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Congrats to the Weiners!

September 17th, 2014

I hope all 6 of you email me your name and address in time to get your free DVD! Last two times I did a contest, there would be 1 dude who never got back to me with his info, even when I practically cyberstalked him, chased him down and begged for it! Silly! LOL!

Now I get to start planning my next contest/DVD giveaway.. hmmm what should it be??

A scavenger hunt on the new and improved once it launches?
A funny picture caption contest,, “Make me laugh, get free porn?”
Another random “if you see this first you get free porn.. ready set.. go!” type of post when you all least expect it?
Or maybe I should give free porn to everyone who sends me a picture of them in one of my Meloncakes brand tshirts?
Do a “buy one/get one free” special on the DVDs in my store?
Or.. maybe you have a better idea?

Welll. let’s hear it? You guys know I need your opinions to make this blog and this website the best it can be. And I want to be as interactive as possible, but that depends on YOU! I need to know what you want to see here.. constantly!

Anyways, back to the matter at hand.. I live in a small apartment in the valley. And it is slowly filling up with boxes of porn DVDs! I can’t turn this apartment into a porn warehouse full of my own smut.. I just can’t! I was going for something a little cozier than that for my living space.. lol! Sooo I need to sell as much of this “merch” that I can, and I am trying to do at least 1 giveaway a month..and I’d like to know what sort of free porn giveaways you would like to see here.

I hope you’re all having a good week! I know I am;)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3




Today Was A-mazing!

September 15th, 2014

Today I fucked Penny Pax FINALLY (for Zero Tolerance) and it was GLORIOUS!! We had such great chemistry, and we have been trying to work together for soooo long.. it was DEF worth the wait!!:)

The photographer said “OK, I need 2 more mins of footage” sooo she eats my pussy for prob 5 or 6 mins, I cum.. then she goes “wait I want to make you cum again” and goes to town! She was sooo good! And I had to be the aggressor.. which I never get to do.. I was SUPER CREEPY, omg! I can’t wait for this scene to come out ahhhh!!
We had so much fun that I invited her to shoot with me for later this week. and there’s going to be a super sexy twist (there’s always a TWIST when I get to create/direct! I guess I just have a very dirty/twisted mind!) but I can’t give it all away.. I will share it all with you when the scene is ready, tho!

I hope you all are having as amazing of a day that I am!;)Ah I LOVE Mondays!!!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

Paying Attention?

September 15th, 2014

I always wonder.. is anybody REALLY reading my blog? How many people just click on the “new blog post” links on Twitter, and how many of you check back here regularly? How many of you have my blog bookmarked, or check it daily? Sometimes the lack of comments discourages me, even tho I can see how many hits this blog gets in my “stats..” I still feel like I’m blogging out in space sometimes..

So here’s a test.. are you paying attention?

The first 5 people to respond to this blog post get a free DVD of their choice, from my store. Absolutely free, and autographed/personalized as you please. Once I announce the winners, they will have 48 hours to email me their address and name.. and viola! That easy!;)

I am mailing out a huge amount of packages this Thursday, and these DVDs will be amongst them.. Also, if you want to place an order for anything in my online store.. now would be a good time!;)

Here is the link to my online store and the DVDs I have for sale. If there’s a DVD I’m in that you want but don’t see there, ask me, I could have it in stock but haven’t listed it yet.. OR maybe I could get you a copy;)

See? it pays to be my fan who pay attention to my posts  in more ways than one lol!

