dean Capture, and I shot for AaliyahLove.com but… the scene never went live!

Here it is: http://blog.aaliyahlove.com/aaliyah-love/naughty-dream/#

You guys.. I do not know how I let this scene, of all scenes, slip thru my digital fingers! It is probably one of my favorites that I’ve shot for my website this year! I am SO GLAD you pointed it out to me, and I’m also sorry it took me over a week to respond, I JUST (like, 2 hours ago) got back from an 8 day (should have been 7! That’s a long story for the next webcam show!) shooting trip in Mexico..

I will be sending my Cherry Pimps tech team the pics to this sexy solo scene before I sleep tonight, and following up with them first thing tomorrow morning (well, probably more like 3rd thing.. I need to masturbate and have an espresso first!) AND I will let you all know here when we expect the scene to go live (for reals this time.. lol?)


I admit, I am busier than I ever have been since July, and I pre-wrote a few blogs and set them to post at a later date. That way when I knew I would be away from LA, my webcam, and access to my blog, you guys would still have something posted for you! Buuuut I messed it up a bit.. ooops!:( Between me estimating when scenes would be coming out way before they actually did, and my Cherry Pimps team and I shuffling the release date of the scenes around due to which of my content the editors worked on first, and other things out of my control, some blog posts have been posted way out of order! (Example: the ballerina blog posts from the first 2 out of 3 ballerina scenes posted a few weeks before they actually went live, then there never was a follow up post with pics and stories from the THIRD SCENE.. lol! By the time I got back to my computer/blog to write some new material, that scene had been in the past, and nobody mentioned it, sooo I moved on! LOL!)


And in the meantime, I hope you like the pics I posted from the scene here!

Aaliyah Love XOXO


Older Scene Request-The 2nd Coming of the Blue Hair Pics

I just got an email from my webmaster, stating that some of my sweet AaliyahLove.com members requested the picture set from this scene that was shot a few years ago, when the glorious 1st AaliyahLove.com with BLAZING BUCKS was around.. so I’m glad to let you know that we are re-releasing this pic set..

I wonder, how many of you remember these pics from the FIRST TIME they were released (2012? I idk lol) and how many of you are seeing these for the first time?:)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3



The 3 Part Lesbian Saga Coming Soon to AaliyahLove.com!:)

I just turned in 2.5 really sexy scenes to Cherry Pimps to be released here at AaliyahLove.com soon! (I say 2.5 because I have 2 “regular weekly update” video+matching pic set scenes, and one pic set that will be posted as a “bonus update” in between the other 2 scenes.. all 3 together tell a story.. A twisted tale of lesbian ballerinas, longing, feet, sexual tensions, dominance, and lots of S E X!;)

You all know I couldn’t possibly post blogs with “sneak peek pics” for EVERY scene that goes live in the AaliyahLove.com members’ area, there is a new one once a week! BUT.. I always make sure to post lots of pics, and show lots of love (and hope my fans do the same!) here and on my Twitter of my favorite scenes, the ones I am most proud of.. and these three scenes really deserve some special attention! I just KNOW my lovely members are going to love this this one!

These scenes are actually from a movie I was lucky enough to work on, called “Carrie’s Secret” and I was Carrie, the ballerina teacher who fantasies about feet, toes, legs, stockings, leggings, especially the ones worn by her ballerina class students..


(..can you blame me?!)!


(these pics are from Part one!)

This amazing movie was written and directed by Kayla-Jane Danger, and it is one of the most erotic and sensual movies I’ve ever been a part of! It was an AWESOME time working for her, I have always been a huge fan of her work, which stands out because it’s unlike any other porn I have ever seen. She def has her own sense of style and it always seemed so classy, so sexy, so “a cut above the rest!” I think I learned a lot from her during the filming of this feature, actually. And also, it is always a different vibe on a woman’s set, which I enjoy.. especially some of my favorite women were included in this project!:)

It also stars Jenna J Ross, Bree Daniels, Sovereign Syre, and Ashley Stone. And like I mentioned, these scenes are VERY foot, (ballerinas have the ultimate arches, do they not?!) leg, pantyhose-centric, with lots of teasing, longing, fantasizing.. more so than any other scene on AaliyahLove.com I think..