Have a great week everyone and god luck!;)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


September 14th, 2014

So I was just checking in on my FetLife profile, and I was going thru my “list of fetishes” that I’ve been slowly putting together since I joined that website like a year ago. (I would just click here and there whenever something that interested me would pop up, but never really put too much time or thought into it) And for some reason, I just found this list highly amusing. And pretty accurate. Although, of course, there are many things I could add to the list.. And I would label them more “turn-ons” than “fetishes” of mine.. but that’s besides the point lol! So I just thought I would share my list.. and ask you all.. what would be on YOUR list?;)




being wanted, because i am worth wanting” (everything to do with it),

begging (receiving),

being a sex kitten (giving),

being happy because i am exactly who i am (everything to do with it),

black & white photography (everything to do with it),

black and white erotic photography (everything to do with it),

bondage art (receiving),

cbt (giving),

chastity devices (giving),

cock and ball torture (giving),

combining aggression and tenderness (everything to do with it),

creampie (receiving),

creativity (everything to do with it),

cuckold (giving),

cyber sex (everything to do with it),

daddy daughter roleplay (receiving),

eating her pussy while she gets high (receiving),

erotic photography (everything to do with it),

female superheroes (everything to do with it),

financial domination (giving),

fluency in english, sarcasm, and profanity. (everything to do with it),

foot worship (receiving),

forced cross cross-dressing (giving),

geisha (everything to do with it),

giggling while doing something really evil (giving),

humiliation (giving),

i’m allergic to bullshit & drama (everything to do with it),

intelligence (everything to do with it),

intelligence as well as beauty (everything to do with it),

JOI (giving)

kidnapping roleplay (everything to do with it),

kissing (everything to do with it),

male submission (giving),

modeling (everything to do with it),

multiple orgasms (receiving),

nude modeling (everything to do with it),

panty sniffing (giving),

photography (everything to do with it),

pussy worship (receiving),

role play (everything to do with it),

self awareness… creativity… passion (everything to do with it),

service-oriented male submission (everything to do with it),

service-oriented submission (receiving),

small penis humiliation (giving),

spanking (receiving),

superheroes (everything to do with it),

superheroine (everything to do with it),

talking in a sweet voice while you’re doing something really mean (giving),

unpretentious intelligence (everything to do with it),

webcam (everything to do with it),

youth, beauty, strength, intelligence, health (everything to do with it).


Unofficial Poll

September 9th, 2014

I’m just wondering where my fanbase is right now, in terms of what type of scenes they are wanting to see here at It is no secret that while my team is working hard to design the new and get everything perfect for the relaunch, I have been super busy directing, producing, shooting as many new scenes as I can.. and I’ve got some amazing stuff to show you guys, once the time is right! And anyone who has ever been a member of my website knows that I don’t ever stick to one type of style or formula for my scenes.. I tend to mix it up and shoot all types of smut, depending on many things.. such as the location, photographer, the people I’m fucking, and how I feel that day..

But as I’m looking at my calendar and I see 2 more shoot days (which means 4 scenes total, and lots of behind the scenes pics and vids) I want to hear from YOU, and what you would like to see me do in these scenes..

You can be as general or as specific as you want.. but some major points I’m hoping you guys touch on is:

What type of sex would you like to see the most?
or..? :)

and do you like there to be a little bit of a story leading into the sex.. maybe some dialog, scenarios, etc? Or do you prefer gonzo, straight to the sex, everyone is naked and moaning 3mins into the video?

Do you like your video to be handheld camera or stationary? Do you like that “pretty porn” (that’s what I call it anyways) type of videos with many different pieces of video, stitched together (it’s hard to describe.. look at my black and white Christmas scene or the Splash of Love pool solo scene to see what I mean) OR do you like it when I shoot straight thru, no cuts, just 25mins of straight footage? Do you like closeups?

Do you care about the matching picture set to a video, or nah?

And, of course, who would you like to see me paired up with in some hot sex scenes? I’m always open to suggestions!

I am saving so much of it for a surprise, but I can tell you this.. I have new scenes with many pornstars you haven’t sen on this website yet.. Some of them are:
Marie McCray
Abigal Mac
Ana Foxx
Evan Stone
Will Powers
..and more scenes with Cherie DeVille and Lily Cade

And anything else I am forgetting to as you all! Of course, I can’t guarantee that I will be able to actually shoot every suggestion I get, some will be more do-able than others.. and some may take some time to set up just right.. but.. you never know. I have gotten some of my best ideas for scenes from my fans in the past. SOOOOO.. let’s hear it! Tell me EVERYTHING and ANYTHING you want to see on this website in the members’ area. Nothing is to small or too big. Don’t be shy, I want to hear all about your fantasies of the best porn scene for you!;)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