I just might even post a 2nd, or even a 3rd blog with more pics from this series, if I see that you all are enjoying them.. ๐Ÿ˜‰


(these pics are from Part 2, titled “Tights Obsession)

(actually I am about to travel East to visit family for a few weeks, so I wrote a few blogs ahead of time, with lots of fun pics, and scheduled them ahead of time, so even tho you all know that I won’t be here to read emails or do webcam shows, my blog cant stop won’t stop sharing with you all sorts of fun! I hope to come home to lots of fun comments.. on my blog posts and my scenes!!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3



Orgy Face

Like I was talking about in my last members’ webcam show, I was given the rights to post a few choice old scenes from Filly Films.. some “Lesbian #TBT,” if you will. I am obviously spacing these classics in between the typical fresh, new, and EXCLUSIVE scenes I’m forever cranking out for my lovely members every week.. I figure one of these type of scenes for every 3-4 new scene I put out sounds about right.. which would be one a month, for the next few months. (but if you’re a MEMBER, feel free to comment here or email me your opinion!)

Well, right now the scene I am working on, one I am SUPER EXCITED to get to post here at AaliyahLove.com, my highest selling DVD in my Shopify store of all time, the 9 girl orgy titles Fuck Club, directed/produced by Lily Cade! (not sure if I should change the title for this website or not. I’m going to ask Lily Cade what would like and respect that!) Right now I have the task of sorting thru literally THOUSANDS of pics of that day.. a LOT happened in that hot warehouse in the middle of porn valley on a random Summer day.. 4 years ago? There’s behind the scenes footage of EVERYTHING.. before, during and after we shot the actual orgy.. there’s girls making out and groping each other and fucking each other, on and “off camera” and there are HUNDREDS of pics that look like a blurry mash of human body parts.. there was NINE people having intense sex at the SAME TIME.. at least one girl is blurry in every pic it seems! AHHH! so many pics are mostly backs and arms and spread legs and sometimes you get a glance of a toe.. every face is buried in a pussy one way or another in every one of these shots, and most of the pussies are covered by backs of heads, or fingers, or fists.. you get the idea. The type of behind the scenes where nobody stopped to pose for a pic, no photographer saying “Ladies, look over hear for a moment!” or “now raise your pussy off of her face about two inches, and you just kind os stick your tongue our long and awkwardly, so the camera and light can get in there!” FUCK NO! we just WENT AT IT, and the people holding the cameras just shot what they could LOL!

Well I will be sharing many of these pics with you guys here on the blog long before the scene comes out here at AaliyahLove.com!! First of all, I already know what the next 4 updates are going to be (wouldn’t YOU like to know??) Second, you KNOW how much I have come to love behind the scenes AND porn blooper pics.. and boy do I have some GOOD ONES! I mean, my look that day was comedy enough.. I only had one white dress, that swallowed me whole and gave me no shape, down to my KNEES.. then I was tan.. I mean T A N! I didn’t realize until I got the Fuck Club DVDs in my hand and realized that I’m a different shade than all of the other girls on the boxcover. (I’ve included some “boxcover outtakes” that will be added to the large set of behind the scenes pics I’ll be sharing as a “bonus update” a few days or weeks after the scene goes live. (or it might be TWO scenes.. more on that when I dig deeper into this hard drive to see exactly WHAT content I have here..)

pics by Rick Garcia @industryRick

So here’s my first share from this HUGE AMOUNT of sexy and intimate and funny and absolutely ridiculous pics I have from the day I had sex with 8 other women, all at once. #AaliyahPornBlooper


Up until this day, a g/g/g/g (four girls) scene was the most people I had ever had sex with. I had done a few g/g/g scenes for AaliyahLove.com, and I had never had any 3somes off camera, with boys or girls (yet!) So what I’m saying is, this was def the most INTENSE, SEXY, and absolutely overwhelming in the best way possible sex I had had with the most amount of people up until this day in my life. Here’s a BTS pic of us all about an hour into the sex.. they had to change batteries on the cameras and we were all obviously pussy drunk, catching our breath, waiting to start again.. I just couldn’t stop LOLing at my face.. the BTS cameras catch some really “real” moments sometimes!;)


LOLLL I think I’m just.. in shock!


hahahaha Happy Thursday everyone! Members, check your calendars.. I am doing a webcam show tonight from 8-9pm (PST) I’m still wondering tho hmmm what should I wear? And what toys should I brinnnggg?:)
As always, non-members can always join in on the webcam show at any time, you can find it at AaliyahLove.CamModels.com ๐Ÿ™‚

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3




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April’s Webcam Schedule

April 14, Thurs. 8-9pm PST
April 18, Monday 3-4:30pm -OR-
.Plan B: 8:30-9:30pm
– it’s been awhile since I’ve done an “earlier show” and you know I always try to cover several time zones so members can attend the shows live! BUT there is always a chance I will get booked for a porn scene that day.. if that happens, unless by a porno miracle I get, like, an 8am blowjob scene where I know I’ll be home by 1pm, I would reschedule this show for the same day, just later, 8:30-9:30. But plan on there being a webcam show that day, either way!;)
April 30, Saturday 7-8pm


Then… I have a big surprise for you guys!!! Sometime between May 22-27, Shyla Jennings will be here to webcam with me! We will probably webcam more than once, and some of those times might just be impromptu, where we announce on Twitter an hour or so before we are ready to login, and see who shows up.. BUT there will def be one show that we schedule ahead of time, announce here, there, and everywhere the date and time, (so none of you have an excuse to not be there.. I mean, this is LIVE ACTION Aaliyah+Shyla goodness DAMNIT!) Sooo I will let you all know as soon as Shyla and I can figure out when that will be!;)
We will also be shooting girl/girl custom videos;) More on that soon!;)


Aaliyah Love XOXO

Member Request: Fuck-A-Fan POV Scene

Well, you guys (my lovely AaliyahLove.com members) asked, and I heard you loud and clear! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a brand new, exclusive boy/girl scene here on my website.. so I thought it was about damn time! And since the last POV BJ scene is my most popular b/g scene, I thought I would use the same cock, and shoot another for you all!


I was able to wear and say anything I wanted in this scene, we just freestyled until I was able to go crazy on that dick!!:) It involves a long time pondered fantasy of mine.. I’m not going to give too much away, but it’s titles “Suck A Fan Fantasy” ๐Ÿ˜‰

And I have to say, this particular cameraman is very skilled at shooting POV.. he got so many different and sexy angles, he got more full body shots than any other POV scenes I’ve seen! What I’m saying is, I really think you are going to live this one!:)


I sent this scene over to my webmaster last night, and you will be able to see it in the AaliyahLove.com members’ area within the next 2-4 weeks, and you will also be able to see it at Spizoo.com


And I want lots of feedback on this one! Because I’m thinking about shooting a few more scenes with this photographer/penis for AaliyahLove.com, including a BGG POB blowjob, hopefully with Cherie DeVille! So let me know if you’d like to see more;)

I told you guys tonight during my live webcam show that I have turned in 8 brand new scenes within the last week.. once my URL is added to them, they will be showing up in the “Upcoming Scenes” list at the bottom of the “New Scenes” page, so members can know what to expect! It’s going to be an exciting next few months here!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3



Upcoming Scenes

I’m super excited to share with you all what’s coming in the next month or so, here at AaliyahLove.com. I just sent several scenes to Cherry Pimps, so now you will know what’s coming soon in the members’ area! (and what you non-members are missing out on!)

This solo scene was s member’s idea. He bought some of the outfit, and basically wrote the “Geisha inspired, sex therapist session” script! (thank you, you know who you are!)

I love it when my members tell me what they want to see! (I love these pics so much.. I have already shared several on Twitter, and will post more here on the blog once the scene goes live!)


Then there’s a 3some between Tanya Tate, Zoey Monroe and I. It was taken from a movie that Tanya wrote (and obv starred in) called “A Lesbian Affair.” It’s a very taboo and naughty storyline, I was so turned on just reading the script! So I KNOW you guys are gna love it too..


I just love the look on my face.. wouldn’t you be smiling, too?;)


It’s a story about a family stuggling to support their youngest daughter (Zoey Monroe) with a strange affiiction.. I won’t give any more away LOL!


And I also will be posting an interview I did with Julia Ann the day we shot several scenes together (that will ALL also be going live here on AaliyahLove.com!) Who knows? You guys might learn something new about me.. I also did a sexy little pic set to match the video (you know how important it is for me to have matching pics for EVERY scene I do!


Some girls don’t think about them much, and some porn websites don’t even bother with them anymore, but I love the “sex stills” when I’m with a partner, or the “glam solos” for my solo scenes, and I know many members still enjoy them too, so never worry, there will always be plenty of pics here!;)


So that’s what members of AaliyahLove.com have to look forward to! I also have shoots with 2 lovely ladies (I don’t want to say their names just yet.. don’t want to jinx it!) set up for the end of Feb, and my next shoot will be a POV BJ (LOTS of requests for this one! The last one posted is the most popular b/g scene on the website!) and a solo JOI (still a fan favorite!) So just know that I’m constantly working hard to produce the smut that the members of AaliyahLove.com want to see!!