More American Hustle XXX News

September 6th, 2014

Thursday, September 4th, 2014
Aaliyah Love
Aaliyah Love Delivers Standout Performance in American Hustle XXX

(Hollywood, CA) This week, the highly anticipated film Smash Pictures’ “American Hustle XXX” is streeting. Soon to be a blockbuster title, the big budget film directed by Will Ryder is destined to be not only a XXX classic, but the movie that brought Aaliyah Love’s career to a whole new level with not only her smoking hot sex scenes, but also her stellar acting skills. Playing the role of Roslyn Rosenfeld, Aaliyah definitely delivers a standout performance. Will Ryder praises her for her “award-worthy performances and sizzling sex scenes” and says she is “perfection” in the role originally played by Jennifer Lawrence in the award-winning mainstream version of the film.

The must-have title will be available this week at your favorite local adult retailer and online at Adult DVD Empire and POPPORN. To wet your appetite, watch the SFW trailer on YouTube at or the hardcore version at

“I am so honored to be a part of this movie and such as amazing cast,” says Aaliyah Love. “This is the type of role I have always wanted, and I’m so glad I finally got a project like this. All the hard work was definitely worth it, and I hope this movie becomes an instant classic, like all of Will’s movies.”

Another place you will find Aaliyah this week is gracing the pages of Club DVD UK. Entitled “Love All”, this is the second part of her exclusive, in-depth interview with the publication. Get your copy at your local newsstand or adult shop, or go online to

American Hustle DVD

September 3rd, 2014

Awww yeah.. American Hustle XXX the parody has finally hit the shelves.. and I have 20 copies for sale!

You can purchase the DVD directly from me.. I listed it here in my store, for $25:

Because my paypal was shut down, (screw you paypal!) I can only accept payment in the form of amazon gift certificates or money orders at this time. But an amazon e-gift certificate sent to my email is very simple to purchase, and you do not need any sort of membership with them to get it.

Here is the link for the amazon gift card:

you just select $25, (or $30 if you live outside of the USA) and you send it to

(so you don’t really have to go thru my store to purchase it, but you can if you want.. the end result is the same either way.. you just send an amazon gift certificate to my email, and let me know what it’s for. once I get the gift certificate, I email you back, you give me your address, BAM, it’s done, porn is in the mail on it’s way to you)

Because of this slight inconvenience and because I’m feeling generous, and because everyone enjoyed the same offer with Pretty Petite so much, I’m also offering a FREE 2nd DVD to the first 10 American Hustle XXX DVDs sold.. I will give you a choice of either of these DVDs, you can choose between a b/g or g/g DVD:

This movie is all b/g scenes, directed by Toni Rhibas. It’s all about 2 performer’s 1st time together, caught on video, for the world to see and enjoy. My scene was with Mr Pete, who selected me. We have really hot and sweaty sex, it’s a very passionate scene!

The Muse is a g/g movie, directed by Lily Cade. It’s a story driven porn feature about scandalous cheating lesbians, and revenge sex. I do a really fun and hot g/g scene with Missy Martinez, who basically hires me to fuck her because I look just like her ex-girlfriend, and she wants to piss her off.. LOL! It’s one of my fav Filly Films/Lily Cade g/g movies that I’ve done, and I would like those of you who haven’t seen it get a chance to enjoy it!

Any questions you can email me, tweet me, or just leave me a comment here:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


Press Release-American Hustle XXX

August 29th, 2014

Here’s a press release about American Hustle parody that I really enjoyed. Thought I would share with you all..

Director Will Ryder Heaps Heavy Praise on American Hustle XXX Cast

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, July, 26th, 2014

( Hollywood , CA ) “Brilliant, fantastic, completely accurate and totally believable”, are just some of the adjectives used by adult movie director Will Ryder to describe the acting performances delivered by his stellar cast in the big budget American Hustle XXX Porn Parody due in stores September 4th from Smash Pictures.