Aaliyah Love XXOXO <3


Lowered Dream Lover Rates

If you would like to text/chat with me, Dream Lover is the best way to do it! You purchase my phone number once, then you have ful access to hit me up anytime.. and I just lowered 2 out of 3 of my rates!

I am on my phone 24/7 it feels like.. so if you send me a text, most often, no matter when it is, you’ll get a reply.. or a pic.. or anything you would like;)



Aaliyah Love XOXO



Changed Webcam Day+Maybe a Surprise?

Hey you guys, I haven’t had the time to blog it out yet, but I hope you noticed that recently I scheduled my members’ webcam shows for the next few weeks-which can be found on the Live Shows Calendar in the members’ area!:)

Since I am taking a short break (to visit family) in the middle of February, I was able to plan my schedule out for the next few weeks.. which is awesome, because it doesn’t happen that often in this industry.. Personally, I would love to know what I’m doing, and where I’m going, (and who I’m fucking lol!) for the next 2-3 weeks out, but it’s usually more like 6 days out.. don’t ask me why LOL! But this time, I was able to book up as many porno shoots that I could, then plan things like sleep here and there, seeing my dogs every once in awhile, (as much as I can!) of COURSE webcam shows for my lovely members, and.. I even got to squeeze a shoot for Aaliyah Love.com in.. the day before I leave!!

So because we will be shooting that day, and the location is a bit far from my home, AND I just added someone to the shoot that might stretch our day out a little longer than usual, I have decided to still do a webcam show for you all that night, since I leave at like 4am the next morning (looks like Ill be sleepin on the plane!) but I have to move the time..

It was originally scheduled for 5pm (PST) but I’m going to change it to 8:30pm (PST) (this will guarantee my crew and the location owner that we will be done by 6pm, which will def make them happy!) This is the LATEST members’ webcam show I have ever done, so I am hoping many of you can make it? (if you remember, I try to alternate my webcam shows between Fri/Sat 5pm or 7pm, and those times have seemed to work out pretty good so far!)

Also.. I will get into details once our plans are more solidified (like I said, this is way further into the future than more porn people are used to scheduling.. lol!) but you know me, once I get any sort of info, or pics, or ANYTHING, I have to run to my blog and share it wit YOU.. So, I just had a lovely text convo w Penny Pax, and I am pretty sure, fingers crossed, that she will be able to join me for the 2nd scene. I shoot 2 scenes in a day, and the members get to dictate what I shoot, and I have had SO MANY requests for a certain solo act, that scene #1 is already planned out.. but if all goes well, scene #2 will either be a girl/girl lesbian scene with Penny Pax, or a boy/girl/girl with Penny Pax and Alex Legend.. OMG!

This has been an idea that Penny and I have been excited about since LAST YEAR! We even got as far as everyone on set one day.. then I went right out of the makeup chair.. to an Uber..where I went home and got in bed for about 5 days! I got SO SICK.. DOH! Talk about bad timing!! And Penny and I have already agreed to plan to shot MANY scenes for each other’s websites this year (I just KNOW you guys are going to love her, and the chemistry we have!! What’s not to love?) By the way, who saw our g/g anal scene in my Adult Empire AE showcase movie??

AND, what would be REALLY COOL.. IF we can make it happen, we just may live webcam broadcast parts of our shoot.. wouldn’t that be AWESOME?! It would be like the typical members’ webcam shows, free for members as long as they log in thru AaliyahLove.com, and the show will be recorded and saved in the archives for ever and ever! And not just this shoot.. I REALLY need to start doing this with more of my AaliyahLove.com shoots, don’tcha think?! You guys need to get on me about that LOL! I KNOW behind the scenes/voyeur shows will never trump the live shows where you guys have my undivided attention (there’s always that guy in the chatroom complaining, usually in all caps, something like “HELLO?? IS SHE THERE? WHY WONT SHE TALK TO ME? GET NAKED! THIS IS THE WORST WEBCAM SHOW EVER!!” lol! BUT.. I think it would be a fun addition to the live shows here! Between the weekly solo shows I do from my bedroom, the monthly b/g or g/g hour long shows I do from the studio, and broadcasting the 2-3 shoots I do a month, you guys will be seeing a LOT of me live! Along with the scenes I put out each week, of course;)

So that’s the news, plz change the times in your calendars, and if you’re an AaliyahLove.com member, plz let me know in the comments here if you plan on coming to the show or not. And if not, what is the best time for YOU to attend my live solo shows, on either Friday or Saturdays?


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

ps-this is what happened last time Penny Pax and I got together! (those are both my pretty gold-plated buttplugs.. aren’t they pretty? tehehe)