The hard core comedy action thriller is a spoof of the Hollywood original which received 10 Academy Awards. Early indications are that this might be the biggest blockbuster Smash Pictures has ever had. It certainly could be the best and most entertaining parody of the year.

“Tommy Gunn, Ryan Mclane and Van Wylde are so believable in their roles made famous by Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper and Jeremy Renner that you might think this is the David O. Russell Hollywood movie until they pull out their cocks,” Ryder joked. “That is pretty much the only indication that this is not the mainstream movie.”

Check out the fast-paced free hardcore trailer along with some viewing options or go to and click on the DVD icon.

For the faint of heart, try the more tame YouTube trailer

“I will put this movie and these acting performances up against any in the industry this year because they are that good,” Ryder claims. “I am so proud of this cast.”

Aaliyah Love and Penny Pax are perfection in the roles made famous by Hollywood ‘s Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams and deliver award-worthy performances and sizzling sex scenes. The director, the movie’s co-producer Scott David and Stuart Wall of Smash Pictures were all in agreement on the casting of this movie.

“We nailed this,” Wall exclaimed.

“I was happy to put my heart and soul into this production because the script was perfect and the cast was amazing and the clothes are unbelievable. We worked really long hours and it was exhausting but totally worth it in every way possible,” stated Aaliyah Love who played the horny but meddling housewife Roselyn Rosenfeld.

One scene that starred Aaliyah Love was so sexually explicit that editor Hollywood Max had to call headquarters to get some clarification to see if it could be used. The scene was left intact and untouched.

“I know this is porn and people like to downplay the acting but these are some seriously great acting performances,” trumpeted Ryder who has seen numerous actors bring home awards trophies for their acting performances in his movies over the years. “Somebody’s getting up on stage with this movie.”

When asked about the guys, Ryder heaped additional praise and said he was thankful to have such a great cast with strong male leads that understood dramatic comedy and timing.

American Hustle XXX Porn Parody stars Aaliyah Love, Penny Pax, Carter Cruise, Luna Starr, Mia Austin, Rio Lee, with Tommy Gunn, Ryan Mclane, Tommy Pistol, Van Wylde, Kurt Lockwood, Eric John, Frank Bukkwyd, James Bartholet , Jack Vegas and Will Ryder in a surprise cameo.

Look for American Hustle XXX Porn Parody to be a leading contender for numerous industry awards. Pick up a copy when it hits stores September 4th from Smash Pictures or on VOD.

Meloncakes Tshirts! BOGO!

August 29th, 2014

This weekend only, my meloncakes tshirts are buy one, get one free!

And if you email/tweet me a pic of you wearing one of my shirts, I’ll follow you across all social media!

I hope everyone has a great weekend and holiday!!


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3



My Latest Porn News

August 28th, 2014

I have sooo much going on right now! Not only have I been busy shooting as many scenes as I can for the relaunch of, and still constantly shooting for other companies as well.. I also have some major movies that I shot earlier this year coming out.. Here’s my latest press release..


Aaliyah Love Stars in DVDs from Digital Playground, Zero Tolerance

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.—Blonde starlet Aaliyah Love is giving fans two chances to know her better this week with two new DVD releases: Zero Tolerance’s Inside a Porn Star and Digital Playground’s original series, “Girls of Summer,” a coming of age story of five girls who love the beach, sex and partying. The project, which was previously available on the Digital Playground site only, is now available in a two-disc set.

“I had a lot of fun making both of these titles and I’m very pleased with how they turned out,” says Aaliyah Love. “’The Girls of Summer’ had an amazing cast and we all made the cover, which is very cool. I hope all my fans will pick up both DVDs and enjoy them.”

Also mark September 5 on your calendars—it’s the day that Smash Pictures’ American Hustle XXX, directed by Will Ryder, streets. Starring Aaliyah as Roslyn Rosenfeld, the highly anticipated parody could quickly become a classic and is definitely a must-have for all Aaliyah Love fans and anyone who enjoyed the original theatrical release.

You can also see the story here at AVN:


Have a great day and week everyone!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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